Ted Ginn would like more catches, but he won’t complain

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Ted Ginn has done essentially nothing on offense for the 49ers, catching just two passes for one yard during the 2012 regular season. So it’s no surprise that when Ginn was asked today if he’d like to have more of an impact on offense, Ginn answered, “Yeah, for sure.”

But Ginn says he’s not going to complain about his role on the offense (or lack thereof) because he understands that if the 49ers just want him to play as a punt and kickoff returner, that’s what he needs to do.

“Most of the time when you’re on championship teams, you have to sacrifice. Look at LeBron [James] and Dwyane Wade and [Chris] Bosh, they’re all number one picks,” Ginn said. “But when they had to come together as a team, they had to give up something. You just have to give it up. I’m not saying you can’t do it anymore, but just not at that time. There might be somebody else that can do it better, or it’s the right time for them to do it. So, you just go out and control what you can control, and you play the game.”

Part of the reason that Ginn can appreciate the opportunity he has in San Francisco is that in his first career stop, in Miami, things didn’t go as planned. Ginn was the ninth overall pick of the 2007 NFL draft, but he never developed into the kind of receiver the Dolphins expected him to be. Ginn said he knows some people consider him a draft bust, but he can’t worry about that.

“I can’t help what was going on with my team at the time. I control what I control. My first year, I had eight quarterbacks,” Ginn said. “If I’m a bust, I’m a good bust.”

Even if Ginn is never going to be a good enough wide receiver to justify being a Top 10 draft pick, a return touchdown on Sunday at the Superdome would go a long way toward erasing the perception that he’s a draft bust. After all, Desmond Howard was a Top 10 draft pick who never amounted to much as a wide receiver, but when people look back at his career, they don’t remember that. They remember him returning a kickoff for a touchdown at the Superdome and being named Super Bowl MVP.

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  1. Ginn has certainly had plenty of bad luck when it comes to who was throwing him the ball, but he has never shown ability as anything other than an electrifying returner.

  2. “a return touchdown on Sunday at the Superdome would go a long way toward erasing the perception that he’s a draft bust”

    That’s one of the dumbest statements ever posted here. He was drafted to be a top tier receiver not a 4th round returner.

    2 passes, 1 yard for a whole season. BUST!

  3. That was a refreshingly honest and unselfish statement from Ginn. He gets it. Titus Young could learn a lot from this guy.

    One of the biggest reasons the 49ers have been so successful the last two seasons is because they excel at the seemingly mundane parts of the game…offensive line and special teams.

  4. dontouchmyjunk says:
    Jan 31, 2013 12:58 PM
    Funny. I remember Desmond Howard as a top 10 bust of the Redskins.


    But to anyone who isn’t a Redskins fan, you’d probably remember his as the electric returner for the Packers championship team who started off the second half with a kick return TD.

  5. He was a hell of a football player back in college.

    I’m no OSU fan (Michigan) but wow, #7, right from his first game as a freshmen was dynamic.

    Ultimately he will go down as a bust, though he was a massive reach at #7. It shook the NFL world when he was announced. He never should’ve gone that high.

    It’s a shame. Had he gone later in the 1st to a playoff team that could have slowly worked him in, he could’ve been something.

    Miami is still looking for a WR ps.

  6. At the end of the day, ginn, heyward bey, etc. these guys aren’t draftin themselves in the top-10. Not to say they don’t think of themselves as that good – it’s a players job to always think he is better than he is – but I could see ginn being a poor man’s Santana moss if his career started somewhere else

  7. Ginn has some value on end arounds, but we didn’t run those very much this year with him. He isn’t a great receiver, but he is good to have for depth and can return the ball. Not a top-10 pick but certainly an important piece for the 49ers for what he does.

  8. In case you haven’t noticed he needs a quarterback to throw him the ball before he can catch it. A quarterback cant throw when he is busy running.

  9. After watching Ginn’s career in Miami, I can attest that he simply cannot catch the ball even worse, he doesn’t just drop it, it hits his hands and bounces up e.g right before the half against the saints a few years ago, Sharper gets the rebound and goes for six, we never get back in the game. He couldn’t even start for Miami today. But boy is he fast!

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