Juan Castillo thinks he’ll work with Reid again one day


When Juan Castillo was fired as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator during the season, you could have won some good money betting that he’d be at the Super Bowl as anything other than a spectator.

Castillo is there with the Ravens in a consulting role that he started last week as a precursor to a job coordinating the running game  in Baltimore next season. Since Castillo’s in New Orleans, he’s been part of the media scrum and answering questions about his improbable year. Castillo said his Ravens job wouldn’t be too different than the offensive line coaching duties he did for many years before Andy Reid made the decision to put him in charge of the defense in 2011.

It was a decision set up for heavy criticism and that’s just what Reid and Castillo got when the Eagles defense struggled the last two years. Castillo was offered a spot on Reid’s staff in Kansas City, but he opted to pass on that and other offers to work for former Eagles assistant John Harbaugh in Baltimore.

“I think it’s just better for me and Coach,” Castillo said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “One day I’ll come back to him.”

Castillo expressed his closeness for Reid again when he was asked if he felt vindicated by the fact that the Eagles defense actually got worse right after his departure. Castillo said that was far from the case.

“What was hard was that I wasn’t there to help somebody that I respect and love fight for his job,” Castillo said.

Castillo will be helping the Ravens this Sunday, giving him the chance to put a happy ending on what wasn’t the happiest of seasons.

12 responses to “Juan Castillo thinks he’ll work with Reid again one day

  1. Castillo had trouble understanding some of the pass coverage, but their problem didn’t seem to be him.

    No Brian Dawkins, three different corners with three different techniques, (all of whom need to be on the outside to be effective), and undersized raw linebackers were the real issue, and firing him solved none of them.

  2. Castillo got the short end of it in Philly. He got blamed for the defense being mediocre, then without him they were terrible. If anything, he seems to have been doing well with what he had, not poorly.
    Carolinas defense does well, they’ve got McDermott, the D coordinator that the Eagles scapegoated right before him. People blamed him, said the players weren’t buying into the system etc. It’s pretty evident now, it has been the players that have been the problem not the coaches. They gave these coordinators crap to work with and then got mad when they didn’t make that crap sparkle.

  3. I still think, Juan the loyal soldier, took the job because no one else would, with Washburn already in place.

  4. Some of these comments are funny. Our struggles had nothing to do with the players, it was all scheme and coaching(and O-line injuries but injuries aren’t an excuse). The Eagles try to out-think everyone else instead of sticking to fundamental football. The wide-nine is a farce. Their offensive strategy is laughable and play-calling horrendous. They ONLY chance KC has is if Reid isn’t calling plays and developing the offensive philosophy(sorry Chiefs fans, there’s no way that’s happening). The first two firings in Philly should have been Washburn and Mornhinweg.

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