Hue Jackson to slide over to coach RBs in Cincinnati


The Bengals aren’t going to look long, or far, to replace retired running backs coach Jim Anderson.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Hue Jackson will replace him in that position.

Jackson was labeled “assistant coach” last year, said to be working with defensive backs and special teams. But that was just a way to get him on staff, as his expertise is on the offensive side.

He interviewed for the Panthers coordinator job before it was given to in-house candidate Mike Shula.

11 responses to “Hue Jackson to slide over to coach RBs in Cincinnati

  1. Al was right abt you,

    if you coached the Raiders this year -PLAYOFFS WILD CARD DEFINITELY ,


    hue will get another HC job at a top NCAA or NFL team one day and be a beast,

    he is the only coach to set mcfadden free.

  2. If Marcus Lattimore is there in the NFL Draft,then the Bengals will have two good running backs. There was nothing wrong with the Law Firm,but another RB would help him stay fresh. Hue Jackson will do just fine. Thank you.

  3. HC of Raiders to rb coach for the Bengals in a year and a half period. That is not progression.

  4. Completely floored that Hue is not at least an OC at this point. Guy got shafted by Mark Davis and Chubby Checker in Oakland after one 8-8 season. Took the offense from 31st in the league to 6th in Year 1 with Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski tag teaming at QB.

    Watching this just shows you how much these coaching positions are all about cronyism and who you know. Head coaches and GMs want guys they know. Probably due to the fact that they’re all on a very short leash and don’t want to stick their neck out hiring some guy to run the offense or defense that they haven’t already worked with for years.

  5. autumnwind999 says: Jan 30, 2013 5:53 PM

    Completely floored that Hue is not at least an OC at this point.
    Jackson has been coaching since 1987. He’s been an NFL OC for three different teams. He has connections. I liked his offense when he was in Oakland, but he didn’t stay in his shoes after Davis died, and McKenzie probably never seriously considered keeping him. There might be reasons besides cronyism that have kept Hue from getting a promotion, and we just aren’t aware of them.

  6. Nobody wants Jackson, nobody.

    Not just the Raiders and Reggie Mckenzie, no one but the Bengals and even then, as their RB coach.

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