Seahawks right tackle Breno Giacomini has elbow surgery

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The Seattle Seahawks announced Tuesday that right tackle Breno Giacomini underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right elbow.

Giacomini had the surgery Tuesday morning at the Seattle Surgery Center and the procedure was performed by team physician Dr. Edward Khalfayan.

The scheduled recovery time for the surgery is expected to be four to six weeks.

Giacomini played through the injury the last few weeks of the season after first appearing on the Seattle injury report the last week of the regular season. Giacomini started all 16 games for the Seahawks this season at right tackle. He was one of the most penalized players in the league this season having 12 penalties called against him.

Only Stephon Gilmore of the Buffalo Bills (13), Buster Skrine of the Cleveland Browns (13) and Doug Free of the Dallas Cowboys (15) had more penalties called against them. Giacomini did improve in the penalty department as the season went along as he only had five penalties called against him after week six.

8 responses to “Seahawks right tackle Breno Giacomini has elbow surgery

  1. He’s a big, mean, hurkin’ ball of muscles and eye brows, but, dang it, he’s our big mean eye brow machine.

    …And if he never has another 15 yard foul called against him I’ll be exceedingly happy. Keep pushing that pile Geno.

  2. His aggressive penalties are actually easier to stomach then the false start and stupid non aggressive penalties by Okung. However, both did much better in the later part of the season.

    If he eliminates the stupid penalties next year, then I think he is a very worthy starter and one that they will keep long term. If he starts out in 2013 at the same early pace of the 2012 season, then sit/cut him fast.

  3. I ended up totally changing my mind about this guy over the course of the season. He DID commit some absolutely boneheaded penalties at critical points in games, and then he just… stopped doing it.

    I got so used to yelling “G@#$$#%IT GIACOMINI!!” every time a flag was thrown when we were on offense, and by week 13 or 14, I realized I hadn’t actually been correct in my kneejerk blame in probably 5 weeks.

    The guy really cleaned up his act, penalty-wise in the second half of the season.

    Do NOT mistake that for *cleaning up his act*

    He’s the meanest, toughest, grittiest and scrappiest player on the line and seems to *accidentally* crash into opposing players long after plays are over more often than not. He’s The Big Russian.

    He’s not the Dirtbag we need, he’s the Dirtbag we deserve.

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