Brett Favre to join NFL Network for Super Bowl


Brett Favre is coming back.

To television. The Associated Press reports that Favre will be part of the NFL Network team providing 10-plus hours of coverage from New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday. We haven’t heard much from Favre since the Saints bounty allegations first broke, a long stretch without a player who had been a constant part of the football world for the previous two decades.

Favre will be returning to the town and stadium where the Saints beat him in the NFC Championship Game that became a centerpiece of that bounty investigation. It’s also where he and the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, so there’s a variety of memories of New Orleans for Favre to draw on during his television appearance.

In an email to AP, Favre wrote that he doesn’t miss the “grind and stress of day-to-day football, but I do miss my teammates and coaches.” He also said he’s looking forward to reconnecting with NFL fans and offered no word on whether he’s interested in a more regular television gig.