DeMarcus Ware wants more consistency from the Cowboys


Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware doesn’t think the Cowboys have underachieved during consecutive 8-8 seasons.

Ware agrees with Bill Parcells, the man who drafted him in 2005, that teams are what their records say they are. The record says that the Cowboys have been mediocre and that’s what Ware, who expects his shoulder will be fine in time for camp, believes the Cowboys have been the last two years. The key to moving themselves to a higher level is consistency.

“We haven’t been that consistent team that we need to be. Everybody tells us the opportunity, the gate is closing, the door is closing. The door is always closing each year because it’s a business deal to have certain guys on the team,” Ware said, via “If you play 5-5, it don’t matter what the name is on the back of your jersey. You’re a 5-5 team. But there’s teams that will have mediocre guys, or guys that don’t have quote unquote the big names but they’re playing consistent and they’re playing like a team, and that’s what it’s about.”

It’s a fair point, although it comes without much in the way of a suggestion for what the Cowboys can do to become more consistent. They’re obviously hoping the switch to Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator brings some of it to the defensive side. Ware expressed regret about Rob Ryan’s departure, calling him one of the best coaches he’s ever played for, although he also talked about increased aggressiveness up front under Kiffin.

If that doesn’t work, there’s likely to be a lot more changes in Dallas next offseason as the Cowboys search for a consistent wining formula.

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  1. I just about cry thinking about how much I wanted my team to draft this guy. Can’t help but think the Pats would have another SB (maybe won 06 AFCC because that was the last postseason loss that they’ve had that was 100% the defense’s fault?) if they had Ware. Mankins has been a good player but Dante can make do with almost anyone. I wish the Pats had traded up for him.

    First thing they have to do but won’t is the GM heeds to fire himself, get a good football man in there and let that person do their job. Coaches can’t coach right either when they get undermined by the owner/GM. It’s mind boggling to me that JJ admits he would have fired the GM if he weren’t the GM…but since he is, he won’t.

    A lot of owners, including my team’s (Kraft), Snyder, etc have had varying degrees of overinvolvement with the football side and they learned and changed their ways. It’s simply astounding to me that as brilliant of a businessman JJ is outside of the actual football team part of th eequation (and he is a brilliant innovative businessman, I respect that he’s earned it all the hard way), his ego/pride/whatever is simply too stubborn for him to do what will help his team win.

  2. I applaud your honest and reasoned assessment of the Cowboys. Most people (15 years old, I’m sure) just come on here and attempt to make humorous remarks. Yours were a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t agree more! It’s refreshing to read real analysis, not just BS.

  3. At least someone on the team is honest. This whole “Americas” team attitude creates a feeling of entitlement. They haven’t been Americas team for 20 years.

    It’s a weird thing how every year the experts always over evaluate the Cowboys talent. They are consistently predicted to both make te playoffs as well as do damage once there.

    They never do. They’re like a better version of the raiders organization. They consistently have freakish athletes at several different positions but are never able to get the best out of them.

    I don’t see this team doing anything for years. There is a lot f Mia evaluation of talent here. A good example of that is when they drafted Roy Williams out of Oklahoma at strong safety. He was 6ft 230lbs and ran a 4.3.

    He made the pro bowl just about every year but I never knew why. He got beat deep all the time and consistently gave up big plays down the field.

    Another guy they blew it on who had an immense amount of talent was another guy named Roy Williams at receiver.

    They traded a kings ransom for him and all he did was underachieve.

    This had been a consistent pattern from the cowboys ever since I began observing football. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  4. I am tired as a Redskins fan consistently beating and embarrassing the cowboys on the National Stage. FROM YOUR NATIONAL EASTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS.

  5. How about more consistency from dware??? Whenever the game is on the line, this chump has some kind of injury. He is, by far, the most over rated player in the history of the NFL.

  6. @larrydavid7000,

    Ah, yes, a 4skins fan on here trolling – NFC East champions means NOTHING. How about this declaration:

    Seattle 24 – Redskins 14. In your OWN HOUSE, no less. Enough said. Curb your enthusiasm, Fool.

    Your team hasn’t won a SB since 1991, and STILL you think you have a argument on here? The Cowboys have won 3 SB’s since your sorry 4skins have made an appearance. Stop hating and grow a pair for your QB and his knee.


  7. Well, when one of the BEST players on your team tells it LIKE it is….I could not AGREE MORE with you WARE…We are a MEDIOCRE TEAM PERIOD…That IDIOT JERRY JONES just doesn’t get the picture…When will he realize that HE is the REASON we are where we are NOW…Al DAVIS DIED TRYING TO CHANGE THE RAIDERS….DID HE?….And NOW HE CAME BACK AS JERRY JONES…READY TO BURY OUR ONCE PROUD ORGANIZATION….We are now the LAUGHING STOCK of the LEAGUE…WE WILL NEVER EVER BE AMERICA’S TEAM AGAIN AS LONG AS THAT IDIOT IS AROUND….

  8. They are 8-8 for the past two seasons, 128-128 since 1996. They consistently fail to make the playoffs, or fail to win when they do get there, having only one playoff win in 16 years. In 3 of the past 4 seasons they have had a chance to win the division in the final game, but lost each time, once to each of the other 3 divisional opponents. It doesn’t get much more consistent than that! Consistently mediocre and irrelevant — perfect!

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