Chandler Jones plans offseason training with his UFC champ brother

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Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones is the latest NFL player to take up mixed martial arts training during the offseason. And he’s the NFL player with the best access to high-level training.

Jones’s brother is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and Chandler says that he thinks that training with a UFC champion can help him in hand-to-hand combat at the line of scrimmage.

“That definitely helps you,” Jones said on Comcast SportsNet New England. “[Jon] has a boxing coach, a muay Thai coach and a jiu jitsu coach. That helps a lot when you’re tugging, playing in the trenches. My biggest thing is I try to get my hands inside before blockers touch me so if I work on my hand speed, that’ll be a great aspect to add to my game.”

Chandler and Jon’s oldest brother, Arthur Jones, will be playing in the Super Bowl with the Ravens on Sunday. Meaning Chandler may be the only Jones brother who isn’t a champion in his sport. Which may motivate him to work that much harder in the offseason.

7 responses to “Chandler Jones plans offseason training with his UFC champ brother

  1. I think this guy has a bright future if he can stay healthy. Especially if the Patriots can shore up their DBs.

  2. That’s an impressive family. We hear a lot about John and Jim, Eli and Peyton. Here’s three brothers that are tearing it up in the sports world.

    Good for them. I hope they all continue to excel.

  3. The youngest brother, Jethro Jones won the 2011 Lumberjack World Championship in Hayward, Wisconsin….make that 3 world champions in the lineage…..

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