Ravens, 49ers share practice field at Saints facility


The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers shared the same practice at the same time Thursday at the New Orleans Saints practice facility.

According to John Clayton of ESPN.com, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh elected to move their team’s practice from the baseball field at Tulane University where they held practice on Wednesday to the Saints headquarters that has been housing the 49ers.

The NFL partnered with the Saints and local businesses to obtain enough drapes to create a partition between the two sides of the practice field. They also blocked off the windows from the weight room as did everything they could to create two separate and secure practice venues. John and Jim Harbaugh worked together to devise a plan for each team to get the space and time needed to prepare.

Per Clayton, the practices only overlapped by approximately 10 minutes.

27 responses to “Ravens, 49ers share practice field at Saints facility

  1. Hmmm interesting how the media is attacking Baltimore and at the same time the Ravens have had to practice on a baseball field while San Fran is given every luxury. All the haters out there are only going to make our victory that much sweeter. Ravens by 2 scores.

  2. Can’t stand the media and can’t stand all you haters. Understand that Ravens fans love Ray Lewis and all our players and we could care less what you all think. We would have it no other way. GO RAVENS!

  3. what cutting edge news from the big game!! Are you all tapped out on stories? How about some insight on the actual game?

  4. Its hard to believe that they could not find a seperate facility within a metro area of 2 million people.

  5. What a joke.

    Helping a team prepare to beat you. Like this is a scrimmage that they’re about play Sunday.

    Theres absolutely no reason to assist a team prepare to beat you. This is the Superbowl. How could Jim Harbaugh even look his players in the eyes. That man is assisting another team prepare to beat them. That’s a farce.

    I’m not even interested in watching this Superbowl anymore. who cares who wins or loses. Too bad the Falcons couldn’t make it.

  6. Good sportsmanship. Tulane, NO Saints practice facility. Makes no difference. Destiny will take place. Bet on it.

  7. Although this is ground breaking and only occurred because two brothers are running the show….

    I highly doubt that anything but stretching to warm up and stretching to cool down took place while both team were there.

    I also highly doubt that anything new was installed and only warm ups and basic drills were run by both teams. They are after all not the Raiders, who would be the only team to change the game plan on the Friday night before the Super Bowl. Even still its not Friday night yet.

  8. So the NFL went to the trouble of locating and installing these enormous drapes for a 10 minute practice overlap?

    Makes sense.

  9. Is this because of a lack of facilities, or because they are brothers? New Orleans never had this problem before. When a hurricane hit Houston, The Saints gave their practice facility to Houston in the preseason. The Saints used LSU Tiger stadium to play after Katrina, there are more than enough places to practice. I hope this doesn’t become an issue.

  10. This was all planned by Goodell because of the cheating Patriots. He is showing that the taping thing was not that important because we have two teams practicing at the same place so I did the right thing. I will tell you just like Marshall Faulk, the patriots trophies should be confiscated and the Championship vacated.

  11. Let these teams practice in a top notch facility. A couple blocks from my house. Today’s black and gold day in the city. Showing the visitors what the Saints community is all about. Who dat!!!

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