Ahmad Brooks has Grade 1 shoulder sprain

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Near the end of the 49ers’ 28-24 NFC Championship Game win against the Falcons, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks hit Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and left Ryan with a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder.

Brooks can empathize with Ryan’s plight since he wound up with the same injury after the game. Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that Brooks said Wednesday that he suffered a Grade 1 sprain of the joint, which is why he wasn’t a participant in practice two days last week.

He suffered the injury early in the game against the Falcons, but aggravated it on the fourth quarter hit that left Ryan injured as well. A Grade 1 sprain is the least severe, which explains why Brooks said he would have been able to play if there was a game last weekend and why there’s not much fear that Brooks will miss the Super Bowl.

Brooks is also playing with a dislocated finger that he picked up early in the season, although that didn’t stop him from playing a key role on the San Francisco defense in the regular season. It doesn’t sound like his shoulder sprain is going to stop him from doing so this Sunday either.

7 responses to “Ahmad Brooks has Grade 1 shoulder sprain

  1. He’ll be fine with injections.

    Frankly, Brooks vs. Oher might be the single biggest lost story here. We know they will double team Aldon, we know Justin Smith isn’t 100%.

    But how well can they protect Oher vs. Brooks? The right side of the line will be very interesting to watch play out.

  2. He has played through injuries to get to this point. That is why they are called blood diamonds. Plenty of time to recover after this game.

  3. Brooks has the physical makeup and athleticism to be an absolute terror. Wish he’d have stuck in Cincinnati and played there like he’s doing in SF.

  4. Everyone is talking about injuries, and now the Ray Lewis “performance enhancer” situation. I imagine Brooks will get some sort of shot to play in this game. I guess to some degree I don’t understand the difference between a form of steroid or a guy taking cortisone or an epidural before the game so he doesn’t feel anything when he’s making a hit.

    My point is that these guys have more strange stuff in their body than any of us can imagine. One drug makes you faster/stronger and one makes you not feel a darn thing when you run into a guy in the open field running a 4.4 –

    There are numerous stories from team physicians talking about how guys will beg at halftime for something to numb the pain. Is that really any better than Lewis or any other guy taking something to get him on the field faster?

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