Bengals assistant Jim Anderson retires after 29 years


The Bengals play their home games in Paul Brown Stadium, but they’ll no longer have a coach on the staff who was actually interviewed by Paul Brown when he initially got his job in Cincinnati.

Running backs coach Jim Anderson announced his retirement on Tuesday, ending a run with the team that began with an interview with Brown in 1984 and ran through several head coaches before reaching its end. It’s the longest tenure for any coach in Bengals history, outlasting former strength and conditioning coach Kim Wood by one year.

On the Bengals website, an article by Geoff Hobson about Anderson’s retirement quotes other African-American coaches who credit Anderson for opening doors at a time when there weren’t a lot of minority coaches on NFL sidelines. Anderson shrugs off his role as a trail blazer, but explained why those that followed benefited from his performance in Cincinnati.

“There weren’t a lot of us, but the thing we realized is we needed to go out and do our job the best we could so the door would open for other guys,” Anderson said. “You make the most of your opportunity and the door is open for the next guy behind you. Go out and do your job and do it well.”

The Bengals haven’t named a replacement for Anderson, although Hobson speculates that Hue Jackson could take on Anderson’s responsibilities in 2013.

5 responses to “Bengals assistant Jim Anderson retires after 29 years

  1. Solid assistant, decent human being, east side community guy…too bad the Bengals (and the rest of the NFL) gets headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    Its a shame a story like this will get buried…stories about deer anters, purple drank, and DUI sell way too many ads.

  2. This guy has done a terrific job… Ickey Woods, Corey Dillon, Rudi Johnson, and helped restore Cedric Benson’s career… Thanks for all the years!

  3. One of the best RB coaches in the NFL and he will sorely miss in Cincinnati. He made guys like Corey Dillon,Harold Green,Rudi Johnson,Ickey Woods,James Brooks among other Pro Bowl caliber running backs on some very bad Bengals teams. The sign of a good coach is when your players respect him and they did. Thank you,Coach Anderson for 29 years of service.

  4. He coached 1000 yard seasons with the following

    James Brooks (The type of back we need now)
    Ickey Woods (good while he was here but no more shuffle…lol)
    Harold Green
    Corey Dillon (Dealt with his crazy personality)
    Rudi Johnson (Made a slow RB powerful)
    Cedric Benson (Best Years)
    BGE (best year)

    Made use of backs like Brian Leonard, Bernard Scott, coached Larry Johnson to his only 100 game the last couple of seasons he played…

    Made RB’s like Kenny Watson and Brandon Bennet looked decent in back up roles and they guys may have been cut on other teams…

    Dude you ROCKED! Enjoy life and help us keep Hue in house! 🙂

  5. The other posts pretty much cover it. Good luck to a great coach and thanks for all of your hard work!

    Who Dey!


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