Please don’t pick your nose and touch Bernard Pollard


Among the strangest comments we’ve come across during the week of nonstop interviews of Super Bowl players were those from Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, who discussed his obsession with cleanliness.

Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata had said that Pollard is the team’s most high-maintenance player, and when Pollard was asked about that, he launched into a discussion about his hatred of germs.

“My teammates tend to get upset with me because I carry my hand sanitizer, I carry my disinfectant wipes, my baby wipes,” Pollard said. “When you sneeze, I tell you to cover your mouth, and when you cough, I tell you to cover your mouth. If you pick your nose, I tell you not to touch me. They don’t like that.”

Frankly, if Pollard’s teammates think it’s strange that Pollard doesn’t want them picking their noses and then touching him, I’d have to say it’s the rest of the Ravens who are strange and Pollard who’s the normal one.

But Pollard admits that he has a lifelong obsession with germs.

“That’s how I came up,” Pollard said. “My mom would yell at us if we drank out of someone else’s glass. It’s just one of those things where that’s how I grew up. That’s how my mom raised and groomed us. But I’m starting to rub off on some of the guys. Now you see some of them also with hand sanitizer in their pockets and everything else. It’s like I’ve told my teammates. We’ve got to be clean. We’ve got to protect each other. But some guys are disgusting – they ought to be ashamed on themselves.”

Pollard said he was just teasing about the “disgusting” comment, but he sincerely means it when he says this: If you must pick your nose, please wash your hands before you touch Bernard Pollard.