Urlacher, new-look Bears not communicating yet

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New Bears coach Marc Trestman has been repeatedly noncommittal on the future of linebacker Brian Urlacher in Chicago. Urlacher is eligible for free agency in March. He’s going on age 35, his performance is declining, and he hasn’t communicated with the Bears since the season ended a month ago.

The Bears have been busy,” Urlacher told ESPN Chicago. “They have more important things to take care of right now. I’ll let that fall into place and see what happens.”

Urlacher has every intention of playing football in 2013, but it’s unclear whether he’ll get that opportunity with the Bears. He missed four games due to injury this past season and struggled mightily when “healthy,” clearly lacking the movement skills Urlacher once possessed.

If Urlacher and the Bears do ever get around to talking contract, Urlacher would be smart to offer to play for cheap, possibly minimum-salary cheap.

That’s probably what it’s going to take for him to finish his career in Chicago.

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  1. He’s a respected rival in our division. Even though I can’t stand his team, I would hate for him to go elsewhere.

  2. I like Urlacher.

    He’s the definition of what a Chicago Bear LB is all about.

    Wish him the best and hope he gets a deal done with Chicago. It would be weird seeing wear any other jersey.

  3. Got a chance to meet him in New Mexico when the practice facility that bears his name at UNM was being built. Couldn’t have been a nicer guy.

    Can’t picture him in another uniform other than the Bears. Even the pictures on the wall at UNM of him in his Lobos gear looks strange after all these years.

    Not a Bears fan, but I hope he retires there.

  4. Brain 54’s final comments to Bears fans were he didn’t care about them. Brain 54 was a great player however Brain 54 deserves to leave Bears fans with the lasting taste of who he really is. Au revoir Brain54.

  5. It’s only be a one year deal low ball offer. He might not play Middle Linebacker either. It might be tough to watch the decline of great middle linebacker any further though!!

  6. Maybe he’ll be like Ditka. Ditka played for a couple of other teams (the Eagles and Cowboys) at the tail end of his career, and even earned his Superbowl ring as a player with the Cowboys, but he’ll always be remembered as a Bear.

  7. I’m hoping he signs a low contract and stays on, he’s still got some juice left. just make sure to draft a LB too, this next year is prob it for him.

  8. One of the true great middle linebackers to ever play the game, and a total class act on and off the field. The bears should do this guy a favor for one year by begging him to come back. he earned it.

  9. His knee got wrecked on a Hail Mary pass in a meaningless Week 17 game last year vs the Vikings, thanks to that dope Lovie Smith wanting to win and finish the season 8-8 instead of 7-9 so that he’d be more likely to keep his job.

    Thanks for that parting gift, Lovie. Now be sure you enjoy the $5 million you’re going to steal from the McCaskeys this year for sitting on your butt doing nothing.

  10. It is true he did not have the movement. But don’t forget, he was not able to work out because of his knee. Look how well he played after wrist injury when he could put in off season workout. Should get a chance, with good off season work out he will be ready.

  11. Bears should re-up with him. The franchise has a knack for kicking guys to the curb recently, so how about they don’t do that with their Hall of Fame LB

  12. He is not what he used to be and looked the slowest ever last season, but he also did not get any workouts in all off season because of knee problems from the last game the year before, a game Lovie should not even had him in! I do believe he will look better next year with an off season of conditioning. Whether he is a Bear or not, the Bears always played worse with him not leading. Just like when Cutler was out, the Bears couldn’t move the ball. With both players, whether you hate him or like him, they are very important to their team.

  13. filthymcnasty1 says: Jan 29, 2013 3:39 PM

    “7-1 start. Down in flames finish.

    It’s da Bears.”

    Choked against the Vikings in Week 17 to lose out on the #2 seed. Trashed by the 49ers two weeks later and sent home crying in their beer.

    It’s da Packers!

  14. ethanhulk says: Jan 29, 2013 4:26 PM

    “Bears should re-up with him. The franchise has a knack for kicking guys to the curb recently…”

    Name me one, and Lovie doesn’t count.

  15. Hard for me not to believe Urlacher’s got more tread on those tires… We’ve got Fletcher at 39 y.o. with the Skins and he played All-Pro calibre this year, and we’re praying he comes back for one more year. Ray Ray’s another example. Urlacher’s 35 – so I’m wondering… unless he hasn’t healed right or something, don’t count this guy out. If the Bears outright ditch him and release him, a team would be wise to pick him up on the cheap for 1 year.

  16. He was a heck of a player when he was younger, but never as good as his press clippings. He’s not young anymore. Time to get on with your life’s work, Brian.

  17. ” Every intention of playing in 2013.” I just can’t see another team going after him at this point in his career. It is time to call it over. Even if he offers to take the minimum, why would The Bears take up a roster position with him? He’s done.

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