NFLPA appeals Judge Doty ruling on collusion claim

In late December, the NFL’s long-time judicial nemesis threw a rare bone to the league, dismissing the NFLPA’s claim that the owners colluded during the uncapped year of 2010 with an allegedly secret salary cap.

Now, the NFLPA is appealing the outcome to a higher — and less favorable — court.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, the ruling has been appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

The Eighth Circuit is regarded as one of the most conservative (and thus business friendly) appeals court in the nation.  Which means that, if the NFLPA couldn’t persuade Judge Doty to reopen the 2011 labor deal and settlement agreement to permit a new collusion claim, the appeals court likely won’t, either.

Actually, most judges prefer to keep settled cases settled.  Judges and their staff aren’t paid by the hour; the only reward for dusting off old cases is more work.  So it’s likely that the union’s effort won’t work.

5 responses to “NFLPA appeals Judge Doty ruling on collusion claim

  1. So the NFLPA screwed the Cowboys and the Redskins. And in doing so they realized something was wrong and now they are getting screwed.

    KARMA is a Bitch

  2. How the players continue to support this boob DeSmith is beyond me….they must be dumber than he is!

  3. Judges that make (or don’t make) rulings based on how much work it creates don’t deserve the honor. Why have appeals courts at all?

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