Ravens move practice to Saints’ facilities


The practice plan for Super Bowl week was for the 49ers to use the Saints’ facilities, and the Ravens to use Tulane’s facilities. But it hasn’t quite worked out.

After the Ravens tried to make do Wednesday on a baseball field at Tulane (whose football facilities are going through construction renovations), the Ravens have worked out an arrangement to use the Saints’ facilities today. Although Ravens coach John Harbaugh praised the people at Tulane for doing their best as a host, he later confirmed that the baseball field simply isn’t working for the Ravens, and they’ll use the Saints’ facilities, too.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t work for both teams to share practice facilities, but John Harbaugh called his brother, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, and worked it out so that both teams could get some time on the Saints’ practice field.

“This wouldn’t have worked out if the coaches didn’t know each other,” John Harbaugh told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

Some Ravens players said the turf at Tulane’s baseball field was too hard, and that the wide receivers and defensive backs felt it in their knees when running. So after the 49ers have cleared out of the Saints’ facility, the Ravens will take it over on Thursday afternoon.

22 responses to “Ravens move practice to Saints’ facilities

  1. Soon they’ll be releasing statements about how the NFL is against them … and they’re innocent of all charges.

  2. I wonder why there was such a discrepancy to begin with. Professional football indoor practice facility vs. outdoor college baseball field?

    Did they flip a coin or something?

  3. Must have been a surprise to the Super Bowl organizers that one team preferred not to practice on an 80-yard baseball field. And they only wish they had been aware earlier that the game was being scheduled for NO.

  4. You have terrible practice fields to work with you say? Suuure I’ll give up our advantage! I know they are brothers, but any other coach would laugh and say good luck with that.

  5. Wow! Does Jim Harbaugh know what he’s playing for?

    I might have to roll with the Ravens in this game. Give an opponent an inch you’re bound to lose a mile.

  6. Objectively it was not a good situation but given the nature of the Raven’s fan base they will see it as yet another slight.

  7. I don’t trust the brothers, something doesn’t sit right about them coaching against each other in the Super Bowl

  8. Why should one team have to practice on the JV field? I think this is a bigger issue than anyone will make of it. Any city that wants a SB should provide equal practice/meeting/whatever facilities to each team. If you cant do that don’t host.

  9. @ken0west – Exactly what I was about to write: does the league always provide such poor facilities to the visiting team? What a joke!

    Hope the 9ers don’t leave a playbook around; conversely, hope the Ravens leave theirs around.

  10. The whole notion of helping a team prepare to beat you is unthinkable. I don’t care who you are and how close you are to me. I’m not assisting you in any shape form or fashion to prepare to defeat me in an exhibition game let alone a Superbowl. You Better find a parking lot to practice on or something.

    You give an opponent an inch he’s bound to run off with a mile. All relentlessness is out the window. Might as well give Pastor Ray and his disciples their championship rings now.

    Hopefully these two brothers don’t ever face each other in the Superbowl again. In a Superbowl I want to see real competition and X’s and O’s warfare.Win and dominate at all cost.

  11. coltzfan166 says:
    Jan 31, 2013 1:04 PM
    Are they going to practice bounties too?
    Of course, a sour grapes Colts fan…
    Colts lost in SB44 and it had nothing to do with bounties so get over it already lol

  12. The saints are an nfc team so they hosted the niners. Thats how it works every year. Next year the jets will host the afc team and the giants will host the nfc team so this wont be an issue.

  13. fuglyflorio says:
    Jan 31, 2013 12:37 PM
    Soon they’ll be releasing statements about how the NFL is against them … and they’re innocent of all charges.
    Never let it die huh? Must have some kind of life or lack there of… lol

  14. Fans commenting about how Jim shouldn’t have helped John and the Ravens out are pretty clueless. These are professionals. Coaches call other coaches asking for advice all the time. Coaches and players don’t have this perceived ra-ra hatred like a fan base would have against another team. It’s a fraternity and they understand that they are all in this together. That said, it’s not like they don’t still want to kick the other team’s ass come Sunday. And if I was going against a brother, I’d want everything to be equal so he couldn’t have any excuses after I did beat him.

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