Te’o tried to do marketing deals before fake dead girlfriend story came out


One of the lingering questions regarding the question-plentiful Manti Te’o imbroglio arises from the decision to delay disclosing the fake dead girlfriend story long enough to be scooped by Deadspin.

A league source tells PFT that the reason, as these reasons often do, arises from dollars and cents.

Te’o’s camp, per the source, was attempting aggressively to nail down marketing deals before the story broke, with among other things major shoe and apparel companies.  There was reluctance to proceed, given Te’o’s struggles in the BCS national title game and the uncertainty as to whether he’ll be playing for a high-profile team or a franchise that is an NFL afterthought.

If one or more deals had been consummated, an interesting question would have arisen regarding whether the company would thereafter have attempted to kill the deal, once word of the fake dead girlfriend broke.  On one hand, Te’o apparently did nothing to violate the standard morals clauses contained in such contracts.  On the other hand, the companies would have been frustrated, to say the least, by the fact that Te’o’s fame had quickly become notoriety.

Moving forward, the question is whether Te’o will have any value in the wake of one of the more bizarre stories in recent, or distant, memory.

19 responses to “Te’o tried to do marketing deals before fake dead girlfriend story came out

  1. wouldn’t the fact that he knew about the fake girlfriend before negotating the marketing deal violate the standard moral clause if a deal was signed. I’m sure the agencies would have asked him about any potential negative information or stories leaking during the term of the contract. Also he may never get a marketing deal if he did lie to them now that the story is out there.

  2. I don’t see the fans from whatever team drafts him even being nice. Hate to say it, but I don’t think this kid has the mentality to handle the pressure and hate he will receive at the next level.

  3. Undraftable? I wouldn’t go that far. He won’t be the mid to late first round pick he probably would have been before his performance in the BCS title game and the whole hoax situation but some team will take a chance on him in the late second or third round based on his body of work IMO.

  4. Man, he is becoming a sideshow. I wonder if he would be respected in the locker room? Can’t see how he would ever be viewed as a potential leader with all that happened. He had to know this story was about the break and had an awful game in the NCAA championship game. In the NFL, he and his teammates will face questions about his catfish situation all the time. Will that affect his play, will his teammates get tired of constantly talking about some rookie? I am in no way an expert, but I wouldn’t want my team to take him even in the second round.

  5. He certainly sounds like he’d be a perfect fit for the Three Ring Circus at the Jets! Ring number 1, worst NFL QB Sanchez, Ring number 2, from the bench…Timmy Tebow, Ring number 3, T’eo the fantasy man, led by the Ringmaster himself, Crazy Rex! Perfect!

  6. LOL I see this site is removing peoples comments again:)))LOL..
    Anyhow undraftable in the NFL where there are so many players arrested. Just think about all those crimes that have been committed by players.
    DWI’s, Assaults, Shooting yourself, Drugs. Plus many more Serious Crimes…
    The point is this the NFL is not about Morals it’s about if you have serious abilities to play this Game…

  7. “some team will take a chance on him in the late second or third round based on his body of work IMO.”

    Like his girlfriend’s body? Like his body of work against Alabama?

    He should be drafted fairly late, by some team not in the spotlight all the time. He’ll be enough of a distraction wherever he winds up, but his presence in a high-profile market will be a circus.

  8. I don’t think he is not going to be drafted as someone mentioned, however MARKETED? Not in the near future, and perhaps not in the long, long future. ” Greeny ” of The Mike & Mike show is always talking about the imaginary friend he had when he was growing up, perhaps there is a marketing opportunity there somehow!!

  9. It’s been apparent he knew for some time and obviously trying to maike these deals before the story broke, only made things worse for him, in my opinion. No matter how he’s drafted, the kid is talented, I emphasize the word “kid”, he may or may not be signed in the top of the 1st round, or maybe not at all, but in the long run, he’ll do okay. Sports fans have forgiven much worse.

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