ProFootballTalk: Briggs has much love for Lovie

Lance Briggs joins PFT to discuss his seven-time Pro Bowl career in Chicago and what might come next now that Lovie Smith is no longer his coach.

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Briggs has much love for Lovie

  1. Nice interview…Briggs and Tillman have always been my favorite guys for talking to the media. And I like that they won’t stop swarming to the ball and trying for turnovers.

  2. Still trying to figure out what’s the deal here with Lovie Smith supporters? Lets have one of those National Days of Dialog where we can discuss uncomfortable topics without recrimination. Is Lovie liked because he was black and a source of pride? Because as a Bears fan and an honest person the only legitimate opinion of Lovie Smith is he was a player’s coach who failed repeatedly. Being popular with players doesn’t deliver championships and being a source of community pride doesn’t do the team any more good than it does the Oval Office. We can’t award important jobs to people by skin color. Team fails you’re fired. Economy fails no reelection. Well we got 1 out of 2 right.

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