Vernon Carey planning a comeback

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When the Jets were casting around to find a replacement for tackle Wayne Hunter last summer, they reached out to former Dolphin Vernon Carey.

Carey told them he was happy coaching high school and didn’t plan to play football anymore. The Jets moved on and it seems Carey has decided to move on as well.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Carey is planning to come out of his one-year retirement so he can resume his NFL career. Carey was a tackle for most of his time with the Dolphins, but kicked inside to guard during the 2011 season.

Carey was originally a first-round pick for the Dolphins in 2004 and spent his entire career with the team. He started 107 games spread across both tackle spots and right guard, playing well enough to keep his job but rarely making too many waves in terms of recognition for his efforts. His versatility should be of interest for teams looking to upgrade the depth of their lines, but his chances of returning to a starting role are hard to figure without actually seeing him on the field.

7 responses to “Vernon Carey planning a comeback

  1. What’s his weight and his fitness, that much time away for an OL, can causes drastic changes in their physique.

  2. Are you kidding me??? When this guy was cut no one picked him up, or even gave him a second look, and now he wants to try a comeback! Some of these guys live in such a dream world, by the time his last game was played, he was so bad, nobody would have given you a plug nickel for him. I can’t imagine what he looks like now after a year away, and I doubt his work ethic has improved either. He probably found out that working for a living was alot harder than sliding by as a nondiscript ROT for a team that struggled when he played for them.

  3. Mike Bidwell better have our new GM on the phone with Carey’s agent today. If he has a pulse then he’s automatically better than anything the Cards trotted on to the field the last half of the season.

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