Arian Foster issues statement on heart surgery questions

Getty Images

We’ve run through all the developments of the report that Texans running back Arian Foster was likely to have heart surgery over the last 15 hours or so, but Foster’s offered the last word via a statement issued by the team.

It’s pretty much what Foster said on the Dan Patrick Show earlier on Friday about not having any plans to have a procedure called heart ablation done to deal with the irregular heartbeat that forced him out of a game in December. The only real difference is that Foster said on the radio that surgery was a possibility while the statement makes it seem like a long shot at best.

“Thank you all for the concern. As of now, I have no complications with my blood pumper. There was a casual conversation with a reporter about my particular condition that turned public. But I have not, nor do I plan to anytime in the near future, have conversations with my doctors about any surgery. I am feeling well and am as exuberant as ever. Love and light to all those concerned!”

Now’s the time when we point out that Foster will be a guest on PFT Live on Friday afternoon. Since the show’s not actually airing live during Super Bowl week, Mike Florio’s already spoken to Foster who told him it wasn’t a serious condition and he thinks that it’s been exacerbated by stress. If you want to find out what else he said, you’ll just have to tune in at 4 p.m. ET.