Newtown children to sing at the Super Bowl

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Twenty-six students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members on December 14, will sing “America the Beautiful” before the Super Bowl.

The NFL confirmed to USA Today that the students will sing at the Superdome before Alicia Keys performs the national anthem.

The local newspaper the News-Times reported that an anonymous donor would pay for the 26 members of the Sandy Hook choir to travel to New Orleans.

The NFL observed a moment of silence before every game in the week after the Newtown shooting.

102 responses to “Newtown children to sing at the Super Bowl

  1. That’s it, just exploit the crap out of those kids, of course the as soon as they are passe we will forget about them and move on to the next flavor.

  2. Nice touch, NFL. But, let’s honor the dead kids and their teachers with something really meaningful, such as a permanent ban on handguns, (semi-) automatic weapons and large capacity bullet dispensers.

  3. This is almost as sad as when they started interviewing the children right after the shooting. I want to believe that this a sincere gesture, but in the end it comes down to getting more ratings more ads and more $.

  4. What a great way to exploit the survivors of a false flag attack perpetrated by our government as they convince more Americans to relinquish their rights for the name of public safety. Don’t waive your rights w/ your flags.

  5. I don’t get why there are any thumbs down on this story…I think it’s awesome the NFL is doing this for the kids there…now like a previous post I hope this doesn’t become some anti gun political nonsense but I love what the NFL is doing for these kids so I am going to put away my cynical side here.

  6. From the military BS at NASCAR races to things like this, there’s nothing popular sports like better than to try as hard as they can to associate themselves with something meaningful. It helps add meaning by association to flimsy pastimes that are nothing more than meaningless, empty entertainment.

    I like my football as much as the next guy, but I’m honest about what it is. And empty spectacle like this lets everyone tear up and feel a little better, in some ambiguous way, without actually doing anything to address the issues that made these kids tragic figures to begin with.

    America, you can’t handle the truth.

  7. Warning to Niners and Ravens fans: face paint not advised, as tears may cause smearing. Good job NFL!

  8. What about all the other children who are victims of crime? You could probably fill a stadium with Chicago alone. Oh right, they aren’t celebrity or the correct politics.

  9. For some reason I don’t know how to feel about this…I guess the cynical side of thinks that the tragedy in Newtown was far to serious to be conjoined with an event such as the super bowl.

  10. This is pathetic trying to use these children for political gains. Also this just makes future sickoes want to do more killing sprees for fame. Let these children go back to being children.

  11. I think they’re unnecessarily exposing these poor kids and the NFL should stay the hell away from the politics involved in this. Who’s singing the National Anthem… the NRA choir?

  12. I have mixed feelings on this. On its face it seems like a good idea, but it also looks like the NFL is exploiting a tragedy.

  13. What a wonderful idea, my hats off to the anonymous donor whose footing the bill. Very Generous, thank you from a NFL fan and the son of a former teacher at Sandy Hook.

  14. What in the world is wrong with the folks who are voting thumbs down to the kids from Newtown??? Take your meds.

  15. What is with all the thumbs down? You people who don’t support the support of newtown are PATHETIC

  16. The amount of downvotes for the positive and constructive comments above is off-putting. Whereas ‘cassrangers’ conspiracy theory has a near 2 to 1 approval rate. Dopes…

  17. Good job NFL…… trot these kids out there to reopen the wounds again. Guess they haven’t reach their limit of getting manipulated by those who wanna make themselves look sympathetic.

  18. The insane amount of thumbs down in here is disturbing to say the least. Please man up and say why these kids singing is any way a negative thing.

  19. No!!!! Let us enjoy one day of sports without an politics or sadness. I don’t want to be reminded of a school shooting on Super Bowl Sunday! Football is my escape from this horrible world. The kids are sweet and great, but I just want to watch football!

  20. If the anonymous donor were an NFL player, my bet would be on Charles Woodson or Larry Fitzgerald being the donor. Both are very dedicated contributors to society off the field and Hall of Famers on it.

  21. I would advocate for more separation of Football and Tragedy… for crying out out people are trying to have fun on Super Bowl Sunday

    I’m a sensitive guy and all but in my opinion this is misplaced

  22. Goodell is a liberal. He is exploiting these poor children. Just like Obama did at his White House gun control speech.

    Sad really.

  23. i dont know about the rest of you, but this actually rubs me the wrong way. I could see giving them seats at the game or something along those lines, but having them sing just seems really out of place and inappropriate. maybe I’m just a grinch

  24. I don’t understand why do good comments have so many thumbs down ? Anyways, very cool of the anonymous donor to bring all those kids to NOLA.

  25. This is a really bad idea.
    All the hype and then “oh, those are some of the kids who were not shot to death”.
    Very poor taste.
    They would have never been invited if not for that very horrible day is my point.

  26. Roger Goodell will do anything for press. How about we enjoy a sporting event without tying in the president, current political lightning rods and other distractions aimed at manipulating the audience.

  27. Is it just me or do u also think it would be better to have a moment of science and let the family’s watch in a book. Just let them take 3 hours outa there life to try and forget about it and take some time to just watch the game not be put in the middle of the attention

  28. So many thumb downs ? Really.? Afraid your guns are gonna be grabbed by ATF at halftime ? If you had children, you would know they would love to sing at a football game.In Texas, it’s God, country and football.

  29. It’s a nice gesture by the nfl. Liberals… Stop using tragedy to promote your political agendas. Gun control emboldens criminals and violent crime only goes up.

  30. Between Ray Lewis and the dueling Harbaughs, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the Super Bowl this season. The NFL just made the decision easy for me. The NFL has decided to join the anti-2nd Amendment crusade … hopefully gun owners vote with their remote controls.

  31. Not suprising by the league that props up their brand with a scumbag like ray lewis.

    Maybe Manson will be available next year.

  32. I agree with the sentiment that it is grandstanding, and you’d think the NFL could foot the bill themselves and maybe include a side trip to DisneyWorld.
    I guess we can expect a Tribute to the Heroes of SuperStorm Sandy next year in NY, unless another tragedy comes along before then.

  33. I feel for the kids, and I’ve prayed for them. But I’m just not seeing how singing in front of millions is going to make their situations better. They’re being turned into a spectacle when (IMO) the best thing for them would be to go back to living as normally as possible.

  34. Seriously , the density of some people.

    Do you READ the other comments while you marvel at the thumbs down? Do you consider that some of us doubt that the NFL is being genuine? That some of us think these kids should be left alone?

    No. You don’t. All you are capable of is “Sad! Children! Tears! Guns! America!”

    What a memory. “I got to sing at the Super Bowl when I was little.”

    “Why? ”

    ” Oh, cause a psycho killed 26 of my childhood friends. ”

    That’s really great. Give them yet another reason to think about that tragedy.

    If one of my kids survived and was invited, I’d be disguised. And I’d keep them home.

  35. I bet those kids sing good I’m sure the crisis actors trained them well. To all the tools who believe what the media says is true do some research, open your eyes. I am boycotting the super bowl because I don’t care about the teams or those kids.

  36. This is bizarre, and I don’t know what to make of it except that it seems misplaced. And I must not be the only one, judging by all the thumbs down.

  37. Those of you who who elected thumbs down, need to review their whole outlook on life and what sort of person they are. Stop the cynical nonsense. This is not political, this is out of respect by the NFL to allow the children who went through sheer hell, to show the world that America is resilient and to pay respect in the most beautiful way. Yes im British but i have an affinity with NFL fans and America as a whole, having made numerous trips but come on guys, some of your comments are embarassing and shameful. One of the children who was shot and killed, came from my county in the UK, who went to America for a better life!
    Someone said they will be forgotten and move onto the next flavour…thats incredulous!
    Bottom line…the children wouldnt do this, if they didnt want to. Personally, i cannot wait to see these children sing but America…do those that died a favour and at least agree to reassess your gun laws. This cannot happen again!

  38. Wow! Politics? Really? That’s all you selfish, thumbs-down “fans” can think of?

    Damn those kids for getting shot. Damn these kids for taking the trip of their young lives to sing an American patriotic song at the Superbowl. Damn them!



    Kids singing a song of moving forward. Survival and hope for the future. Has nothing to do with your petty and selfish political preference. You are disgusting.

  39. This is just disgusting. Hey, let’s exploit these kids and this tragedy for the purposes of ratings and cause pushing. Great idea! It’s really grotesque. Hey, so you lost 20 of your friends to a deranged madman…now you’re going to the SuperBowl! Reducing the tragedy to a stunt at a stupid football game. Plus, there’s the politicizing(which is unavoidable) and rank hypocrisy. I wonder how the classmates of the 25 kids murdered in just the first 6 months of last year in Chicago public schools feel about the NFL singling out their tragedy as being SuperBowl worthy. I guess kids from Chicago don’t count.

  40. I know why so many thumbs down…

    …All Patriot fans…jk

    This is the first exciting thing some of these kids had in a while. If some of you are opposed of this that’s OK, but at least think about that and not the political side of it.

    Who would say ‘no’ to this opportunity?

    To thie idiot who thinks handguns should be taken away…why don’t you move to China or N Korea and see what a country becomes when the people aren’t armed

  41. This sickens me. it is nothing more than a political move by the liberal gun grabbers. I am a father and a grandfather and would not want the ones i loved to be used this way!

  42. If the parents of these children support this, why do the rest of you care? It’s pretty obvious to me that the gun culture in the nation has gone too far, and there is no real solution.

  43. Good thing the kids will not be doing the national anthem. Would hate to disrespect them and all they’ve been thru with the good ol’ Baltimore O!!!! during the song. I already gave myself a thumbs down, don’t worry.

  44. So the NFL decides to wade into politics, decides to exploit these children for their own gain like the politicians in Washington who are pushing an agenda…And some people can’t understand the negativity towards this?

  45. These kids teachers and families were all invited to the week 17 Giants game.
    Along with members of the wounded warriors group they got to meet both teams and circled the turf during the national anthem.

    It was a very touching moment for the players and the fans.

    Also at half time one of the warriors was awarded his purple heart.

    It was done with taste class and respect.

    I hope that it can be done the same way in NOLA

  46. If the NFL really cared about doing something for these kids and their families, they would have given them all trips to the game to enjoy themselves, not put these kids on a stage for exploitation. Its sad.

  47. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves. There are so many thumbs down because the network is exploiting the children for ratings and the gun-control agenda. Is it the NFL’s turn to help carry the White House’s water?

    I am relieved that so many people posting here have seen right through this.

    I don’t have to watch the Super Bowl this year and I certainly don’t have to support the advertisers. Principles are more important.

  48. Stupid. I am not heartless either. I feel nothing but pain and sympathy for those kids. But this is football. And America. There are a ridiculous amount of horrible things happening to kids everyday. It is the world we live in. Its not getting better any time soon. See it…learn it…accept it.

  49. People complaining about the thumbs down need to can it. Your comments are getting so much disapproval because anyone should be able to see these kids are being exploited by the NFL. What do you think these kids are going to think about on the plane ride down, the rehearsals leading up to the performance and all the way home? You would have to be so thick skulled to think that these kids are just psyched about singing at the superbowl. Their life is already changed forever, let them at least salvage one chance of having a normal childhood.

  50. The kids were invited. If they didn’t want to go, no one is forcing them. Get over yourself. Don’t want to watch and be reminded that 30,000 Americans are killed by guns EVERY year? Don’t turn on the TV. No one is making you watch. You can hide from the truth as long as you want. Doesn’t mean all the rest of us are obligated to.

  51. If you thumbs down comments of support and real emotions about these kids you seriously need to look at yourself in the mirror. This isn’t about gun control, or democrat vs republicans this is about how special of a moment this is for these kids that survived this tragedy. Hopefully this gives these kids closure and a good exciting experience. You guys are cynical, self-centered pricks and you’re more a part of the problem with this world than the solution. Now thumb down this and go back to your hollow, hateful life.

  52. Lets see if we can find out who’s the anonymous donor. That would be interesting.

    Good move for the NFL. Let’s hope its not political and followed up by a political commercial about gun control. Then I’ll be greatly disappointed. Keep it about supporting the community.

  53. Wow… I guess the board didn’t like my comment, so they took it down. It wasn’t inflammatory, although it did single out the network which is the operator of this board as one of the worst perpetrators of media misinformation. This is just another example. Long live the truth!

  54. Few things.

    1st: Gun control does not work, because criminals do not follow gun laws. If gun control worked how come cities with tough gun laws (Chicago and D.C.) have the highest crime rates?

    2nd: NFL is exploiting the children just like Obama. I don’t know how people can’t see this. Its set to appeal to emotions and some of you suckers are falling for it. This is a ratings and publicitiy stunt. Makes me sick. I’ll make sure to turn the channel when they put the kids on. Lets just bring this up to them again and make them keep reliving it…Great idea…

    3rd: Its funny how you cry about thumbs down if someone doesn’t agree and they are instantly a “right-wing gun nut” or whatever else liberals cry about. It can’t be because they feel the NFL is exploiting the kids or they feel that gun control shouldn’t be involved in the superbowl, its because they are crazy gun toting, bible reading, republicans!

    4th: Banning guns hasn’t prevented violence in countries like China, where they have school stabbings multiple times per year (last attack 26 were injured. Before that some were killed in an attack) or in places like the U.K where they have the highest amount of violent crime per 1000 people. “Banning” guns is a simple solution for a complex problem. If you really believe that is going to fix anything then I have a bridge I can sell you for cheap.

    5th: Just like in China, America has a problem with mental health issues. Identifying problems and treating those with mental health issues. How come barely anyone is talking about this and is just on the “ban assault weapons” bandwagon.

    6th: “No one needs those guns.” Ask the Koreans what they used during the L.A. riots to keep looters at bay and protect their families and businesses. It was AR-15s. During an economic collapse or natural disaster what are you going to use to protect your family and supplies from looters?

    Lastly, no one looks at crimes prevented by guns, the mass shootings thwarted by people with CCWs (Oregon mall shooting), Women who protect their children from intruders (Woman in Georgia), etc. Media has turned it into “all guns are bad” while ignoring the instances were guns are used to prevent or stop violence.


  55. I am more amazed at all of the people who are questioning “why all the thumbs down?”

    It has nothing to do with pro-guns vs. anti-guns, and everything to do with this for me:

    Is this something you really want to watch on Super Bowl Sunday? The Super Bowl is about entertainment – it’s not about bringing up horrible memories. Are some of you entertained by tragedies? It’s great to show support to the victims and survivors, but why does the NFL feel like they have to do this? As others suggested, I think giving them tickets to the game would have been a great gesture – trotting them out to sing in front of everybody in the world is incredibly overwhelming.

    I am glad that I will not be watching that moment as I will be on the road until about halftime. If I were to see that, I would be incredibly saddened and it would make it very difficult to enjoy the game.

    Also, as others have mentioned, why stop at this tragedy? What about those in the Colorado movie theatre? Hurricane victims? etc. etc. etc. Wanting to not see this does not make us insensitive – it is actually that we are very sensitive that makes a lot of us NOT want to be reminded of these acts during a football game!

  56. Hey RedRuffensor because prohibition of anything works so well, right?

    Why do you want to disarm good people and leave them at the mercy of criminals?

  57. Jan 30, 2013 10:37 PM
    Judging from the number of Thumbs Down on positive posts about this effort, it seems we have some gun nuts on the board. Notice I chose the term gun nuts rather than gun advocates. That’s because even a gun advocate would applaud this effort of the NFL to show some respect for the innocent lives lost in Newtown. Gun NUTS on the other hand do things like heckle a father of one of the lost children at hearings this past week or click thumbs down when people post that this is a great idea on the part of the NFL on a PFT web site.


    Thumbs down if you dare!

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