Moss says Titans “blackballed” him in 2010


After the Vikings fired receiver Randy Moss during the 2010 season, the Titans claimed his contract on waivers.

And then Moss languished in Tennessee, with six catches for 80 yards in eight games.

So what happened?  As part of his compulsory media availability during Super Bowl week, Moss explained that he was “blackballed” by the team that gave him a safe harbor.

Why they claimed me, I really don’t know,” Moss said of the Titans, via the Tennessean. “There were some things where I could really tell I really wasn’t liked, and that was coming from the coaching staff.  To be able to still make plays . . . there were some things going on in-house that I probably won’t speak upon until I write my book.”

Moss was careful to say that head coach Jeff Fisher had nothing to do with it.  Still, Fisher was the head coach and Fisher had to be aware that Moss was rarely being used.

“Are you blackballing me because you don’t like me, or blackballing me because I can’t play? Figure out the two,” Moss said. “I don’t really know [why Titans coaches didn’t like me].  There was some animosity and you could really feel the tension in the air within meeting rooms.”

For more, you’ll have to wait for the official Moss autobiography.

“I’ll put it in ink one day and you can read about it,” Moss said.

At least he can’t claim that he was misquoted.  But maybe he will try.

49 responses to “Moss says Titans “blackballed” him in 2010

  1. Shut up, Randy. You quit on three teams that year. Just be grateful the Titans didn’t just flat out release you like New England and Minnesota did.

  2. He deliberately laid down on the field while playing for the Vikings. He let down his teammates, the fans, and the owners who paid money he didn’t feel morally obligated to earn. He doesn’t deserve the opportunity to play in a championship. And it would be nice if he’d just shut up now.

  3. Yeah Randy. The Titans picked up your contract, paid you and let you take up a spot on the roster because they didn’t like you or didn’t think you could play. That makes perfect sense. You moron.

  4. Given his “Greatest WR of all time” assessment earlier this week, I began to really think about his career arc.

    It’s insane to me that a guy can be such a stud for six years in Minny, admittingly take of a couple years off in Oakland, completely reinvent himself in New England, run himself off of three teams in one season, take a year off, come back and become a threat on a team in the Super Bowl.

    I still can’t fully grasp whether to admire his talent or shake my head of wasted opportunity.

  5. He quit on the RAIDERS.

    But Al owned it, said it was his own fault and that it was his job to make great players happy.

    Moss is walking into the HOF five years after he retires, first ballot. That much is certain.

  6. They didn’t like those catchable passes that flew right by him and landed harmlessly on the ground.

  7. Randy does what Randy wants to do. He wanted to play for the Pats and didn’t want to play for the Vikes and Titans. He agreed to play for the 9ers and he has. You don’t decide Randy will play for you. He decides. If you’re dumb enough to think you can dictate to him you deserve what you get. I’ve got to admire a guy who does it his way rather than let others control him. Of course having the talent of an alien has allowed him to do this.

  8. Let’s play the game already, Don’t know if I can take anymore of these whiney WR’s who feel they were wronged in some way.

  9. Can’t wait until this season is over, so I can stop hearing bay area talk radio go on about how the 49ers are “just saving Moss for the right time” and are “going to unleash him”.

  10. When he writes that book, will he have come to grips with his attitude during those years he moved from team to team.

    I recall plays where he gave up, it was evident to anyone who had eyes. I lost a lot of respect for him seeing that and his coaches (and teammates) probably lost trust.

  11. Randy, you the man, the media man.
    Give the guys what they want,
    Media day is better then the game.

  12. Yup. Any lingering questions about his massive ego or beligerent “me first, team second” attitude I think have been adequately answered in the last few days.

  13. Moss is ridiculous.
    Shut up, play the game and quit your bs.
    You quit on Titans and have been known to be a self absorbed cancer to the locker room .

  14. I don’t think it’s too difficult to decipher what he’s referring to. There was a lot of friction between the front office, coaching staff and ownership concerning the drafting of Vince Young. Then ownership decided to add fuel to the fire by adding Randy Moss to the roster over the objections of the GM and/or coaching staff.

  15. In other words, more of the same old, same old from Moss……the self proclaimed “greatest WR ever!”. So every interview he does from now on will be a tease for his “book”! Save it Randy, we don’t want to listen to you now, let alone read about it later!

  16. Randy is one of those dudes who cant figure out that he is Hard To Like. The things he says, the attitude he puts out there are pretty dang hard to like for most folks. And im sure the Titans spent that money on Randy to just blackball him and keep him out of the game.
    He should shut up and play his role on his last team.
    If the 49ers lose,watch out for where ole Randy puts the blame since he wont be much of a factor at all.

  17. cubsin2049 says:
    Jan 31, 2013 4:00 PM
    6 catches…80 yards…in one season.


    6 2

    What? He’s never posted that bad of a stat line EVER

    Not sure where you’re looking

  18. Yeah Randy it was them, not you. *rolls eyes*

    3 teams in one season dude. That’s all that needs to be said about you.

    No doubt your book will full of your extremely flawed perceptions and observations.

    3 teams in one season.

  19. Even though Jim Wyatt told PFT Live in October 2011 that Randy Moss couldn’t get off press coverage or Bill Polian pointed out his lack of explosiveness on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

  20. moss is entitled to his view of his career it is in fact his career stop hatin everytime he expresses it to reporters that are asking him the questions about HIS career so he feels he was blackballed in 2010 had nothing to do with you in 2010 everybody can’t be safe like jackie robinson or jerry rice

  21. Sorry Moss fans. The football Gods do not allow quitters to become champions, and that is exactly what he is, a quitter. A true champion and a true professional never quits on their team.

  22. fantasyfootballmaven0 says:
    Jan 31, 2013 4:59 PM
    cubsin2049 says:
    Jan 31, 2013 4:00 PM
    6 catches…80 yards…in one season.

    What? He’s never posted that bad of a stat line EVER

    Not sure where you’re looking
    You are so right FantasyFootballMaveno — I am sorry . Those whopping numbers were just with the Titans. He bashed the record books with another 22 catches that year for two different teams. When you are the BEST WIDE RECEIVER EVER it’s best to try and catch as many passes as you can with as many teams as you can in the same season. That way, everybody gets to share in your self-serving glory! My bad.

  23. Moss rules. I love the irony of insignificant tools talking about how Moss is an insignicant tool. Even Voiceoflogicalreason is more relevant than you. Chew on that.

  24. What an idiot. I place him behind Rice, Owens and game changers like Lynn Swann who people forget how acrobatic he was and how much he changed the game.

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