Jim Harbaugh: Alex Smith’s feelings “absolutely” impact 49ers decision


49ers CEO Jed York said on PFT Live Tuesday that the 49ers hope to keep both Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith for next season.

That’s a different approach than anyone’s been predicting and it is one that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh seemed to dismiss at the Super Bowl on Wednesday. Harbaugh responded to a question about Smith wanting to be released, which we reported over the weekend, by saying that Smith’s feelings “absolutely” will be part of the equation of how they handle things this offseason. And nothing he said suggested they won’t be handling things by letting Smith go one way or the other.

“We won’t get into talking about the speculation or the what-ifs,” Harbaugh said, via NFL.com. “I’m sure that will play out, but he is a starting quarterback. He’s got a desire to be a starting quarterback, and I’m sure that will play out.”

Smith’s made that desire clear this week while simultaneously talking about being ready to help the 49ers should circumstances force him into the game. It’s a fence he shouldn’t have to straddle after Sunday’s game since there seems to be agreement from both sides — even York said Smith deserves the chance to figure out what he wants to do — that his future isn’t in San Francisco.

28 responses to “Jim Harbaugh: Alex Smith’s feelings “absolutely” impact 49ers decision

  1. Nobody?…… Ummmmm… Except me. Yesterday. lol

    Does Alex deserve to be the starter somewhere? Yes! Should they release him and get NOTHING on their investment? Absolutely not! A deal can be worked out that satisfies both parties ala the Montana trade of years back.

  2. Like Bledsoe and Brady after the Patriots 2001 Super Bowl win, zero chance that Alex Smith sticks with the 49ers. It’s Kaepernick’s team going forward.

    Only question is if SF would trade him to the division (Arizona) like the Pats did with Bledsoe to the Bills or if they decide to ship him to the AFC or let him walk and take their chances.

  3. It is easy to say now, but it won’t be easy when some team has a generous offer on the table awaiting signatures and Alex says, “My wife and I aren’t huge fans of the weather in Buffalo, we’d prefer Jacksonville if you could work that out.”

    He won’t be in SF next year, which is the most important thing for Alex, but I’m not sure they will simply release him and not do what is in their best interest, as they should.

  4. I’m sure that will play out, but he is a starting quarterback. He’s got a desire to be a starting quarterback, and I’m sure that will play out.”


    I got Jets on speed dial.

  5. Funny thing about Cleveland, their rookie QB is older than Alex Smith! So they will be going younger too with a trade for Alex. Good running game, solid D, Alex Smith = match made!

  6. Bet you thegreatgabbert won’t be so full of jokes when Alex heads on down to Florida and sends Goldilocks off to the CFL. LOL

  7. It’s a tough break for Alex, but the 49ers organization should be priority #1.

    If the 9ers can’t get what they want THEN he will be released. If they get a bunch of picks and ship him to Jacksonville or something, so be it.

    It’s a business, right?

  8. I give Alex Smith a lot of credit for not doing the piss and moan. He’s not great, but he’s serviceable, and he’s definitely a professional. He didn’t deserve to be replaced, and the 49ers need to remember that they broke the unwritten rule about a guy not losing his job because of injury.

  9. As soon as the Superbowl is over…
    Alex Smith should start beating a drum loud an clear that he wants out of San Francisco. Tell his agent to get him OUT and cut off all communication between him self and the team. Let them talk to his agent. Because this is Smith’s Superbowl and the coach just gave it to his back up

  10. southpaw79 says: Jan 30, 2013 7:05 PM

    Funny thing about Cleveland, their rookie QB is older than Alex Smith! So they will be going younger too with a trade for Alex. Good running game, solid D, Alex Smith = match made

    Doesn’t matter. Cleveland will still finish 4th in the North with or without Mr. Smith.

  11. the cowboys and the eagles will be the two teams battling over smith watch it!!! the browns don’t have no chance as no player wants to go to the factory of sadness and not even have a chance at even an endorsement deal let alone a winning season!!!

  12. Not a niner fan but feel sorry for this guy.. niners need to let him go..it seems like he’s always gonna be second from whomever comes along in this team..several teams need a qb and he’s good enough to play in nfl..

  13. Yeah, ok whatever, he made 66mil in his days as a niner, well 8 mil or 16 more wont matter to him. Starting is what he wants take a 7th rounder and let him go!!!
    Thanks for atleast bein here and helping our communities. Much appreciated!

  14. Jed and Jim are suggesting he might just stay in SF. The perfect move to generate trade interest.

    Alex Smith deserves multi-million dollar paychecks. He does not deserve a release on his terms.

    Let’s assume for a moment that Alex could be traded for two first round draft picks. I say this not because it will ever happen, but to expose the stupidity of just releasing him with no regard for what he might be worth in a trade.

    Alex Smith being paid millions and the 49ers oweing him a release is laughable.

  15. I think we’ve already seen how little honor the 49ers organization has with what they did to Smith this year. But we’ll see if they have any honor at all when they decide to release him or trade him. They can afford to let him go. If they’re men instead of feeble money-grubbers, that’s what they will do.

  16. Alex Smith is signed for two more years. He signed that contract AFTER the 49ers made it clear they were looking to replace him (the fact that no other team was interested may have been an extra incentive).

    He’ll go where the 49ers decide he goes and he’ll have $48 million in stolen money as a parting gift.

  17. I agree with a lot of commenters that Cleveland makes a lot of sense for Smith. They’ve got a pretty good LT and a good RB. They aren’t loaded at WR, but Smith plays within the offense and is going to throw where his progression tells him. That’s where his familiarity with Norv Turner should tip the scales.

  18. Dallas could be a potential destination if Jerry has a sudden change of heart or wants to have Romo compete for his job. When healthy, their defense is very talented

  19. 49er’s eyes want open up until they lose in the super bowl with this number 2 quarterback. Then they will want to play Alex Smith, if I were him I will tell them to keep running the team the way they been.

  20. A.Smith deserves more credit than he will get. He’s been a total pro throughout his career. A couple bad ST plays from leading his team to the SB. No respect. Another victim of Obama.

  21. In my humble opinion, Smith isn’t even close to being good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL, however, he did get a raw deal from Harbaugh and Smith will be traded next season. Fortunately for Smith, there are a few teams that need QB’s so he might just get lucky enough to be traded to one of those teams.

  22. I really feel for Smith. I seriously really do but if I have him under contract, I’m not letting him walk for nothing. I would trade the man. It’s the NFL. If Montana can get traded then ANYONE can.

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