Ed Reed is not fond of the league office

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The league office fined Ravens safety Ed Reed more than $100,000 this season for helmet-to-helmet hits.

Reed isn’t happy about it, and he made that abundantly clear in a Thursday interview in New Orleans.

“If you’re just somebody who is upstairs just wearing a suit who is just fining people and stuff like that for the wrong things; we’re policing the wrong things,” said Reed, per J. Michael of CSN Baltimore. “I really don’t know what to say about our commissioner, honestly. It’s probably more him and his staff that came up with the things that we’re being fined for. It’s not just Mr. Goodell. I think he needs more help at the fining process and not just have do-boys that want to please you.”

In addition to Reed’s fines, teammate Bernard Pollard was fined “several times” throughout the 2012 season, including for a hit on Patriots receiver Wes Welker in the AFC Championship Game.

“It’s just bad on how the game has been policed this year and the process that we’ve been through on the lockout with us, the lockout with the referees, come on man it was all a joke,” Reed added. “I thought you could really get situated, but they are the ones who make all the money and doing nothing.”

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  1. That dude with the long neck that played for the 49’rs is involved with the process. (M.H.)

    At least someone played (besides Goodell blocking for his Jr High football team).

  2. Join the party Mr. Reed

    The whole damn city of New Orleans isn’t fond of the league office.

    80% of the defensive players in the league aren’t happy with the league office.

    The only people happy are Tom Brady, receivers, and haters of the Saints, oh and Bobby Kraft(refer to SpyGate and the destroying of all evidence by Goodell)

  3. Ed Reed has been my favorite player at media day so far. He is right though and it is an even bigger joke that he was suspended for the hit at heinz field.

  4. I had to read that last paragraph a few times and I’m still not sure what he is talking about…he surely won’t be appearing at a MENSA meeting anytime soon.

    Yep…they make all the money alright. Why some of these guys even open there mouth is beyond me…thank goodness the media is done with this after today.

  5. I am not happy that the PATS best LB should never had been on the PATS.

    First CINN picked the wrong LB (so obviously wrong at the time)

    Then the pats had a pick in the top 10 after getting a pick confiscated by the NFL. Why would the NFL not take the top 10 pick for spy gate?

  6. Personally, I don’t think Goodell does the fining. I think that he made the rules to fine for, but Hanks and Cottrell are the people that do the fining.

    I really can’t see Goodell spending all week watching all of the game footage in order to determine fines.

    However he is the head of the league, so he gets the blame either way. That is the problem with being the head of the organization.

  7. I wouldn’t complain to much about the rules here buddy. You have gotten a few fines, but without the refs help these guys would have never gotten out of Denver, let alone the big dance. Take the wins and shut up man.

  8. Fire Goodell now. Worst Commish in any sport.

    Did he even play pro football? If he did, he had to live on the bench.

    I hope he gets booed out of the Superdome.

  9. Athletes will adjust to the rules over time. I like how the rules have effected the game of football. It’s more exciting to watch now.

    The offensive explosion is a direct result of the hit rules. Anymore tweaking and it may hurt the game more than help.

  10. Out of all the comments made by players on both Super Bowl contending teams, it’s nice to hear something sensical like this from Reed.

    However it’s not just Goodell and the owners who are to blame for all this, you can primarily thank the veteran players who are suing the NFL over the concussion issue. How some adults can claim that they were unaware that repeated hits to the head were bad for them is beyond me, but there are a bunch of them and they’re suing because they think they can get a nice, fat payout from all of this.

    Oh, and one more entity to blame for all this: the media. They make a big deal about this when really, compared to other high risk jobs like police officers, armed forces members, coal miners, truck drivers etc. it’s not that big a deal. NFL players may get injury, but they also get fame and fortune while other people in the fields listed above mainly get injuries and that’s it.

  11. The NFL sucks, roger Goodell is a joke. The rules are terrible, they hate my team! Man, what a disater the sport of football is……Can’t wait to watch the game with 100 million of my buddies on Sunday!

  12. So,wait, Pollard hits Welker hard, Welker was fine and stays in the game (and Pollard is fined for it) but Pollard KO’s Steven Ridley (Helmet to Helmet) and gets nothing for it? Why? Because he was already fined for the Welker hit? Or was the excuse that Ridley had his head down too? It’s still Helmet to Helmet… And after seeing some of the fruity “Fines” heaved out at the NFL players this season (along w/the Bounty-Gate debacle/sham) I find it total BS on Goodell’s part..

    Lets not delude ourselves and say “it was an accident”.. He took out Brady’s knee (1st Game of 2008 when he was in KC – Helmet to the knee and claimed “Accident”), Welker’s knee (vs. Texas in last game of the 2009 season, Pollard was credited w/the tackle), is fined for Hit to Welker in AFC Championship (w/Baltimore) and then knocks out Stevan Ridley in the same AFC Championship game and isn’t fined? Are they really accidents or are we to believe he was just “Lucky” all 4 instances (and that’s just his play against the Pats – I’ve not even looked at his plays against other teams yet)?

    Pollard was with 3 separate teams when these incidents occurred.. If he did 2 of these acts with only being on 2 of those teams – maybe a coincidence.. But he’s on 3 separate teams with this track record against the Pats… Really? NO ONE SEES THIS CONNECTION (especially the “Goodell Discipline/Fine happy” NFL)?

    I understand that allot of you don’t like the Pats.. I get it and it is what it is (I hated the Cowboys when they went on their Superbowl runs, I get it and understand how you all feel) but is it really OK for Pollard to target any teams players to hurt them in the ways he’s hurt them?

    If this was 1980, sure, no problem w/how he plays but now the standards have been set on safety’s side of the fence and Pollard is still doing whatever he wants.. Goodell needs to take notice..

  13. I wish and pray some billionaires start a new league with REAL football rules …..pay real players that know the risks of playing the game ( i just found out its bad to smoke , who would have thought ?) and watch the NFL fade away or change their direction ….Jared Allen said it best , if he were the commissioner,1st thing he does on his 1st day was undo all the things Goodell has changed …….onside kick rule ,JOKE ! horse collar , JOKE touching a QB from the neck up , JOKE! , defenseless player ,JOKE, Helmet to Helmet ,JOKE ……NFL = JOKE

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