Foxworth says mistrust between NFLPA, NFL an impediment to HGH agreement

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Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live:  Vagabond Week included a chance meeting with NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth, which led to an unscheduled special segment of the show.

Foxworth, who will be entering Harvard Business School later this year, addressed a wide variety of topics.

As to one of the most pressing — when and if HGH testing will be implemented in the NFL — Foxworth said that he met last Friday with Commissioner Roger Goodell, and that a deal is close.  But Foxworth pointed out that lingering mistrust between the union and the league is an impediment, and that he’s not sure what can be done to erase that.

Foxworth also talked about his own struggles with an ACL injury, which are overlooked now that everyone presumes based on Adrian Peterson’s experience that every player who tears that ligament will come back better than ever.  Any Redskins fans in the audience would be wise to listen closely to what Foxworth had to say.

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5 responses to “Foxworth says mistrust between NFLPA, NFL an impediment to HGH agreement

  1. DeMoremoney Smith wants to drag this HGH testing thing out as long as possible, so he and all his lawyer buddies can bill as many hours as possible poring over the myriad conditions in the testing agreement with the NFL. In the meantime, all the players using HGH have plenty of time to stop using and get it out of their systems. Of course, some of them will be dumb enough to not stop.

  2. Foxworth is a complete joke. This guy was nothing more than De Smith hopeless Toady.

    100MM in research. We will have an answer in ten years. Tell that to Rodney Harrison, Leroy Hoard, Jahvid Best, Ray Lucas. On the other hand, the 100MM got this obviously unqualified buffoon into Harvard. Hopefully, it kicked in a scholarship and a consulting deal.

    What negotiating skills? The guy got pimped by a bunch of pointy headed Cambridge-based academics.

    One can only imagine how much trash the next President is going to have to clean up given his complete lack of skill.

  3. I find it more than a little suspicious that AP came back better that ever in such a short time. But people like to keep their heads in the sand and believe that some are more than human.

  4. Players seem not to trust the team doctors. After years of being living lab rats on Toradol, who knows how much hGH, Testosterone, steroids etc., the players have unknowingly been shot up with.

    Coach wants me to play.

    Better living through chemistry.

  5. Sorry Foxworth – there already is an HGH deal in place. It’s in the CBA your guys voted for last year…

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