Adrian Peterson shooting for 2,500 yards in 2013

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson just turned in a season with the second-most rushing yards in NFL history, but he’s setting his sights a little higher for 2013.

About 400 yards higher, to be exact. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Peterson said that he’s set a goal for 2013 that would represent two pretty good seasons for most running backs.

“I set the mark for 2,500,” Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “If you reach for the stars and fall short, you’re still there.”

If Peterson were to reach that lofty goal, it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t wind up being named the league’s Most Valuable Player. The matter of this year’s winner will be settled on Saturday night and Peterson’s made no secret of the fact that he thinks he should be the winner. Peterson told Patrick that he’s been told unofficially that he has the votes to take home the award over suspected top competition Peyton Manning and admitted he’d be “a little salty” if the prize winds up going to somebody else.

A little saltiness might be just the thing for Peterson to propel himself beyond this season’s remarkable accomplishments to the 2,500-yard mark, although no one with the Vikings is going to complain about another year like 2012 either.

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  1. Never bet against Adrian Peterson. If anyone can do it, he can. I’m not saying he will, but I can’t say that he won’t. He’s on different level than the rest of the league’s running backs.

  2. This Packer fan for the past 50 years just LOVES this Viking beast.

    I’m rooting for ya to do it AP!!!

    Class act.

  3. AP can do it unlike CJ2k and his promise. With that being said thats basically saying the passing game is going to suck worse than last year

  4. Is it about his personal success or the team’s success? I have not heard a lot from him lately about the this is for the team. I imagine Ray Rice and Frank Gore are content to not have a personal record but be playing this Sunday.

  5. AP’s the man, but even this Viking fan doubts it will happen. Hopefully, next year we will have more weapons (and a fully healthy Percy Harvin all year) to spread the ball around a little bit. The last 6 games this year AP was basically all we had, meaning he got all the carries to pile up yards.

  6. You know a guy is good when he is a Vikes player and Packer fans admit that they love watching him play. Dude is beast and almost universally admired by other players.

  7. 2500 yards means averaging a little over 156 yards a game. If he also averages 25 carries a game, he’d need to average 6.25 yards a carry.

    It’s possible, but it’s more likely he breaks Dickerson’s record next year, but falls short of 2500. 25 carries a game is unlikely- he’ll probably average a few less per game, and that’s why he’ll fall short.

    He averaged over 6 yards a carry this year, and would have broken Dickerson’s record if he hadn’t been limited early in the year coming off his knee injury.

  8. History says he won’t come close to Dickerson again. I think he’s an incredible player and worthy of the MVP award this year, but guys just don’t pull off back-to-back 2,000 yard seasons.

  9. wstover says:
    Feb 1, 2013 10:50 AM
    Imagine AP running behind that Niners line… now that would be scary.

    • • • • • • •

    It’s fun to dream sometimes! Perhaps we’ll just let it happen in Madden for now 🙂

  10. Someone should ask him point blank if he’d rather have 2500 yards on a 3-13 team or 1200 yards on a 13-3 team?

  11. It’s all about staying healthy. When he’s healthy and playing, he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen and I really believe he can do it.

    He’s had some injuries even back in college, but I’m rooting for him to stay healthy and get it done. Fun player to watch.

  12. If the Vikings were to run him 30+ times a game to break this meaningless individual record, his shelf life will greatly decrease and the Vikes will waste their best chance at a Super Bowl for a long time, again. AP is a once in a lifetime player, why would you destroy his body so quickly trying to achieve a personal goal?

  13. Gotta love the pointless individual awards while, watching someone else win the Super Bowl year after year. Barry Sanders knew he’d never win a SB, but at least he didn’t go out and beat on his chest & talk about himself all the time.

    Congratulations you broke a pointless record, now can you win a playoff game?

  14. @ rpiotr01

    Feb 1, 2013 10:59 AM
    History says he won’t come close to Dickerson again. I think he’s an incredible player and worthy of the MVP award this year, but guys just don’t pull off back-to-back 2,000 yard seasons.

    Your post is logical, and normally I would agree, but his recovery from ACL surgery this year proved he is not just a guy, and maybe not human. Yes we have never seen it before, but if anyone can do it, I’d bet on AD!

  15. I love this guy, I hope he gets there.

    I’m a Dolphins fan, but also a football fan. Outside of black-n-blue division rivals and die hard Eric Dickerson fans, who wouldn’t want to see a season like that? It’d be legendary for a long time.

  16. Adrian Peterson is the only player that plays in real life like his character does on Madden (easy setting)

  17. Disregard these “Football is a team sport” comments that disparage AP for talking about his individual goals.

    First off, Patrick is asking AP about HIS goals, not the team goals. If he had asked “What would you like to do as a team?” I guarantee the answer would have been to win a championship.

    Secondly, one can have the team in mind while still aiming to do their personal best. If AP gets 2500 yards, I guarantee the Vikings are a playoff team again, and probably a much better one than they were this year.

  18. closisgood says: Feb 1, 2013 11:56 AM

    Yea….CJ2k said the same thing after his 2000yd season.



    CJ also did that in a contact year and fell off after getting his big payday. AP, on the other hand, did this a year AFTER getting his big contract.

    Don’t ever compare CJ and AP, ever.

  19. Team sports are about individuals all playing to their potential and excelling. Nothing about Peterson setting high personal goals detracts from the team. If he rushes for 2500 yards it is highly likely that the Vikings are doing really well as a team, assuming the defense and QB do their jobs.

    What Peterson did over the last 8 games, when the Vikings were winning a lot of games, shows that this is in the realm of possibility. The Vikings offensive line still has room for improvement if they keep the players together. Rudolph and Carlson have room to improve as blockers next season. A better passing game would also help to increase Peterson’s YPC, particularly if the Vikings can establish some downfield threats and improve in pass blocking. (they already run block well).

    All Peterson can focus on is gaining mad yards on his carries. We already know he’ll get 20 – 25 a game and he’s basically setting his sights on 6.5 YPC or more to realistically break this record. And if that is how he motivated himself you’ll never see a coach speak out against it.

    What I find awesome about this is that Peterson isn’t just running his mouth like some dumbass. This isn’t Ray Edwards predicting to break the all time sack record. He believes in his heart, down to his very core, that he can accomplish this. Very few people in this world can set their sights for what most consider impossible and actually believe in it.

    Usually you call those people crazy.

  20. While I don’t mind him setting his sights on 2,500 yards, I am hoping (as a Viking fan) that it is more important to him to help his team win their division, their conference and the Super Bowl.

  21. Love All Day, but you have to understand the math, man. You would have to average nearly 8 yards per carry over a 325+ carry season to do that. And by rushing for that number of yards, you’d either have to have a completely inept QB (or Ponder), or have one who’s a threat to pass every down and get heaps of yardage running underneath deceived pass defenders. Sort of like New England does. Don’t see it happening, nor the need for it, if you want to be a winning team, anyway.

  22. Why people love AP & love to hate on CJ I’ll never understand. He’s an amazing RB, but clearly not worried about team success. Not saying CH is either, but there is clearly a double standard here. Maybe it’s the dreads & gold teeth?

  23. Enough of that wasting AP’s talent talk. In 09 in his absolute prime the Vikings had the Super Bowl stolen from them by the curupt refs. His talent hasn’t been wasted at all. And this year Musgrave wasted his talent in the playoffs by having Webb pass his gopher killers into the dirt because the Packers left open huge holes instead of just running AP. Ugh, what a frustrating end to the year by using AP as a decoy. Fire Musgrave!

  24. titansbro says:
    Feb 1, 2013 2:55 PM
    Why people love AP & love to hate on CJ I’ll never understand. He’s an amazing RB, but clearly not worried about team success. Not saying CH is either, but there is clearly a double standard here. Maybe it’s the dreads & gold teeth?


    Having actually met CJ it may also be the fact that AP can actually put coherent sentences together. I may not know CJ personally but AP carries himself MUCH better. And there’s no double standard, look at the questions asked and you’ll see AP was answering the specific question. As for his true goals you’re ignorant if you think he doesn’t want that 2,500 yards to come with a superbowl ring.

    All this ‘he’s selfish’ and ‘he’s on HGH’ crap leads me to believe some of y’all need to actually look into reality.

  25. I love how all of this HGH talk, and he’s selfish talk comes from people that have no clue.

    Peterson has always been a fast healer. And as nasty as the ACL/MCL is, in a way it doesn’t surprise me he came back so soon. The surprising part was, how good he is. But the strength doesn’t surprise me, What is there to do when your laid up and not supposed to have any contact, but work on your strength. He is ripped. He’s an animal!

    Now this whole 2500 yard deal. Look where this team got with no passing game, and AP ripping off 2100 yards! Ok, so if the passing game does improve, look at how he might finally be able to run with 6-7 man fronts! Yeah, 2000 yards would come easy if he can run against 6-7 man fronts. But when your facing 8,9,10 man fronts all of the time and still getting 2100 yards, it would be pretty easy for him to achieve his goals.

    And if he’s achieving these goals, you can bet that the Vikings are in the playoffs.

    Whats wrong with AP piling up the yards, controlling the clock, and winning games.

    Some of you forget, ball control is the best defense against some of the QB’s in the league. Some QB’s are so good that the best and only way to beat them is keep them off the field. Your not going to beat the Packers when Rodgers is on the field for 30+ minutes against you! That means he’s doing his thing, and doing it quite frequently! But if you can keep Rodgers off the field, and control the clock, you have a better chance of beating a team like that.

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