Ravens’ Dannell Ellerbe playing through the worst pain he’s ever felt

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Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe says his injured ankle is the most painful injury he has ever experienced. But he played through it in the AFC Champioinship Game, and there’s no way he’s missing the Super Bowl.

“Yes, I’m playing if I played last week,” Ellerbe said at Super Bowl Media Day. “That was the most pain I’ve played in in my entire career. I’m definitely playing in this game. I feel a lot better and it’s the Super Bowl, so I’m not sitting out. I got a cortisone shot. I’m going to stop telling people I got an epidural because that’s what pregnant people get. Never again. I don’t want to go through that again. I hate needles.”

But Ellerbe reiterated that there’s no chance he’ll sit out on Sunday.

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely playing. If I could handle it last week, I can handle it this week,” Ellerbe said.

Despite the ankle injury, Ellerbe has played very well in the playoffs, with 23 total tackles, two pass deflections and an interception. Ellerbe becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, and by playing well through pain, Ellerbe is making himself a lot of money.

26 responses to “Ravens’ Dannell Ellerbe playing through the worst pain he’s ever felt

  1. Ravens – Gauranteed Superbowl Champs! What a great two weeks of storylines about these warriors.

    All the nonsense talk about Ray this week and he still stands tall and with Gods help and continues to lead his teamates and fans along the way to the lombardi trophy.

  2. If at a reasonable price or perhaps with some good incentives I would sure like to see Green Bay grab Mr. Ellerbe this offseason.

  3. He has been playing great…both him and Krueger seem to be all over the field and very disruptive. Love seeing guys step up and make plays and play consistent!

  4. SeenThisB4 says:
    Jan 30, 2013 8:19 AM
    Ankle injury?! Suck it up you big whiner!


    Agree ! Just think of the check for $ 250,000.00
    you receive evey 2 weeks during the season and I am sure that should find you some pain relief.

  5. Another undrafted gem from Ozzie and Co. What a great front office the Ravens have.

    Yup they are really upstanding in their support for a felon and an abuser…makes me want tell my grand kids to use them as a model franchise….right

  6. ellerbe offsets that sergio kindle bust in the second round and the fact that courtney upshaw looks like he’ll be backing up ngata and the tub of goo cody at nose tackle within a year rather than playing linebacker.

    Genius? I think not…

  7. From a sore loser Pats fan, I cannot stress enough how impressive Ellerbe has been this post-season. Knowing that he’s playing through a serious ankle injury blows my mind even more.

  8. This guy obviously has never been in much pain before, if he thinks playing on a sprained ankle is the worst pain he’s ever felt. I do like him as a player though.

  9. Ellerbe has been a warrior all season, playing through various injuries and only missing 1 game I believe this year (the Broncos reg season matchup). I couldn’t help but laugh little earlier in the season, he would have come up with a sure interception in one game…had he not been playing with casts on BOTH of his broken thumbs. I hope its the Ravens who give him his big pay day, but if its not he should certainly get it elsewhere, the guy deserves it.

  10. Not a Ravens fan, but I saw this Ellerbe in a game earlier this year where he came in for one play, replacing a slighly injured Ray Lewis. He came onto the field like it was the Super Bowl, full of energy, made a crushing tackle, and ran off the field. You could tell right then that he was going to be a very good player, and very much in line with the Raven’s prototypical linebacker – fast and intense.

  11. can someone please tell nofoolnodrool that his boy big ben is as much of a rapist as ray lewis is a murderer. football fans who live in glass houses……go ravens!!

  12. Ellerbe is key to ravens d and hell play for sure. Keep hatin on 52 all it does is fuel the fire for the while team. Ravens gonna crush em. There’s another lb on this team that hasn’t spoken all week. Look for tsizzle to dominate in Sunday as well. Black and purple!

  13. So, is this proof of a football player being a warrior who should be applauded or is this a case of an injured player that needs to be protected from himself so he doesn’t do permanent harm to himself. Is the NFLPA planning on investigating this one?

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