Jim Harbaugh says Chris Culliver is “not a discriminatory person”

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A Super Bowl week controversy erupted when 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver said a gay player wouldn’t be welcomed on the 49ers, but coach Jim Harbaugh says that Culliver’s comments don’t reflect the kind of person he is.

“There’s not malice in his heart. He’s not an ugly person. He’s not a discriminatory person,” Harbaugh said. “I really believe that this is something that he’ll learn and grow from.”

So why did Culliver say what he said? Harbaugh said Culliver was speaking without thinking, and that it wasn’t until he sat down and read the transcript of the comments he made to comedian Artie Lange that he realized he was wrong.

Harbaugh said he had spoken to Culliver but declined to get into any specifics about what he said. Harbaugh also reiterated what the team said in its statement, which is that the club rejects what Culliver said.

Culliver will meet the media this morning.

28 responses to “Jim Harbaugh says Chris Culliver is “not a discriminatory person”

  1. And I though Harbaugh was intelligent…judging from his comment, that’s not true…what Culliver said IS malicious, ugly and discriminatory…it also shows Culliver is narcissistic AND ignorant!!

  2. Read his comments.
    Heard his comments.

    Harbaugh, yes he IS a discriminatory person.

    Quit lying on the leagues behalf and spinning PR damage control

  3. Just because the discrimination is done pleasantly, with a smile on the perpetrator’s face, that doesn’t make it less ugly or malicious. In my opinion, it makes it worse.

    Harbaugh just got suckered by the oldest trick in the book – evil with a smile. Culliver’s comments ARE malicious and ugly. Period. Don’t defend the guy.

  4. Let’s be honest. Who wants to be in a locker room thinking another guy is checking you out? Having said that, where’s the outrage over players with kids from multiple women to whom they are not married?

  5. I guess if you have an opinion that doesn’t mesh with the opinion of the liberal media, you are evil , discriminate, greedy, full of hate, etc. I’m tired of it. There are a lot of people who agree with Chris culliver, more than not, I’d bet. But since everybody let’s the media guilt them into sharing their opinion (or pretending to) . Freedom of speech (you just better say the right things) .

  6. Goodbye first amendment. We hardly knew you.

    Hello social media. Welcome to hating America pro style.

    Gays, guns, race. Agree with our media or be vilified. Trust us it works. Ask Romney.

  7. The bad part is does he realize what city his team plays for? Has he ever took a walk in that city? This is like a Patriots player saying a lobster fisherman wouldn’t be welocme on the Pats. lol.

  8. Lets be honest.

    The only guys in a locker room that are insecure and think another guy is “checking them out” are most likely feeling very “inadequate” around the other men.

  9. This entire incident is exhibit 1 as to why the extra week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl is unnecessary.

    Without that extra week, the media doesn’t have time to ask all these stupid questions at media day, and the players don’t have time to have their answers scrutinized 24-7 until game-day.

    Play the game, and forget all this other garbage.

  10. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that he was under some pressure to say something shocking or controversial on Artie Lange’s radio show? Isn’t that what that show’s all about? With that said, that’s no excuse and his comments did cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

  11. I love the NFL. But god I hate the NFL. I would love to hear the question of how the 49ers D-line matches up against the Ravens Offense, or what about if Kaepernick gets rattled the first quarter, or even whose got the better kicker!!!! But nope, we have to hear questions about an idiot with no filter and murderer who took something involving Bambi.

  12. His job involves big sweaty/muscular guys slamming against each other for hours and then going into a locker room to shower with each other, but someone being gay makes him uncomfortable?


  13. These people talking about 1st admendment and liberal media, need to be taught a thing or 2. Do you people understand what descriminating means? Apparently not. Instead of him saying gay put the word black people in there, and instead of him being black make him a white man. It is the same thing that was going on in sports when it was prodominately white people. Do you know what a biggot is/means? That is what he is and anyone that thinks like him. This is not a debate. Gay is NOT a choice. That is how your god made them, just like God made you ignorant.

  14. I agree with Jim. he isn’t a discriminatory person, he hates all gay people. he doesn’t discriminate between race religion or sex, if you are gay, he hates you.


  15. The player’s comments weren’t hateful, just expression on an opinion. The fact that the opinion was not in agreement with the PC police automatically means they are hateful and ignorant, after all, the PC police need to keep the people in line.

  16. Why can there never be honest discussion about subjects like this? People want to rip Culliver, and what are they defending? A “lifestyle” that has no basis in biology?

  17. Not sure if this is even right to say but you’d think that a person who is part of a race/community that has a deep history of being treated unfairly would have a deeper understanding about being open minded and nonjudgmental.

  18. I like how all these PC morons think they KNOW everything about Chris Culliver just based on 3 seconds of speech from him.

    Culliver has been on this planet what, 24 years? 24 years full of experiences, thoughts, and actions. And yet these “enlightened” PC liberals somehow have the magic power to know what he’s all about and know what kind of person he is just from a 3-second statement that he made.

  19. PC has nothing to do with this. The First Amendment has nothing to do with this. He made a statement reflecting the views of those who are anti gay. Those who do not discriminate in this fashion have let him hear about it. His First Amendment rights have not been violated in any way,shape or form. When he faces prosecution for something that he said,then it becomes a Free Speech issue. Not before. There is nothing politically correct about speaking out against hate and bigotry.Deeming someone as a second class citizen who must conform to a different set of rules is discriminatory.No more ,no less.

  20. No point pretending that everyone in the league is reasonable and balanced….and his comments were certainly neither of those. He’s just a stupid boy.

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