Dolphins announce several coaching changes

During the 2012 season, Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman did double duty as quarterbacks coach.

Anyone who watched Hard Knocks last summer likely remembers that assistant quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor was also doing a lot of work with Ryan Tannehill and it seems the Dolphins noticed it as well. They seem to have liked what they saw since they have promoted Taylor to quarterbacks coach for the 2013 season. Taylor came to the Dolphins from Texas A&M, joining Sherman and Tannehill in making the leap from College Station to Miami.

Ben Johnson has been promoted from offensive assistant to assistant quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins also promoted Charlie Bullen from defensive assistant to assistant defensive line coach.

In addition to the promotions, The Dolphins also hired former Colts special teams coach Marwan Maalouf as their assistant special teams coach. Maalouf replaces Dave Fipp, who went to the Eagles to become their special teams coach, after leaving Indianapolis. Maalouf followed Chuck Pagano to Indianapolis after spending four years with the Ravens, but the team said it was a mutual decision to part ways after just one season.

10 responses to “Dolphins announce several coaching changes

  1. Maalouf seems like a good hire as assistant special teams coach to replace Fipp. The Colts unit was decent last year, not sure why he was let go by them in the first place.

    Rizzi is still the special teams mastermind in Miami and he is one of the best in the game imo.

  2. Love the direction this team is heading in. Now all they have to do is get Tannehill some weapons and fix up the CB position and this team is good to go

  3. Does this really matter? It’s still the Dolphins. Mediocrity is their specialty. Expect another season of somewhere between 6-8 wins, kinda like the last 25 years…
    Remember when Dolphin’s fans thought the wildcat with Ronnie Brown was going to make them an elite team? hahaha

  4. “Maalouf replaces Dave Fipp, who went to the Eagles to become their special teams coach, after being leaving Indianapolis.”

    What does “after being leaving Indianapolis” mean? Maybe another proofread is in order.

  5. Terraj35’s comment is misinformed. The Dolphins are top 5 in all-time win % as a franchise. If Terraj would have said “last 10 years” it would’ve been tolerable.

  6. they got a ton of picks and cap… but they also have a ton of fixing to do:
    – O line was a disgrace again
    – WRs are so so
    – with Bush out the door… no running talent

    but most of all… Tanny didn’t get it done, and it wasn’t just the receivers… draft another QB time…

  7. Like it or not Ireland is slowly putting his kind of people together, if it works he will be redeemed if not he’ll be looking for work …probably in the college ranks. Good Luck to him!

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