Tannenbaum calls Tebow “just a trade that didn’t work out”


Former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum could have gone the way of so many of his co-workers, and even employers.

He could have passed the buck on the most talked-about decision of his tenure, the ill-fated trade for Tim Tebow. Owner Woody Johnson did, even though that buck (buck is the primary source of deer antler, by the way) ostensibly stops with him.

But Tannenbaum took the fall for this one, taking the blame for the deal himself.

“Once we met on it and talked about it, ultimately that was my decision to trade for Tim,” Tannenbaum told  Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.

Asked if he had to convince Johnson of the deal, Tannenbaum repeatedly put the onus on himself.

“I had a great working relationship with both Woody and Rex [Ryan],” he said. “Anytime we’d make a decision on something like this, we’d talk about it, discuss the pros and cons and ultimately it was my decision. I’ve always said that.

“For seven years, I had final say on everything. That was an honor and a privilege and a responsibility I totally embraced — whether it was trading for Tim Tebow or trading up for Darrelle Revis or trading for Brett Favre and everything in between. Ultimately, I had the final say on things.”

Tannenbaum referred to it as “just a trade that didn’t work out,” which is kind of like saying “beer is occasionally available in New Orleans.”

Tannenbaum said the idea initially stemmed from their desire to replace Brad Smith as their run-option quarterback, and the hiring of Tony Sparano with Wildcat background made it seem like a perfect fit.

“We thought there was a role for him,” Tannenbaum said. “Working with Rex every day, and seeing the way the league has evolved with the ball being in the quarterback’s hands and making plays with your feet, we thought it would give us a chance to make our offense more dynamic. It just didn’t work out that way.”

Considering Tebow played just 75 snaps of offense, and never had as much impact as he created distraction, that might be the understatement of the week.

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  1. The trade didnt work out? Thats an understatement? They didnt give up much for Tebow, and Tebow never really hurt them. Mark Sanchez did. Tebow hardly played. It was all a non-story.

  2. If you dont play you cant score and nothing happens. What a stupid statement by tannenbaum.
    Oh by the way, what was the Jets won/losss record this yr and how many playoffs did they make?
    NONE. Compare Tebows contribution to the Jets then tannenbaums. Lets see, lousey record, no playoffs, Sparano gone, along with others. Dont you idiots ever get tired of trashing Tebow.
    The Jets special team coach had a mouth full to say on the Tebow matter. Isnt Tannenbaum the one who put together this Jet team?

  3. Taking credit for the Revis pick. Ha! That was all Mangini and the same for Mangold, Harris and Mangold.
    Further proof is to see who Tannebaum drafted post mangini, all subpar picks.

  4. “Just a trade that didn’t work out.”

    In this case, the above deserves transcription on a silver plaque to be placed in the NFL Hall of Fame wall devoted to all time great understatements.

  5. hard to have impact when you never play and when you do everybody knows what play is coming. you can blame Tebow all you want but ryan is the guy who decides who plays and he decided he would rather lose games than give a guy who has proven he can win despite all the short comings he has. guess it never occurred to him that actually taking reps in practice might help Tebow improve or that putting in a offense that catered to what he did best would help him and the team win. nope sticking with qb’s who are best at turning the ball over is what he decided what was best for the team. just because Tebow does not fit the standard qb mold. he may not fit any molds but he did what manning could not do in denver and that is win a playoff game. sanchez could not even get out of the way of his offensive lineman when he was not throwing picks but rex still refused to give Tebow or his team any chance of winning. hope he feels good about that.

  6. What’s the fuss about? Jets gave up a mid round pick, brought the guy in, and never played him. Unless they let Tebow go, he is more likely to contribute next season than Robert Griffin, who cost the Redskins their first round draft picks up to the end of the 21st Century or something. THAT was a bad trade.

    Tim completed a higher percentage of his passes this past season, and had a similar rushing average to Griffin, for that matter. Plus he is bigger, stronger, healthier, and more versatile. Not his fault the Jets were afraid to play him. Maybe they thought he might wreck a knee and cause them to waste that fourth round pick.

  7. Tannenbaum’s gave Sanchez a contract extension that pays him $8.25 million next year. That contract impacted not only this season (he couldn’t be benched) but the future of the organization as a whole. I think that was a far bigger mistake than bringing in some guy with baggage that you never used. They brought Tannenbaum in bc he was suppose to be a cap specialist but now the Jets are 20million over the cap for next year and in desperate need of more talent.

  8. marvsleezy says:
    Jan 29, 2013 4:23 PM
    The trade didnt work out? Thats an understatement? They didnt give up much for Tebow, and Tebow never really hurt them.

    they took over $4M of Tebow’s contract,
    gave up a 4th,
    hired a wildcat specific coach,
    were distracted all year,
    and didn’t have a reliable 2nd string to bench Sanchez for when they really needed to.

    it cost them dearly in every way and hurt their season badly…

  9. Maybe if Mark Sanchez hadn’t been so awful Tebow could have actually gotten on the field. Sanchez was absolutely dreadful! How many snaps did Tebow get last season? Wrecks Ryan didn’t want to further erode Mark’s confidence by playing Tebow though. I don’t blame him either however. He had to go down with his franchise QB to get another year.

  10. Can we please lose all the “Tim Tebow won a playoff game” posts. Tebow was the QB of a team that beat a crippled Pittsburgh squad. Roethlisberger had an ankle injury that was so bad that he could barely get out of his own way. Additionally, the Steelers were without a single starting Defensive Lineman before the first quarter was over. Even with all those handicaps, the Broncos still needed overtime to triumph at home. Check out Tebow’s stats against the Pats the week after the Steelers game and you’ll get a better idea of Tebow’s QB skill set. If Tim Tebow is such a quarterbacking savant, wouldn’t multiple teams be clamoring for his services? Denver made a mistake with the first rounder it gave up for Tim and the Jets made a mistake with the fourth. Tebow’s next football opportunity will be a veteran minimum/make good contract.

  11. How can Tannenbaum say Tebow was a trade that did not work out when he was not even given a chance to play? I will say that Tim Tebow brought the Broncos to a winning season when he was with them and he did something Peyton Manniing could not do and that was to win a playoff game. Tebow was never given a chance to play with the Jets and the Jets screwed him bigtime. I blame Rex Ryan. Also I ask, how can Tebow be a disturbance when he was not even given a chance?

  12. Props to Rex Ryan – He was stuck with probably the worst GM in the league and still took his team to two Conference Title games.

    Seriously – how many drafts did the jets have where they only had like 2 draft picks?

  13. Tim Tebow the quality QB plays for the same team as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Paul Bunyan.

    Will some of you crackpots please stop deluding yourselves into thinking Tebow helped Denver. This year proved he held the team back and save for a horrible division, incredible kicker, and favorable playoff matchup against a team decimated by injuries this “heroic” story would never have. occurred.

  14. He let Mangini pick Gholston. He should have been fired with Mangini after missing out on Ray Rice and Flacco that year.

  15. Dear Jets Haters:

    Want to thank you for your obsession with the Jets all season as well as now, Super Bowl Week.
    I know, I know, your team will be watching the game too from their couches.

    We look forward to your continual attention to the Jets and your criticism during the upcoming off season.


    Jets Nation

  16. It didn’t work out, or they didn’t make it happen? Tebow has proven that he can move the ball when he has time to build a rhythm. So why didn’t they allow him to? Going in for one play now and then was a designed failure by wishy-washy coaches.

  17. From the middle of Cimini’s story: “Sparano and Tebow didn’t see eye to eye, and that disconnect likely contributed to his lack of playing time.”

    He buried the lead…we need much more of an explanation about this point.

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