Ravens “got goosebumps” when Ray Lewis announced Last Ride

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Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis announced on January 2 that this year’s postseason run would be his “last ride” in the NFL. Lewis isn’t the incredibly high-impact football player he once was, but there are stats that suggest his on-field presence is as valuable as ever.

Over Lewis’ last 16 games, the Ravens are 12-4 with four playoff victories. Without Lewis in the lineup for ten games this season, Baltimore went 5-5.

In an interview with WFAN in New York, via SportsRadioInterviews.com, Ravens safety James Ihedigbo attempted to explain the impact Lewis has from an intangible standpoint. Leadership is not quantifiable, but Lewis still impacts the outcome of games in spite of declining ability.

“He’s our leader, he’s our general, and when he spoke to the team guys truly got goosebumps,” Ihedigbo described. “There was a change in that locker room, there was a change when we had that conversation.

“And I’m not going to get into the depth of what was said, but from that point on it lit a different type of fire under us.”

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  1. Perhaps next year with Lewis gone, Ed Reed can step up and be that team general to motivate the troops.

    Oops…not if he’s heading to New England, huh?

  2. It’s time. John Harbaugh needs to now put a gag order on his team so that all the Ray Lewis talk can come to and end and the team can concentrate on their big game.

    Ray himself should have stopped talking as of yesterday, he’s given the vultures plenty of fodder.

  3. I get goosebumps just reading about this.

    How lucky the Ravens organization and fan base is to have such an inspirational man of God leading the RavenNation.

    Simply amazing role model of an individual.

  4. Oh my god, I cannot wait until about 10 pm on Sunday so we can stop hearing about Ray Lewis. because you know that he won’t have much to say as a Super Bowl loser.

  5. Ray is one of the best leaders in the NFL. He gets his men motivated, even in times of desperation. He keeps team morale at a high. In this game however, it would be wise to use him sparingly on the field as he now, at 37, lacks the speed and mobility to stop the guys who at MLB he will be forced to cover. Colin Kapernick and Vernon Davis.

    Davis is one of the, if not the fastest TE in the NFL. Kapernick is one of the, if not the fastest QB in the NFL. That spells trouble for an aging MLB who’s speed was average at best in his prime. Not hating on Ray. You’d be hard pressed to find a better run stuffer, field general, or leader in his prime. I admire rays passion and longevity, especially at his position. But he should be used sparingly, as that run option requires speed to cover the outside and Vernon Davis requires speed over the middle.

  6. Thats because he probably has them all believing stories of middle linebackers and superbowls exist in the verses of the Bible. Most of them can’t read so they have no way of verifying the claims.

  7. I’m actually surprised by this. I get tired of hearing his same ol’ speeches and I’m not even in the lockerroom every day. I bet Flacco is happier than ever that dude is finally leaving.

  8. I don’t love Ray Lewis. I think he’s a great motivator but he’s way over the top. There were enough make-me-gag moments in that “A Football Life” episode. Not to mention he plays the Jesus card so much AND misuses it. (Weapons formed against you in the Bible does not mean the Steelers, Ray Ray)

    But you know what? If I was a football player, I’d be soaking in as much glory, pageantry, and fanfare as possible. It’s such a short career. Think for a minute that for 5-7 years of your life, you’ll have youth, money, fame, and women. How many of you, can honestly say you’d handle it all like Barry Sanders? Please.

  9. Exactly why it’s such a big deal if Ray Lewis used PEDs to come back from what was thought to be a season ending injury. That would mean that the inspiration that righted the ship got them to the Super Bowl should never have happened according to the rules of the NFL. If he didn’t use them then there’s nothing to it. If he did then his cheating directly affected the outcome of their season.

  10. If any reporter asks Ray anything to the effect of “How does it feel to be such an inspiration to your team?”, I wonder what the odds are that he will tell them that this is God’s time now and he doesn’t need to respond to that.

  11. You guys are so sick of hearing about him but yet you comment on every single one of his stories? Ray Lewis has done nothing but glorify God and play the game he loves. Why do people hate that and all of a sudden want to tear him down!!

  12. nuttanudda24 says: Jan 31, 2013 3:36 PM

    Ray Lewis has done nothing but glorify God and play the game he loves. Why do people hate that and all of a sudden want to tear him down!!

    Surely, no one can be this naive and survive without supervision.

  13. @phloorioisanarcissist

    Ray Lewis’ speed was average in his prime? Dude ran around a 4.5. That is not average for a MLB. The only knock on him coming out of Miami was his size, not his speed.

  14. The Ravens LBs have all kinds of issues in space, especially in coverage, yet few teams exploit them.

    The 49ers are going to go straight after them, especially outside the guards spots.

    If the Ravens win this game, it will be because of their defense, not because of Spray Lewis’ “goosebump” speeches.

  15. Ray is a serious motivational speaker. I have seen it first hand at his charity events. His locker room presence is super motivating so I am sure they did get goosebumps hearing his passion.

    Ray is a solid human being who like most young people, made a mistake in judgement. The team got past it, advertisers got past it, over 13 years have passed….if he was not in the SB people would not be trying to tear him down.

    Continue to praise the most high Ray…anyone who knows you knows it is real.

    I am honored to know this man, and consider him my friend. His belief in God is real, with or without the cameras……

  16. nuttanudda24 says:
    Jan 31, 2013 3:36 PM
    You guys are so sick of hearing about him but yet you comment on every single one of his stories? Ray Lewis has done nothing but glorify God and play the game he loves. Why do people hate that and all of a sudden want to tear him down!!


    Ray Lewis has done nothing but glorify God. I’m not so sure he loves the game so much as he loves the game as a vehicle for him to promote himself.


  17. I think some people here are seeing Lewis through the lens of the media, in this case, the site you are reading. You think he’s over exposed? He doing the same interviews everyone else is doing. He just gets reported on a lot more. He’s not putting himself out there, the media is putting him out in front of you because he is polarizing figure that people love to hate.

  18. I want Ihedogbo back on the Jets. Guy is very underrated and he’s a winner. He’s made the last 4 AFC championship games (2 with Jets, 1 with NE and now with Baltimore).

  19. I’m so sick and tired of Ray Lewis that I’m going to click on a every link with the name Ray Lewis on it just so I can comment on how sick and tired of Ray Lewis I am therefore adding to the publicity that Im so sick and tired of him getting.

    – Typical Hater

  20. All of our Ravens Fans just want the media to shut-up and go away!

    What Ray has done for “us”, as fans of the Ravens has been appreciated. We don’t expect any other NFL fans to understand our relationship with him.

    The media has blown this thing up; not Ray Lewis. The constant harping by them has warranted all of the negative comments; and now we have to talk about deer antlers!!! OMG

    We love our team and Ray for what he and the team have given us on the field. Enough said

  21. I thought the 12 year olds on the Espn boards were dumb, but ya’ll ray ray haters on here take the cake. Just by reading your comments it is so obvious to see how people are manipulated by the media due to their lack of knowledge and low intelligence.

  22. My lack of knowledge mgo87 tells me Lewis was smart enough to get rid of a suit that if found would have put him behind bars. Pretty high intelligence on his part would you not agree?

  23. Was he wearig a blood stained white suit and holding a knofe at the time?

    That would explain the goosebumps.

  24. Looking forward to seeing the best MLB in NFL history give it one more go….great leader – great man ! LB’s wear #52 like many young baskeballers want #23

  25. I love Ravens fans and Ray Lewis who are now complaining about mean the media is. I didn’t hear any complaints when this same media was slobbering all over him the last two months during his “last ride”. They were all certainly happy when the cameras were on him every time he danced his way on the field. Now they don’t like the media? Funny.

  26. It will be nice to see if John can really coach next year since he inherited a team when he became the HC. Here’s what’s gonna happen they will give fluco a big contract.players leaving for free agency and retirement and will need to cut players cause of salery cap. All adds up to ravens SUCKING BIG TIME NEXT YEAR.!!!! SUCKS TO BE A raven FAN. HA HA.

  27. Are you freaking kidding me with this asinine story? Who cares??? This Ray Lewis ball slobbering is getting really really OLD!!! Please shut the hell up about him.

  28. @mgo87

    Spot on man. The lack of intelligence in these comments is shameful.

    But, most Americans don’t care for reality. They do watch ‘reality tv’ after all.

  29. @larrydavid – John inherited a team? I think you mean Jim you moron. John has been HC for 5 years and there is less than a handful of players who were on the ravens during the BB era. I really wish you numbskulls who post vitriol were smart enuf to know what you are talking about prior to sitting down at your laptop or cellphone

  30. The Ravens LBs have all kinds of issues in space, especially in coverage, yet few teams exploit them.

    The 49ers are going to go straight after them, especially outside the guards spots

  31. And that’s it folks. Rays teammates love him and respect him. His fans in Baltimore feel the same way. It doesn’t matter if Amani Toomer (who got his ass kicked by the ravens in Super Bowl 35), Mike Florio or anyone else likes him. It says something when people that don’t know him or have not watched him closely throughout his career think he is fake but his teammates and fans love him. So I’m done defending him. You can hate him, but consider yourself lucky if you ever have a guy give as much to your franchise and city as Ray has to Baltimore. Close it out with win Sunday boys!!

  32. There is a 50/50 chance someone lays him out cold in the SB. The little arm brace won’t be pretty in the shot on NFL Films that shows it wrapped around his neck.

  33. @challer9

    His fastest time was a 4.53 40? Real statistician huh? You’ll realize someday that statistics are more for the unknowledgable boyish football fans and they don’t necessarily translate to performance on the field. You’ll see what I am talking about when the niners are all over the Ravens Sunday and ray lewis becomes a liability.

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