Eagles expected to sign Dennis Dixon after Super Bowl

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Florio speculated just last week that former Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon — currently of the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad — could reunite with college coach Chip Kelly in Philadelphia.

There is now substance to support that speculation.

Per Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly, there are “strong indications” that Dixon could be added to Kelly’s Eagles roster by as soon as next week.

Dixon’s practice-squad contract will end after Super Bowl XLVII, at which point he’ll be free to sign what’ll likely be a reserve/future contract with the Eagles. Reserve/future contracts are typically one- or two-year deals with league minimum base salaries.

Dixon, now 28 years old, was a Heisman Trophy front-runner under Kelly in 2007 before tearing his ACL. Per Mosher, Dixon is “thrilled” Kelly is now an NFL head coach and “eager” for a reunion.

74 responses to “Eagles expected to sign Dennis Dixon after Super Bowl

  1. Yuck. If Chip’s master plan to take the NFL by storm is to round up all of his old college stars then eagles fans have some disappointing times ahead of them.

  2. Good news Eagles fans, Chip Kelly really will be attempting to run that college style offense in the NFL…congrats on “winning” that Chip Kelly sweeptstakes. Meet your starting QB, Dennis Dixon.

  3. This reminds me of ‘Fun N Gun’ with Steve Spurrier bringing Danny Wuerffel to the Redskins to run his system.

    Easy Eagles fans, just pointing it out; no need for a lecture on letting the “mastermind” implement his “invention” (the “spread” offense or whatever you want to call it) in peace.

  4. Always liked Dixon and felt bad his draft stock was derailed by an injury. If he goes to Philly, I wish him the best of luck succeeding if he can win the starters spot.

  5. So Kelly’s bringing in a former Oregon QB?

    I think Spurrier tried this with Shane Matthews and Danny Woeful.

    The Eagles should put down the Redskins Playbook for Failure. The high priced free agent signings didn’t work neither.

  6. Good for Dixon. I’ve always appreciated his talent and wondered why he wasn’t getting opportunities. Good luck in Philly.

  7. ”This reminds me of ‘Fun N Gun’ with Steve Spurrier bringing Danny Wuerffel to the Redskins to run his system.”


    Whoa, as a huge Redskins fan that is a horrible memory. Probably, Kelly will not be as dumb and arrogant as Spurrier was.

  8. What a hilarious story!

    Then again, Guys like Dennis are the future of the NFL. LOL.

    This experiment is barely in it infancy and teams are already trying to get on board. Any teams that try this will be putting off their rebuilding efforts for a couple of years. What a joke this whole “pistol” deal is. Like no DC in the league will ever figure it out. lol. It is such a waste of time, not to mention the fans of these teams will have to suffer more dissatisfaction.

  9. Dixon is a better player than many people realize. I only learned about him because Im a Pittsburgh fan.
    It would be nice to see him get a shot. backing up Big Ben and Flaco, who he plays a completely different style than, has been the best roll for him.

  10. Well now maybe Eagles fans can chime in that Dixon will be the very best.. Kinda like Ravens fans yesterday saying Dixon is on the same level as Kaepernick while trying to prepare their D. If I were Chip I would at the very least pursue Colt McCoy or they are in some serious trouble.

  11. They get a experienced QB , on the cheap, that knows the offense. A stop gap QB for a season at most or a likely mentor for who ever gets drafted (hopefully next year. No Franchise QBs this year) and a back up the next year.

    Smart move.

    Its not like they are trading for Kevin Kolb.

  12. or since the future of the NFL is supposed to be the pistol/read option it could be to have someone on the roster to run the scout teams offense to help the defense understand and try to be ready for it come sundays

  13. Dennis Dixon would have won the Heisman that year if he had deer antler spray at his disposal…just sayin’.

  14. If he’s that bad, then why is Dixon still in the NFL? You can’t bench Big Ben over him, but you can cut Vick over him.

    And for those who are ignoramous to watching football, you are watching Kelly’s type of offense with many of his players today. Most notably this coming Sunday.

  15. I called this before Chip Kelly declined the Eagles offer the first time. He’s pulling a Spurrier!!! Except Spurrier brought in two qbs, one of which won the Heisman and a national championship…even brought Wurffel’s top target from college in Chris Doering. Where did that get us?? To make matter worse, the skins breezed through the pre-season by putting up a few 40 and 50 point games….then the regular season hit..smh. I say that to say this…Birds fans…dont get on your “We’re going to the Superbowl” rants after the pre-season is over…cause we all know your good for it. I just honestly fail to see how you think this Chip Kelly BS is good for the team?? The team never really needed a new offense, just a line…and i dont care if your getting a few people back…this line couldnt protect a stationary QB, so how the hell do you expect them to protect a pocket that is constantly moving?? What the Eagles need is a Defense!!! Lets say, Kelly’s offense works to perfection…what good does it do to put up 40 points when the defense gives up 45? Im just sayin

  16. Give the man a chance everyone is acting like he’s going to be signed as the starting qb. This is why you have ota’s and mini camps.

  17. I think you guys look to be negative. Dennis Dixon has 3 games of experience one of which being a start against the Falcons a couple of seasons ago where he threw for about 260 yds with a 69% completion in a win..He was a great college prospect who was accurate with a strong arm and good mobility. a torn acl and not being able to do anything in predraft ruined his stock. he was tutored by Arians for most of his career and learned behing Big Ben..why the negativity? Chip was his offensive coordinator in a unique system, he can be perfect for it. He can flop also, but atleast give it a chance. Dennis has shown he can play, give him some reps and then judge.

  18. Difficult to gauge Dennis Dixon’s talent level when he was with the Steelers, as he never had much opportunity. Most lingering impression is that he might have lacked durablity for the NFL. He was kind of tall and skinny. Hard to tell at this point.

  19. Oregon was fun to watch the past few years…..I hope the Eagles are fun to watch the next few…..I know it will be fun to watch how this plays out.

  20. idk i kinda like the move. i always thought the Steelers were dumb for getting rid of him and i think he can start in this league with the right team.

  21. Disturbingly enough, it’s a move I’ve already heard a lot of fans say they want. “Those college gimmicks will never work in the NFL! …but you know, that kid in Baltimore can run, we’re gonna need that, right?”

    Don’t mind Dixon at all as a backup/PS guy who knows how Chip works, but man, now everyone in Philly will feel justified in believing his playbook is a post-it note with “READ OPTION LOL” written on it.

  22. Dixon is a lot better an option than most of what is available in free agency or through the draft if you are planning on running a read option, spread, up tempo offense. He’s familiar with what the coach wants and is going to come into camp with a work ethic. Best of luck to him, I always wanted that kid to succeed.

  23. Come on people, use logic and common sense. He is bringing Dixon in for the read option plays. If you think he is signing a practise squad QB to be his starter you are on heavy doses of medication. All I read are fans “opinions” and “assumptions”. None of you know what Chip Kelly plans to do or you would have a job in the NFL right now so instead of guessing why not wait and see?

  24. Most of the moronic comments are from people who never saw this kid play. What harm is there in bring ing in a player who cost nothing, and is the right type of athletic QB for Kelly’s system?

  25. Most college coaches who jump to the pro’s round up as much of his old college mates as they can….Jimmy Johnson in Dallas, Pete Carol in Seattle.

  26. Great…. Well I hope Chip knows what he is doing, im sure he has a plan in place here but I just hope it’s a damn good one because the eagles will need it!

  27. Watch. A bunch of teams in the coming years are going to look for guys that can potentially run the read-option. Thanks to the Redskins for showing you all the way.

  28. Double D needs a fair shake. He was great at Oregon. What’s the risk here? None.
    It would be a good move that costs literally nothing.

  29. Why not go out and trade for Tyrod Taylor from Baltimore if Philly is going to try to get this type of player? At least he’s a little younger and doesn’t have a previously torn ACL to worry about popping again.

  30. “skinsfaninphilly says: Jan 30, 2013 3:41 PM
    I called this before Chip Kelly declined the Eagles offer the first time. He’s pulling a Spurrier!!! Except Spurrier brought in two qbs, one of which won the Heisman and a national championship”

    If you’re any sort of fan of college football and the NFL, then you’d know what a joke the Heisman trophy is. Every single QB winner of the Heisman since 1990 has been a bust or quite average, especially those winners from the Florida schools. RG3 and Cam look to be the exception to the rule for Heisman winners.

  31. Whoa.. going after a fourth string QB off the practice squad?

    Eagles are really serious about building a dynasty.

  32. Highly doubt he’s signing him to be the starting QB. I have a feeling Kelly is smart & knows it will be helpful to have a QB who knows his system well.

  33. nineroutsider says: Jan 30, 2013 3:07 PM

    This reminds me of ‘Fun N Gun’ with Steve Spurrier bringing Danny Wuerffel to the Redskins to run his system.

    Easy Eagles fans, just pointing it out; no need for a lecture on letting the “mastermind” implement his “invention” (the “spread” offense or whatever you want to call it) in peace.
    LMBO thanks for the mention.

    Its not my choice. I have to agree with you tho. If there is a player out there that I think will be a help it’s a very unpopular choice. I have seen Joe Webb play the read option in UAB and he did well at it (before anyone goes and looks up stats and starts spewing the at me) don’t go by there record they don’t get talented players they have to compete with the likes of Alabama, AU, and Troy university that tend to get the more talented players. But he did do well running it IF I remember correctly he was the best QB that the school has had. Only real problem I see is Philly ready for another QB to wear #5

  34. I don’t really know or care who Dennis Dixon is. If bringing him to Philly means that they can finally cut ties with Vick, & provide Foles with some competition in training camp, then that’s all that matters.

  35. Not surprised by this. I thought Dixon was a free agent didn’t realize he was on Raven practice squad

  36. I look at it this way. If someone can tailor an offense around Tim Tebow, goto the playoffs and beat the favored Steelers, then someone else can tailor an offense around Nick Foles or Dennis Dixon and be just as successful. You just need the defense to help you out.

    As Bill Belichick said, ‘It doesn’t matter if the other team scores 35, we’re going to score 40’, and the inverse is true too. If you can hold another team to 13-16 points, it doesn’t matter if your offense only scores 20. You still win the game.

    Now, the Eagles have a LOT of work to do on both sides of the ball, but to immediately label everything a failure before its even on the field is just ludicrous.

  37. Well, Mike Vick will be gone after all. And, Geno Smith will be the Eagles first pick. I think KC will trade down and eventually take Matt Barkley

  38. skinsfaninphilly: You’ve got it right, even if the boo birds don’t want to hear it. Spurrier was outclassed by the rest of the NFC coaches, even though he’s a great college coach. I can still see him flapping his lips on the Skins’ sideline. Andy will have more wins in KC. Just watch.

  39. Everyone keeps talking about how this offense works in the NFL… It does as PART of an offense, not the entire offensive philosophy. Niners use it less than any of the three now , so bad example. Washington uses it the most followed by Seattle, but I am 100% certain I seen them both run pretty large chunks of conventional formations. Chip is a bright coach so I doubt he intends to strictly run his offense but if he does they are in trouble. If he can mix it up and find a QB to run it he will be very successful. As for its overall success LaMichael James hasn’t exploited the edges like he did at Oregon. He has had most his success between the tackles where he is least expected.

  40. Dennis Dixon is a hell of a lot better qb than people think. Sorry the Steelers cut him.

  41. This seems like Kelly wants another “coach” to help the other QBs acclimate. It will be a good move. Dixon can help the others figure out Kelly and his quirks….

  42. I hope Dennis ball out. when i was 10th grade he was my favorite player. then never heard from him again.

  43. The Jets are looking at J. Russell, now the Eagles are looking at Dixon. Two franchises swirling the toilet bowl of the NFL and it turns out the head coach is the one who pulled the flush handle.

  44. Dixon’s sole job will be to help implementing the offense and showing other offensive skill players how to run it. He will be a backup until Foles gets his head knocked off. Kelly will draft a QB that knows the system this year. They may even need a back that can run it too; Chris Rainey would be a good fit there.

  45. Wow, some of you posters have never learned about jumping to conclusions huh?

    Where in any stories over the last few weeks about this has it ever said Dixon is gong to be the starter? Or even hinted that’s the plan?

    You do know the vast majority of teams have 3 QBs on the roster right? He’s going to be a free agent, he knows the system. End of story. Dixon is gong to be holding a clipboard teaching the other QBs the ins and outs of Kelly’s offense.

  46. There’s plenty of games where the Skins only used the option 3 or 4 times. They didn’t use it once the second game against the Eagles. San Fran used the hell out of it against the Falcons. Just because you don’t see Kaep run the ball doesn’t mean they aren’t running it. The Falcons committed to Kaep and just kept letting it go into Gore’s gut and Gore tore them up. You don’t need a pro bowl RB to run the read option.

  47. Makes perfect sense, if only for Dixon to show what the words and instruction look like in action to other QBs and help them learn the new offense.

  48. All these Eagles fans are pathetic with their whining. They just landed the best coach in football. Chip Kelly makes average players excellent and great players into superstars. Which ever QB Kelly goes with is going to be a winner because Kelly instills confidence in his players like no on else save only maybe Jim Harbaugh. Above all Kelly will pick the smartest QB possible and give him the play book to be successful with his skillset. Your going to see a bunch of players who absolutely love their coach.

  49. I can’t believe how many Eagle nay sayers here. You do have the best CFB coach. Oregon & CK had only 2-4 star talent at best and was in the BCS race. I have been a Duck fan for 45 years, back in the 60s – 70s all the NW Pac8 schools were on the bottom mainly because of $$$$ and our facilities were not much larger than your best high schools. MONEY elevated the pragam…….. i.e. The lottery in the late 80s and Nike in 2000. Oregon still does not bring in what the east coast colleges nor does it have 100k capacity FB stadiums, so for them to play at this level is unreal. Do some research and you see what I mean.

    Don’t get me wrong CK benifitted from the foundation laid by Rich Brooks and Mike Belloti with a lot of help from Phil Knight. But he is the best of the best so give him a chance he will prove you nay sayers wrong.

    I suppose all fans are the same we want to cheer for winners. Trust me in the next few years you will be the favorite NFL team to watch because all the other teams will be boring. Oregon scores in less than 2 minutes so the defense is out there for a long time. CK knows how to engineer this.

    Anyway the Ducks are now Eagle fans.

  50. I forgot to mention the Assisant Coaches are some of the best and have been at Oregon a long time. Coaches at Oregon at lifers. WTD “Win the Day” and NMU “Next Man UP” it the philosphy at Oregon. Oregon may not have the largest stadium (-60k) but we have the loudest and the state of the art facilities. Take a look at the new MK arena or tweet some of the sports writers that have been here, they will acknowlege the new Oregon

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