Rob Ryan won’t be Rams defensive coordinator


Rob Ryan said it would take five minutes for him to land a new job after being fired as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, but the clock’s still ticking and Ryan still doesn’t have a job.

The Rams announced on Twitter Tuesday that Ryan would not be the team’s defensive coordinator in 2013. Ryan was reported to be their choice in early January, something both sides denied, and again last week in a choice that seemed to have more reality behind it. According to the Rams, though, continued discussions with Ryan revealed differences that couldn’t be bridged.

“After extensive conversations regarding defensive philosophy, the Rams and Rob Ryan agreed he was not the right fit for the DC position. The Rams will conitnue the interview process with the club’s other candidates for the defensive coordinator position.”

Ryan ran 3-4 schemes in Dallas and Cleveland while the Rams ran a 4-3 front last season. Whether or not that was the sticking point that made it impossible for the team to move forward with the hire is unclear, but it seems like the likeliest point of conflict. All the focus of their search has focused on Ryan, so we’ll have to see where the Rams go from here.

The Rams did confirm the hiring of one defensive coach. Former Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush, who was let go by the Titans after the regular season, will be the team’s new linebackers coach.

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  1. I have no idea whether the Saints are interested in him, but I could certainly see Ryan’s demands on the Rams getting much more complicated and expensive once HE realized the Saints job was open and they were switching to a 3-4.

  2. Robbie and Rexy are twins in more ways than one, neither can adapt as a coach. If Robbie is as good as he would have us believe (“I’ll have a job in 5 minutes”), you would think he was schooled in all aspects of defensive, not just a 3-4. He also told us last year that the dallas defense was the best he has ever coached and we all seen how good he did with that. Once a blow-hard, always a blow-hard but sooner or later people figure you out Robbie…… if that Woody dude in N.Y. could just figure out Rexy.

  3. 5 min? Try 5 months or Years lol. I honestly think he’s not that bad but he’s got a big mouth like Rex. Join the Jets as one of the assistant coaches. Media day with Rex and rob Ryan

  4. Not a lot of options left for Rob Ryan. If the Saints hire Romeo,Mangini or someone off of the staff of the two superbowl teams both 3-4 defenses. Then the media is going to root for Rob Ryan to join his twin brother.

    The Jets have an opening at linebackers coach and assistant head coach since Bob Sutton was promoted to DC at KC.

  5. I have never in my life seen more coverage of a mediocre defensive coordinator. Why does it matter if he gets a job or not? It’s like the cameras and media thrive to show news about the sloppy looking unemployed coordinator.

  6. Can you say “Rob Ryan the new DC of New Orleans”? It’s probably going to happen since Payton said they’re going to a 3-4 front.

    I personally can’t stand the guy and think he is overrated but that’s the one job I could see him being a good fit for. The Saints D is a defeated bunch lacking in both talent and attitude. Maybe Ryan’s blustery persona could give them some fire. It would probably be temporary but it couldn’t hurt.

  7. It probably would have helped him to be DC for Rams and learn Fisher’s version of the 4-3. If more coordinators weren’t so set on proving that their scheme is best they would learn a lot more and could make their own schemes more complex and innovative.

  8. Rob Ryan in New Orleans is a compelling idea–the food, the drink LOL.

    But given Payton’s recent experience with a bombastic sub-coach (G Wms), I doubt that he would take a chance with another overbearing personality like Ryan.

  9. Rob Ryan’s legacy in Oaktown is the inability to hold onto a lead and finish games. The 4th quarter collapse was predictable and he never improved. Now that Al Davis the sequel (Jerrah) has given up on him, only Woody Johnson remains as owners who are impressed with his last name.

  10. “According to the Rams, though, continued discussions with Ryan revealed differences that couldn’t be bridged.”

    The main difference being that they were interviewing him for a job he’d far more suited to, LBer coach, while he kept acting like he was in line for a job he’s proven he sucks at, DC.
    How many years does the guy have to fail and have excuses at DC before he gets knocked back a more suitable role on the coaching totem pole?
    The single “good year” he had was when the Raiders officially ranked 3rd in the league yet they allowed the 18th most points, all that tells me is the D wasn’t very good and they were simply defending short fields thanks to the team having a amazingly bad -23 tunrover ratio.

  11. In fairness, he DID find a job within 5 minutes, but the headset pinches his ear a bit, and he was having difficulty distinguishing between “order of fries” and “onion rings” over the drive-thru speaker.

  12. There’s a good chance they just choose someone that’s already with the team. At one point it looked like Fisher was trying to build a staff composed entirely of former defensive coordinators.

  13. Good because you cannot win with this guy. He has been in a drought for the playoffs for his entire career as a defensive coordinator.

  14. You all seem to forget that he was voted big mouth def. coord of the year……Doesn’t that count for something? I just hope he doesn’t wind up in Phila.

  15. If more of these Coordinators would learn all sides and all forms of Defense, then maybe they would keep their job with the same team longer than 2-3 season stints. Every football fanatic knows that its not the type of Defense you run that makes you good, It’s the Defense you match up to your personnel. You can’t run the 3-4 with players suited to playing the 4-3. The same thing goes for the other way around, you can’t have huge and slower players trying to run the 4-3 or the 3-3-5.

  16. Was Spags so bad in New Orleans that the hate spills into this article? He was pretty positively received as a position coach in Philly. Maybe the taste of Authority in ST Louis brought his true colors out??

  17. I never understood how this was even a possibility. Robert Quinn & Chris Long should not be wasted dropping back in coverage as OLB. They’re a solid DT away from being a pretty scary defense

  18. I pray to god that the Saints hire him to put in the 3-4, then again even a below average (at best) DC like him has managed to confuse Freeman so it might not help the Bucs at all until #5 is replaced or gets a brain transplant.

  19. All tghis speculation by so many saying he is a perfct fit for N.O. HELL NO! If he wasn’t worth his salt in Dallas (They canned him) why on earth would the Saints want him?? We want to build the Saints defense not drive it further into weakness. This dude is useless to the Saints, I don’t care what you others think – we don’t want him.

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