Steve Smith “optimistic” about Mike Shula’s promotion


On Wednesday, we shared some comments from Panther coach Ron Rivera about the decision to promote Mike Shula to offensive coordinator with Rob Chudzinski off to Cleveland to coach the Browns.

Rivera said that the move was done to ensure continuity from the second half of the season when quarterback Cam Newton’s play took a sharp uptick. One of the guys charged with catching Newton’s passes thinks that was the right choice.

Wide receiver Steve Smith said that he thought it was important to hire someone “that doesn’t set you back” after finishing seventh and 12th in total offense over the last two seasons. While he knows that things could go a variety of ways next season, Smith believes the Panthers have avoided a setback by hiring Shula.

“It eventually was going to happen, and it did. Now you just take it with a grain of salt. Chud’s left and Shula’s there,” Smith said, via the Charlotte Observer. “You never know what’s going to be moving forward. You never know what’s in store. You’re optimistic and you’re high in spirits and you think and assume that a man who has been promoted is going to take it seriously, which I think he is. We’re ready to go.”

If keeping things intact works out the way Rivera and Smith hope, the Panthers should be able to avoid a slow start that would immediately renew talk about Rivera’s employment status. If not, continuity will likely be short-lived in Carolina.

14 responses to “Steve Smith “optimistic” about Mike Shula’s promotion

  1. One problem Steve, you still have the most overrated qb in the league. not going to win with a guy who throws into triple coverage, doesn’t go through his reads, turns the ball over as many times he accounts for a td and don’t forget, he only care’s about his image and himself. but you know, things will be great n all

  2. just wait a minute Dolphins span…there isnt even enough space to list all the QB fails you have had since Marino…hold off until you actually get a QB that pans out, cause Cam is better than anything you’ve had since then

  3. Yeah, Dolphins fan, don’t bother criticizing other team’s QBs until your team gets a better one! Then you’re entitled to expressing your opinion on the matter.

  4. haha, another delusional scam fan. I never compared anybody from the dolphins to scam, I just watch the games and see what I see, a guy who loses games and wins meaningless ones. but just to compare, tanne won more games in his first year than scam, tanne kept his team in the playoff hunt longer, scam doesn’t sniff the playoffs, and in 2 seasons scam has beat 2 teams with winning records, one of them being the tj Yates led Texans, tanne had already beat 2 playoff teams in Seattle and cinci. go keep pouting son. lol scan still has all the rookie records…. oh wait, no he doesn’t. oh, and like Carolina has been the landing spot for hall of fame qb’s over the years lol

  5. My gut reaction is to suggest Steve Smith should temper his optimism. But Mike’s had six years as a QB coach since leaving his head-coaching position at Alabama. Maybe he’s learned a few things along the way. Good luck to him.

  6. lol..1st a saints fan…the panthers where a 1-15 team the year before cam got there…not a one year slump like the colts team andrew luck took over..the colts had won 12 atleast a year for like 10 years straight…the panthers had won 3 games the year before they went 1-15 and 2 games tge year before that…they genuinely sucked and where devoid of talent…the cam haters are just silly ..if andree luck was on the panthers team they win 3 games

  7. saints guy just contradicted himself lol! colts won 12 games year for 10 yrs, one year slump (no manning) and luck takes them back to the playoffs and 11 wins…. meaning that team obviously sucks without a great qb. the Panthers sucked before cam, and still suck with cam! scam newton would win less games if he were the Colts qb, colts have less talent on offense and defense…. oh, but he still broke scams record! fail dude, try again lol

  8. While I agree with your point, Rabbdogg, your facts are off. Panthers were 12-4 in 2008, 8-8 in 2009 and 2-14 in 2010 (the last year before Cam). So, they actually had 22 wins in the 3 years before Cam, not 6. But, there is no doubt Newton greatly accelerated the Panthers turn around on offense.

  9. Dolphin fan, I’m a huge Panther Fan. I will only need to say this. Cam is an exceptional QB. He is a lot better than your guy that’s for damn sure, especially down the stretch (Check the stats, Cam had the 6th best QB rating down the stretch with 73.9) your guy was no where near that, he had no clue about it. Yes, your team was closer to the playoffs, but not because of your QB, but because of the players around your guy and those players executing on plays. Cam has talent around him, they just are not consistent week in and week out, (not saying every game for Cam is perfect) but it is a team effort. Aside from that point, the Panthers lead 11-16 games going into the final 3mins of the 4th, “the team” did not finish through. Cam won rookie of the year, with a historical rookie season, his stats this season were a little better than his rookie season. All fans of the game know though when it comes to winning games, it is a team effort. That’s the only argument you honestly have, cause toe to toe cam is out your guys league.

  10. ok, he threw for less yards, ran for less yards, threw less td’s, ran for less td’s and some how his numbers are better? oh, they won 7 games this year not 6, there’s the improvement! I never said our guy was better, I was just making comparison, but given the fact that our guy had much less to work with and the consistent improvement week to week, I’d bet he will be better, cam has hit his ceiling. cam lovers are hilarious. they just look at stats and don’t actually watch the game.

  11. Both Dolphins and Panthers are irrelevant until they can pull themselves out of the cellar. I’m pulling for the Panthers, but I have no delusions about how insignificant they are until they can start winning games that matter.

    And you guys talking smack to each other are just embarrassing yourselves!

  12. Finsfan, Really he had a sophmore slump just cause he threw for just 131 yards shy of 4000 yards, less TDs passing (21 in 2011 as to 19 in 2012), Fewer INTS (17 in 2011, 12 in 2012). Broke Peyton Mannings Record for Most Passing Yards in the first 2 seasons.

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