Why the Rams broke up with Rob Ryan

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The St. Louis Rams announced Tuesday that Rob Ryan will not be their defensive coordinator in 2013. They’ve since turned their attention to former Browns defensive boss Dick Jauron.

So what happened between the Rams and Ryan?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter provided an explanation on NFL Live Tuesday. Per Schefter, Ryan and the Rams indeed reached an agreement on January 24. Ryan began attending team meetings, but Rams officials “felt uncomfortable” about Ryan’s fondness for a 3-4 defense. The Rams have been a 4-3 team.

Per Schefter, conflict over whether St. Louis would change schemes led the sides to ultimately “cancel the marriage” with Ryan.

You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.

Rob Ryan and the Rams obviously feel differently.

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  1. “You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.”

    Really???? Because I think I’ve heard many times teams don’t want to switch because they don’t have the personell to make the switch”

  2. You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.
    Hmm, really? The personnel is different. The DE’s are completely different size – Outside linebackers are different size as well.

  3. didn’t his dad buddy ryan run the 4-6 offense??? lol. he didn’t learn anything from that? yes, 4-3 is harder to coach, esp the safety positions. i’m amore versatile d-coordinator than he apparently

  4. You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.


    They’re just saying that to make you go away Silva.

  5. They didn’t know the Ryan brothers run a 3-4? That’s like hiring 2 general managers in a row with no player personnel background; no organization would be that dumb.

  6. Classic case of a guy thinking he is too good for a job. Then stomping his feet and throwing a temper tantrum when the team won’t comepltely change everything for him. Dude, you’re just a defensive coordinator, and not a very good one at that.

  7. In today’s NFL you can’t be married to one or the other. Different opponents call for different alignments and you have to have the coaching and personnel to do it effectively. This is why Rob Ryan has never been more than mediocre.

  8. You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.

    lol nobody EVER has said this, unless they were talking about Madden. Reporting at its finest.

  9. They also forgot to discuss who would pay for his meals…turns out it really affected the compensation level.

  10. Smart move by the Rams. I wish my Browns would tailor their scheme to fit personnel instead of (again) attempting to shove the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

  11. It seems to me, that this is the sort of thing that should have been discussed BEFORE you give the guy a job…

  12. Well, at least they accepted the fact that a marriage between a 4-3 person, and a 3-4 person was not going to last, and were adult enough to part ways. It’s going to be hard explaining things to the kids, but in the long run it’s probably for the best.

  13. There is a HUGE difference between 3-4 and 4-3. The Rams have 2 pass rushing specialists in Chris Long and Robert Quinn plus 2 run stuffer DT’s in Langford and Brockers. Where they are lacking is at OLB. They have Lauranaitis and Dunbar and thats it. They don’t have the personnel for a 3-4 and Fisher knows it

  14. Let me guess…

    No, better yet we already know the answer and its a long laundry list of reasons, starting with the fact that a Rob Ryan led defense is mediocre at best.

    No loss for the Rams…

  15. “You often hear football coaches say there’s no big difference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive systems.”

    Evan Silva, I’ve never heard that and if you think there is no difference between 4-3 and 3-4, it’s time for you to get a football education.

  16. I don’t like Rob Ryan but I do sympathize with him on this one. He’s known for running a 3-4, they apparently go through the whole interview process without discussing the scheme, and then let him go after a couple days once learning he was going to run the scheme he was known for?

    The Rams look totally incompetent here. If they were locked in to a 4-3, why interview Ryan at all?

  17. The problem was two very hard-headed coaches butting heads, like rams. Jeff Fischer and Rob Ryan. Difference in philosophy, hard headed head coach wins, hard headed DC loses. Simple.

  18. malachiofcourse says: Jan 29, 2013 5:01 PM

    didn’t his dad buddy ryan run the 4-6 offense??? lol. he didn’t learn anything from that?
    Uh that was “46” – named for safety Doug Plank’s number – not 4-6. Just like the Miami “53” defense was for the number of Bob Matheson, not the alignment (which was actually a 3-4).

  19. Ever had to spend an extended period of time in St. Louis?

    Even for a long weekend?

    Boy was that a blessing in disguise, Rob…

  20. Rob Ryan would have had to blitz every down to utilize Quinn’s and Long’s skill set. They are 3-down edge rushers.

  21. Yet another case of one media guy presenting another media guy’s rumor as fact.

    Throwing the BS flag. I’m betting this thing had nothing to do with which defensive scheme the team is going to use.

    The 4-3 or 3-4 decision would have been a screening tool used by the team to decide which candidates were interviewed. Ryan’s a 3-4 guy…no secret there. The Rams knew what they were getting.

    Probably boils down to egos, plain and simple. I’m betting Ryan wanted more latitude or authority than Jeff Fisher was willing to give him.

  22. Looks like the only way Big Rob is coaching this year is if his bro hires him to be equipment manager or ball boy.

  23. Sounds like the correct approach to dealing with a loudmouth, get rid of em. Hopefully they’ll both bounce their way out of the league soon…

  24. dowhatifeellike says: Jan 29, 2013 5:54 PM

    If 3-4 and 4-3 were similar then any DC worth their paycheck would be able to run both.

    But that’s just not the case.
    They can. Mike Zimmer did in Dallas under Parcells. He was a 4-3 guy and the next year (04) they went to 3-4 and he coached it just fine. I think he runs pretty much 4-3 now in Cincy.
    Also a lot of teams run hybrid stuff, jump in and out of each alignment depending on situation. And even 3-4s aren’t the same. Wade Phillips runs a 1 gap penetrating 3-4 and he took over in Dallas from Parcell’s 2 gap system.

  25. I have a feeling that Reality TV will be all over the Ryan Bros Circus after Rex joins him in the unemployment line next season.

  26. Also in 01 when the Pats won SB 36 and part of 02, they ran a lot of 4-3. Only when they got stud NT Ted Washington in 03 were they base 3-4. And BB has gone to mostly 4-3 now. A lot of times guys like VW still 2 gap though.

  27. All mouth and no substance just like his brother. The Rams figured it out just in time. I guess he’ll be out of work a little longer than 5 minutes.

  28. I think Ryan was willing to coach the 4-3 for Jeff Fisher, but then suddenly the Saints DC job opened up, and look, they want to switch to a 3-4! I’d bet Ryan winds up there…

  29. Hey Rob, call Rex up and see what he’s got for ya. I know you’ll be hired somewhere in “five minutes”, but while you’re waiting those five minutes, maybe your bro has a spot you can fill in the meantime, just in case.

  30. Your reporting is awful!!! There is a major change in personnel to go to a 3-4. Look at the chiefs they were smart sticking with what they have for a 3-4 defense!!! No coach ever said its not that different. Idiots!!!

  31. Why even bother hooking up in the first place? You would think the 3-4 or 4-3 base would be brought up first

  32. Hey Silva- maybe YOU often hear coaches say there’s no difference between a 3 – 4 and a 4 – 3, but those of us that know football understand it’s nonsense. The personnel you need to play each is vastly different.

    I suspect that when you heard all these coaches say there’s no difference, you walked away and they said “He bought it!” while laughing hysterically.

  33. I’m a little dubious about this report … Adam Schefter announced the hiring last week, then when it turned out to be false he claims his report was accurate but the Rams changed their minds later. The fact is, the Rams never announced the hiring, but met with Ryan and decided that it wouldn’t be a good fit. I’ve always felt Schefter is a bit of a weasel, and I wouldn’t believe anything he says until it is confirmed by other sources. He ought to just be a man and admit that he jumped the gun on this one.

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