Victor Cruz isn’t antsy about contract situation

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Way back in October, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said that he and the Giants had agreed to the framework of a deal that would keep him from being a restricted free agent this offseason.

It’s almost February and Cruz hasn’t signed a new deal, which must be why he was singing a different tune in New Orleans on Thursday. Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Cruz said he and the Giants agreed to disagree during the regular season and that he is still waiting to resume discussions during the offseason. The delay hasn’t left him worried that things won’t work out in the end.

“I’m not getting antsy at all,” Cruz said. “I know they have to come around at some point.”

They don’t, actually. The Giants could slap the maximum restricted tender on Cruz and gamble that no team will be willing to give up a first round pick in addition to the cash it will take to sign Cruz to a long-term deal. It’s a risk other teams have taken successfully, including the Steelers with Mike Wallace last offseason.

It’s also possible that the Giants want to figure out some of their other decisions first in order to get a handle on their cap situation before agreeing to a deal that keeps Cruz in their uniform for several years. Whatever route things travel, it’s hard to imagine the Giants will allow Cruz to leave during this or any of the next few offseasons.

12 responses to “Victor Cruz isn’t antsy about contract situation

  1. Cruz is a very good player, I think Hakeem Nicks is better… Cruz still had a good year, but he disappeared alot this year without Nicks, and he drops a lot of balls.. He is not a #1 WR but he is a very solid #2 WR.. I would sit on him like Pittsburg did with Wallace or until he agrees on a reasonable deal.

  2. Cruz was the only deep threat on the Giants and he took some serious body shots and I believe was hurting. They will franchise him, no rush.
    The Salsa will be @ the Met for a few years.

  3. I believe the Giants want to keep him, but they are a smart organization and will look to do what is best for the team.
    He will get an offer no doubt, but if it is restricted tender, is that so bad?

    I also disagree, he is #1 receiver material, another year or two to develop and he is there.

  4. Giants won’t let Cruz get away. Local boy done good. Undrafted free agent from UMass to the Pro Bowl.

    You could write a movie about Victor Cruz. And call it Salsa…

  5. I could see the Colts picking Cruz up if he is a RFA. The only thing it would cost the Colts is a low 1st rd pick versus a top WR in the league right now. Luck to Cruz would be a nice possibility and would make sense since Reggie might not stick around long.

    Any team at the bottom of the 1st rd could jump in and grab Cruz.
    Cowboys?….then trade Austin?

  6. The Fins would love him, they have the cap space and having Cruz down in south beach would bring some excitement to the fans. They might sign Wallace and Cruz.

  7. Last I looked, The Giants were close to 5 mil over the cap. They need to sort that out before they sign anyone. Cruz isn’t the only one they need to get resigned either.

  8. Are you kidding? He needs to have his head examined if he STAYS in the NYC area. Really, what’s so attractive about being taxed to death and having the likes of Bloomberg telling you what to drink, what to eat, and telling you that you don’t need a gun as he surrounds himself with armed guards?

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