Ozzie Newsome wants Joe Flacco in Baltimore as long as he’s G.M.

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following Super Bowl XLVII but general manager Ozzie Newsome doesn’t see Flacco leaving Baltimore under his watch.

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, Newsome wants Flacco to remain in Baltimore for a long time yet to come.

“Hopefully, as long as I’m the general manager in Baltimore, he’s the quarterback in Baltimore,” Newsome said.

Newsome has said the outcome of the Super Bowl will not change the team’s offer when free agency begins. Flacco’s camp is seeking a contract greater than the $19.2 million made by Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Flacco may not even make it to free agency. Baltimore can still place the franchise tag on Flacco to all but guarantee he remains with the Ravens next season. Whether the two sides can work a long-term deal remains to be seen but it appears the Ravens are at least set on trying to get a deal done.

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  1. If Joe wants to even be thought of as one of the greats at the end of his career, he needs to not sack the team with a huge contract and allow them to continually add the pieces they need to win those titles. Flaccos career thus far speaks for itself, he wins and wins in the playoffs every season. Joe doesn’t know what its like to play a 16 game season.

  2. Let’s act like Flacco has an MVP performance in the Super Bowl and the ravens put a franchise tag on him. What’s to stop another team from signing him and giving up a first and a 3rd? I know the ravens would have the opportunity to match the contract but they are in real salary cap trouble already and the draft picks wouldn’t seem like too much to give up for a QB coming off of a (speaking hypothetically) Super Bowl MVP season.

  3. He’s the best qb we have had but $19.2 is definitely too much. He’s been very good in the playoffs but he has also been too inconsistent in the regular season. Even if he wins the superbowl I wouldn’t pay him that!

  4. Awesome Ozzie is the best GM in the league. Flacco was a fantastic pick and the Ravens are now a perrineal playoff team. I knew from his first year that the Ravens found themselves a franchise quarterback.

  5. Joe Flacco is a very good (top-12) QB who wants to be paid like a great QB (top-3).

    He’s won a lot of games, both regular season and post-season, but he’s far too inconsistent in the regular season to be a “great” QB – see his sub-par games against the Philadelphia Eagles, KC Chiefs!, and Houston Texans this season for examples of what I’m talking about.

    Overpaying for a player like that could make it hard for the Ravens to retain talent elsewhere.

    At the same time, it’s hard to find very good QBs, so letting him walk is almost impossible.

    I don’t envy Ozzie Newsome’s job here.

  6. Flacco is a proven winner with the system in Baltimore. He appears to be an average QB, maybe slightly above-average but not much. They would be wise to franchise him and see how he plays next year. Finishing on such a high this year, he will be greatly overpaid if locked up now.

    Hindsight is 20/20 and the Ravens should have offered him a 10mil a year deal when 6 weeks ago.

  7. Even if Joe Flacco wins on Sunday he is not yet an elite QB nor does he deserve to be paid as one. The term elite is being thrown around very loosely as of late. Joe has proven to be a clutch player and is indeed a franchise QB. However his stats are pedestrian and he has never even made a pro-bowl. You could argue that he had one of his worst regular seasons as well. With that said Flacco should take the franchise tag before he asks for a contract of an elite QB.

  8. The concept of Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning making the same amount of money is laughable at best and vomit worthy at worst.

  9. As a Ravens fan… I would never want to see Joe make that much. He doesn’t remotely deserve it.

    I was a huge fan of the Ravens getting Flacco before we picked him. I have been a fan of him, getting two of his jerseys even as he proves to be the Jeckel and Hyde of QBs.

    But my ultimate loyalty lies with the Ravens franchise, and if he wants to screw the team over, just so he gets his, then I say let him walk. I can’t stand the thought of the Ravens being a one-man team for the duration of his career, simply because his contract kills the cap.

  10. I will lose all respect for Ozzie if he gives Flacco Manning money let alone franchise him. Instead they should let him walk and try FA. Seriously though, what team would really want him? He is only valuable to the Ravens. After he realizes that he isn’t elite when no one offers him more then 2 or 3 million as a backup, then Ozzie can snag him on the cheap…

  11. No matter what the front office says, this next game for Flacco is potentially worth millions. It would be a lot more difficult to scoff at Manning money when you have a SB win combined with the overall playoff record Flacco has.

  12. Flacco will have to stay a Raven for the rest of his career. No other team wants a quarterback with stats as bad as his. He will lose the Superbowl and that will end the talk of him being elite

  13. Gotta lock him up with a deal with other good players like Ellerbe, Cary Williams & Kruger available as well. Save the tag for one of those three

  14. Pay Flacco 20 million a year and screw the rest of the team, I like that plan. The guy has been average this season and was on the better end by a bad bronco play and he wants top quarterback money that will cripple the rest of the team.

  15. i love how people talk about the so called lucky play against denver but ignore the 4 other td drives joe led the ravens on. or fail to mention him torching new england for the last 3 years. he wins games…thats his job. he is far from mediocre. he is damn good. this isnt madden. his job is to win

  16. Hey Flacco, once you become one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game, then you can have Payton Manning type money. Jackass!

  17. You can’t say ” Flacco’s camp is seeking a contract greater than the $19.2 million made by Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.” That’s not factually correct.

    All of your links lead back to the speculative guesses of sports journalists, without any confirmation from Flacco, Joe Linta, or Ozzie Newsome as to the accuracy of those numbers. The only confirmed range we have is ”top five” from Linta from last offseason.

  18. The people that write about how undeserving a QB Flacco is ( 7 Post Season road wins and a SB appearance) should have had Cassel as your QB the last four seasons.
    That may change your mind a little. Remember Joe didn’t drop a pass in the end zone or miss a chip shot FG last season one step from the SB either.

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