Bisciotti on Flacco contract: Trust in Ozzie


Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has a message for any Ravens fans worried about quarterback Joe Flacco’s expiring contract.

Have faith in General Manager Ozzie Newsome.

During an appearance on the NFL Network, Bisciotti made it clear that he had faith in Newsome to work things out so that Flacco remains in Baltimore. While a long-term deal would probably be everyone’s preference, Bisciotti said that he trusted Newsome to make the right call for the team.

I read yesterday that Peyton Manning went two years under the franchise tag before they finally got his long-term deal. So that’s for Ozzie and his agent to figure out,” Bisciotti said. “Joe and I kind of sit on the sideline and we tease about it a little bit. We really don’t get that involved in it. I trust Ozzie, it’s always been done. They asked me about this with Ray Rice. They asked me about this with Haloti Ngata and on down the line and we’ve always signed them. So Joe’s going to be here. Trust in Ozzie.”

If reports that Flacco is looking for “Drew Brees money” prove true, the prospect of using the franchise tag might become more realistic since those negotiations would likely take a while. That might not be ideal for the Ravens in terms of their overall cap picture, but it remains clear Flacco isn’t going anywhere.

10 responses to “Bisciotti on Flacco contract: Trust in Ozzie

  1. This will be a hairy, drawn-out deal, but Flacco isn’t going anywhere. He won’t get the money he wants and, after pretending to run out, he will resign with the Ravens for around $14-15 mil/Yr and a nice chuck of guaranteed cheese. It will be similar to the way things worked out in the off-season for Alex last year, without the Pay-me-a-ton, I mean Peyton excursion.

    The wildcard is a team like KC throwing a wrench in the deal…

  2. I am mystified that players want “Drew Brees” (or other comparable player in respective position) when they haven’t done what those players have done.

    I think Flacco is pretty good, but he’s asking to get paid like Drew Brees, even before he has done ANYTHING Brees has?

    Brees got paid after he won a superbowl, was superbowl mvp (ok ok, every qb that wins the sb is likely to get this), 6x probowl selection (7th was after his big contract), 2x NFL offensive player of the year award, fastest to reach 40,000 yards.

    He has a ton of other stats I wont go into, but the point is, Brees didnt get paid mad cash bc he won 1 Sb. He got paid this way because he showed he was at the top of his game, and as good or better than PM and TB for several years.

    Flacco is pretty good, but he hasnt done a tenth of what Brees has. Since he is shooting for the moon, maybe he should say ” I want to get paid like Bisciotti’. He hasn’t done half of what Steve has, so why not try for that too?

  3. Joseph should storm into managements offices and demand to paid. especially after bringing Baltimore’s 2nd ring Sunday night. either way he is getting paid. if he wins he should get 7 years 120 million that neighborhood and if they lose look for 5 years 90-100 million. people Joseph has arrived.

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