NFL Referees Association congratulates officials selected for Super Bowl XLVII


An unexpected controversy has arisen regarding the selection of referee Jerome Boger to wear the white hat for Super Bowl XLVII.  Some think that he didn’t earn it, the league says he did.

Regardless, the NFL Referees Association has congratulated him and the other men who will officiate the game.

Tim Millis, the NFLRA Executive Director, said in a release, “The Super Bowl XLVII crew, led by referee and crew chief Jerome Boger, all had an excellent 2012 season.  This is a well-deserved honor for each member of the crew.  Every NFLRA member wishes them the best of luck officiating an outstanding Super Bowl game.”

The release, issued initially by the NFL Referees Association, also has been released by the NFL, which surely is hoping to turn the page on any talk that Boger didn’t earn the assignment.  In our view, the NFL shouldn’t care; if the league is comfortable entrusting its marquee annual event to Boger or anyone else, it’s the NFL’s business.

For the 2012 season, Boger is best known for not ejecting Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who had bumped Boger after Boger failed to throw a flag for roughing the passer.

Ultimately, the blame for this entire incident should fall to Ed Hochuli.  The minute he tightened his shirts and extended his explanations, we noticed officials like never before.   We shouldn’t.  Though part of the NFL’s infrastructure, they also should be part of the background.

On Sunday, if Boger’s crew makes any bad calls, they’ll be front and center for the scorn of the fans of the team against which the bad calls go.

15 responses to “NFL Referees Association congratulates officials selected for Super Bowl XLVII

  1. I wish I knew why he wasn’t deserving, imagine if someone would tell us.
    Oh good that will be my birthday wish.
    Good reporting is gone.

  2. Hoculi’s crew is the 2nd worst in the league behind the Ron Winter crew. Their constant throwing of chippy penalties combined with Hoculi’s constant camera whoring make games they referee almost impossible to watch.

  3. I agree that Hochuli is a bit out of control. He’s not paid to be a commentator, but a game official.

    There was no reason for his comment, “Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl.” He is not supposed to be a comedian.

    It’s inappropriate for a game official to say anything over his microphone outside of a succint explanation of penalties, results of replay reviews, reset the game clock to xx:xx, and such.

    NFL game officials do not need to be celebrities. They need to shut up and start getting the calls right in games.

  4. Why is he not deserving? For not ejecting Cam? I saw the game and wondered how he kept his calm and didn’t do that, but don’t see that as a major flaw that would keep him from being selected. Can you elaborate why he isn’t deserving? Is there a score sheet or some other selection criteria?

  5. Hes not deserving because there are refs that are more qualified than him – He had 8 bad calls that he was reprimanded by the league for – Those calls were then overturned with no explanation – Its fishy.

    What is also fishy is why PFT pointed out every ref mistake that the replacements made, then abruptly stopped when the regular refs took over again.

    Why should they get a free pass?

  6. The replacement refs would have done a better job than the crew that worked the NFC championship game. Between the bogus roughing the passer to the lack of a call on Def Holding on the 4th down pass the refs should be ashamed.

    I bet those calls would have been made in favor of the NFC EAST or AFC EAST team playing at home.

    Now if Atlanta could just figire out how not to give up 17 point leads and end up not putting it into the refs hands…

  7. Maybe if Aintlanta could score in the second half of a NFC championship in their HOME STADIUM, you Failcant apologist could stop blaming the officiating.

  8. There was no reason for his comment, “Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl.” He is not supposed to be a comedian.

    REALLY it was the Pro Bowl that is no different then a couple years ago a ref in a preseason game said “Offsides, everyone but the center. 5 yard plenty. Repeat first down.” Another exam i can give is a couple years ago during the NBA all-star game where a ref raced Charles Barkley down the court.

    None of these all-star games all played like a normal game the only one that might be close is the MLB all-star game but even then you will still have pitchers throw meat pitches from time to time.

  9. Anyone who has witnessed Boger’s body of work knows this guy couldn’t make a call from a phone booth. Yet here he is, refereeing the Super Bowl. Expect many long conferences over simple calls, and probably a few completely botched ones, hopefully not affecting the outcome of the game. Horrendous decision to put this guy in charge of the biggest game of the year.

  10. Best ref in the NFL is Gene Steratore but was doomed when under the hood he couldn’t see what 20 million viewers at home could – Ray Rice made a super 28 1/2 yard catch and run on 4th and 29.

  11. Boger and crew outa be ashamed of themselves for the terrible play calling at the Super Bowl. There was way to much holding and pass interference that was NOT called. How can you guys sleep at night knowing you coast the 49ers the Championship. Com’on Roger…just do you job

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