Osi Umenyiora hopes to stay with Giants, open to playing for Jets

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It’s long been assumed that the Giants and defensive end Osi Umenyiora would be parting ways after 10 years that featured a pair of Super Bowl titles and nearly constant complaining from Umenyiora about his contract.

The two sides agreed to a restructured contract that made 2014, which was to be the final year of the deal Umenyiora seemed to regret the moment he signed it, a voidable year in order to give Umenyiora a chance to become a free agent. Since the Giants chose that route rather than an extension, it signaled a desire to move on and Umenyiora said he thought it was time to move on himself in an interview just after the end of the season.

Despite that, Umenyiora said Thursday that he still harbors hope of remaining with the Giants. He acknowledges that he’d probably make more money elsewhere, although he says that money isn’t the most important thing to him, and finishing his career with the team that made him a firstsecond-round pick in 2003. If things don’t work out that way, though, Umenyiora also said that he’s open to playing his home games in the same stadium while wearing a different color.

“Rex Ryan, when I was coming out of college he was with Baltimore at the time and he came down to work me out at Troy, he came to Atlanta, just me and him,” Umenyiora said, via the New York Post. “We had a pretty good time out there so I’ve always enjoyed him as a coach and as a person. That might be a good fit. Hopefully it will be with the Giants.”

Such are the things that New York tabloid dreams are made of, but schematic and salary cap considerations probably mean that Umenyiora is going to wind up in another city altogether in 2013.