Hue Jackson apologizes for introducing Ray Lewis to S.W.A.T.S. owner


At  a time when Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis vehemently has denied any use of banned substances in connection with his recovery from a torn triceps or at any other time in his 17-year career, a former Ravens assistant has confirmed that he introduced Lewis to the owner of Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (S.W.A.T.S.).

The confirmation from Hue Jackson, now the Bengals running backs coach, came via Jackson’s apology for making the connection between the two men.

“First of all, I’m disappointed for the Ravens,” Jackson told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.  “You hate to ever put an organization in that kind of situation.  I never knew the young man [Ross] could be that way.  I apologize for the whole organization.  It should be about the Super Bowl.  I met the guy at the [NFL] combine in 2008. . . .

“I don’t get this because we’ve already addressed all of this before,” Jackson said. “It’s just not right. I feel very bad for making a mistake and bringing this guy around Ray and the other players.

“I regret that ever happened. You trust people sometimes, and they let you down. This is an absolute shame because it should be about football, not this stuff. . . .

“What happened is you think everybody is doing things for the right reason.  I knew there was nothing illegal based on information given by him.  He always talked about things, saying they were already approved by the NFL.  You live and you learn.  I dealt with that two years ago.  Anytime it comes up, my name is mentioned.”

In addressing the situation, Lewis has invoked the “two years ago” explanation, overlooking the fact that Mitch Ross, the owner of S.W.A.T.S., contends that Lewis contacted Ross in October 2012, after Lewis tore his triceps against the Cowboys.  According to Sports Illustrated, the call was videotaped.  According to Ross, he contacted Lewis immediately after the game.

“As soon as I saw him hurt his arm against the Dallas Cowboys, I texted Ray,” Ross told Wilson.  “He texted me back after the game and said, ‘Possible torn triceps.’ Once that was confirmed by the doctors, I asked Ray if he wanted me to set up a program for him and he said, ‘Yes.’  I got him set up and now he’s back on the field.”

The problem with the various media availabilities during Super Bowl week is that there’s no one interviewer who can ask specific questions with meaningful follow-ups.  Once the player or coach answers a question, there’s a likelihood that some other reporter will ask some other question.  This allows Lewis to avoid a situation in which he’s grilled in detail about the communications with Ross, the phone conversation, and any other specific information linking the two men not two years ago but three months ago.

In the grand scheme of things, none of it matters, since there’s no way Lewis would ever be suspended before Sunday’s game.  But there’s definitely a cloud over Lewis that won’t be pushed away simply because Lewis has issued a general denial without specific elaboration on the underlying contentions and allegations.

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  1. I can see Ray and a lot of other players possibly using something because he/they don’t want to leave the game with an injury like that. If he did use it definitely is a cloud over him…a small cloud but still a cloud.

  2. This guy might have a lot of questions to answer for some horribly negative things he may or may not have done but, boy it sure has been fun watching him play football.

  3. This is just more confirmation that Ray Ray used banned substances. Ravens are a pathetic group of cheaters, enjoy losing this Superbowl because you won’t ever make it there again

  4. Why are we acting like this stuff is testosterone, or some real legitimate steroid? Everything I have read about this stuff, including quotes from doctors at Johns Hopkins say this doesn’t even work.

  5. Lewis has not tested positive for any banned substancecs so that should be the end of it. This campaign by the media is shameful and should be halted as it is a manufactured story to get board hits, distract the Ravens and tarnish a great linebackers name as he plays his last game. A lot of people go to health stores seeking alternatives to mainstream medicine because of all the negatives associated with the drugs on the market and believing them to be healthier with less side effects, interactions, and longterm effects. Maybe you should do a public service piece on the pharmaceutical industry vs. therapeutic substances found in nature.

  6. Either way, that guys business is going down the drain. Can’t imagine any players would want to do business with him after this mess.

    You would think with a business name like Sports With Alternatives To Steroids, they would be pretty adamant about NOT giving illegal substances to players.

  7. If it comes out that this is all proven true, that he did take PEDs and there’s positive proof(paper trail), then the NFL should take a stand on it while they can. Wipe all his records he has, make sure it’s put out there that this is not tolerated in the NFL. Don’t do what MLB did and let it continue to go on to the point that any player who is doing well the public thinks is on PED’s. Make an example of one person while you can, before the whole sport is drowned out by junkies.

  8. And didnt ray say he never had anything to do with the guy? Im glad hes looking more and more like the fraud clown he is. He is a joke

  9. In my opinion, it’s obvious this Ross Character is just opportunistic! Would have been funny as hell though if Lewis would have shown up at the press conference answering the questions wearing those Christmas reindeer antlers you see around the holidays

  10. Ray Lewis needs no banned substance. Ray Lewis is amazing. Ray Lewis is in the superbowl!

  11. Wait – if Hue Jackson introduced the guy to Ray, does that mean the Devil is off the hook for this one?

  12. How about asking the SWATS owner some follow up questions. Has anyone seen this tape? Where is his proof. Now doctors are coming out saying antler spray doesn’t have the PEDs that the media is claiming. I don’t see any doctors coming out refuting it. Why focus on Lewis when there’s another puzzle to this. If this guy is going to make these accusations, make him show some proof, which by the way no one in the media has.

    The problem here is that he’s already been found guilty in the media courtroom and hacks want Lewis to offer some type of revolutionary defense to change their minds. How do you defend something that isn’t true? That’s like me asking Florio when he stopped beating his wife.

    The “Us Against The World” mentality is now in full effect for Baltimore thanks to the media. Last time that happened they ran through NY and spit them out in one of the most lopsided Super Bowls in NFL history.

  13. Snake oil salesman still gets free PR. Lets see there is no test for the banned substance and according to Johns Hopkins it cannot be absorbed by contact with the skin or tongue. I hope the college and high school atheletes that learn about this company though these stories understand that they have no way to verify the purity and content of what they are taking and being sold. Look at the snake oil salesmans history. Still trying to figure out how you videotape a phone call. Hope the othe caller is visible….?

  14. The sad part on all this Goddel will not even look into this, being Ray his poster child.

  15. Without weighing in on whether or not Ray did it- maybe he did- what I don’t get is why this SWAT clown thinks “revealing” all this stuff is going to help him get more business in the NFL. His lack of discretion at the very least calls into question his credibility. That said, maybe Ray did it, who knows. But what a weird way to go about getting attention for this other guy.

  16. It’s a shame that even if the Ravens win the Super Bowl they’ve already lost in the court of public opinion. This Super Bowl will always be remembered for the CHEATING of Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens to get there.

  17. “But there’s definitely a cloud over Lewis that won’t be pushed away simply because Lewis has issued a general denial without specific elaboration on the underlying contentions and allegations.”

    Yes, not unless you bother to read the scietific assesment by medical experts that the stuff cannot work the way the salesman is claiming.

  18. This stinks to high heaven!

    The timing is suspect at best (and no, I am not a Ravens fan).

    If he indeed did what he is accused of, why have we waited until the week of the Superbowl to say anything about it?

    Why not last week, the week before…why now?

    SOMETHING smells fishy…

  19. From what I read this stuff doesn’t work as the spray. Now if this guy had dirty needles and Ray was injecting it I’d be more worried.

    If the Alabama players were also using this stuff and seen using it why hasn’t there been the media outrage for taking away their BCS title?

  20. Wow the media not doing follow up questions? Who would have thought that I always hear the press asking the president tough questions like what he had for breakfast, his favorite movie all very important things. The media is and will always be a joke

  21. In the Olympics, if 1 rely runner tests positive, the entire team would be stripped of their medals.

    Even if it’s one person, it improves the TEAM.

    Hopefully they just cut him.

  22. I don’t know who’s more of a scumbag, Hue Jackson or Mitch Ross.

    I think the fact that no team other than the Bungals would touch Hue Jackson speaks volumes, and now this.

  23. Even as an assistant DB coach, Hue found a microphone to get in front of.
    He wonders why his phone doesn’t ring. He should ask Mike Silver…

  24. If people continue to claim the Patriots cheated then they need to add the same label to the Ravens if they win as there is obviously enough evidence to show Ray Lewis used a banned substance.

    Rodney Harrison got suspended for less evidence and this guy gets to play in the Super Bowl?

  25. Patriot super bowls with asterisk now even if the ratturds win It’s with an asterisk. Sad, but nobody has 6 clean super bowls like the almighty steelers!! Soak it in haters!!

  26. Why are we acting like this stuff is testosterone, or some real legitimate steroid? Everything I have read about this stuff, including quotes from doctors at Johns Hopkins say this doesn’t even work.

    Wait, so you read stuff about it on the Internet? Then you must be right!

    Lewis had a season ending injury yet somehow miraculously made it back by the end of the season.

    It’s on the nfl banned substances list. He’s a cheater and an accomplice to a double murder.

  27. bigbenownsthenfl says:
    Jan 31, 2013 9:03 AM
    Patriot super bowls with asterisk now even if the ratturds win It’s with an asterisk. Sad, but nobody has 6 clean super bowls like the almighty steelers!! Soak it in haters!!


    4 Super Bowls in the 70’s filled with a defense that used illegal substances. Nevermind the paid off refs in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks.

    The only Dynasty I can’t think of having that doesn’t have some sort of contraversial label is the 49ers but it wouldn’t suprise me if they have one too. Just too many fans out there looking for excuses for their teams losing. It is a part of Football, some fans just take it too far and too serious instead of just accepting the facts.

  28. Hue Jackson = A class act and a stand-up guy. Taking blame and responsibility and throwing himself in the line of fire when he doesn’t have to in order to protect a former player.

    Most coaches would be in no comment mode or would be looking for someone else to throw under the bus as fast as possible.

  29. @patriotinvasion: Calling out Lewis for cheating is hilarious. Did you forget you’re a pats fan? Biggest cheaters in organized sports, remember?

    Worry about those tainted SB’s, spygate, the tuck rule and phony injury reports.

    Silly chowder eating honks.

  30. I love this. basically there are people that hate the Ravens so much that they will latch on to any little thing they can get their hands on and run with it. Mostly fans of other teams and sometimes just ambulance chasers with nothing better to do.

    What you guys don’t understand is that it was like this during the Ravens last super bowl too. This team, much like that team, does not need any more focus, any more determination any more motivation. But they will certainly take it if you’re going to give it to them.

  31. I don’t know why this such a big deal. The guy didn’t take any steroids to enhance his play. What he’s supposedly being alleged end of taking is something speeds up recovery. And honestly most say it doesn’t even work. Is there anyone here who can honestly say most NFL players don’t take things that they can try to skirt the system with. Such as HGH. I mean seriously, 10-15 years ago, torn ACLs would’ve ended someone’s career, now you got guys returning in half the time that it used to take. All these guys are bigger and stronger than players of the past. And none of us think that it’s because maybe they all take substances like HGH to help recover faster from training and keep training harder. Honestly the NFLs drug testing policy is a joke and they allow it to be that way cuz this new breed of football is generating huge tv ratings and the league is more popular than ever. I mean we all tolerated the Patriots cheating their way to 3 SB rings. Give it a rest and realize that this is the end of a great football career. Because we only watch these guys because they are great players.

  32. Wait… So now Ray Lewis is in the cloud? I’m tired of all these technology updates… I am confused *Reniah/Lennay Voice*

  33. If the Ravens win the Superbowl this is what it will look like on paper: Ravens Superbowl Winners* LMAO

  34. How do the quotes from the Hopkins hormones researcher get no press? A doctor who’s run a lab studying this stuff for 15 years at the best hospital in the country has said there’s no way to get IGF-1 to work orally. Nevermind the fact that almost all of the original SI article is about how everything SWATS does has been disproved by science with their claims of holograms, stickers, and radiation. Don’t you think if you could just use ray beams to cure things people could avoid a lot of surgeries and medical hassles? Yeah we’d all love to lay in bed covered in magic stickers recovering while a light in the room radiates us and we drink down ground up deer antlers sold by a dude who doesn’t even have more than a bachelors in science…because 10 years in med school is so unnecessary to understand how the body works…

  35. Typical Hugh Jack to make this about him! This guy had the keys to the Raiders ship (maybe a rowboat?) and he let it sink cuz his head was too big. Ahh well, maybe him, T.O., and the greatest of al tiiiiiimes, Randy Moss can get a reality show together. That or coach youth football. Yikes!

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