Bruce Arians hasn’t started evaluating Kolb’s status yet

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One of the biggest things Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has to do in his new job is figure out who will be quarterbacking the team in 2013.

Arians inherits a messy situation at quarterback for a team that played four different players at the position in 2012. Kevin Kolb played the best of that group, but he’s due a $2 million roster bonus in March and a $9 million salary for 2013. That’s a bit much for a guy whose best recommendation for the job at this point is that he’s better than John Skelton or Ryan Lindley.

Arians spoke with Mike Sando of on Friday and asked him if the team is close to making a decision about Kolb’s status with the team, including whether they’d ask him to renegotiate his contract to make it easier to keep him on the roster.

“We haven’t even started yet. I’m looking forward to meeting with Kevin and we’ll cross that bridge as soon as we have to,” Arians said. “I’ve seen enough film to know that he is good enough, but we have to protect him a lot better. When he is healthy, he has had some good moments. He has had some not-so-good moments. We have to protect him better, run the ball better.”

The Cardinals have said that they aren’t ready to give up on Kolb, which suggests renegotiation would be their preferred route. Arians did say that the Cards would be “crazy not to put the ball upfield” with their receiving corps and that’s not Kolb’s strong suit as a quarterback. So, basically, stay tuned because the Cardinals haven’t settled much of anything yet.

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  1. Kolb is a WCO guy and he is good at it.

    Arians is a down field passing offense guy and wants to take advantage of the receiving corps that could be excellent in that type of offense.

    At best, Kolb with a renegotiated contract would be just a backup at best and lost in a system that does not suit him at worst.

    Since it has come out that Arians would have hired Whisenhunt and Grimm for the Chicago job, I no longer have any faith that Arians will make the right choices and correctly deliver on any serious updating training for the QBs that remain on the roster.

  2. What does Arians know about protecting a quarterback.

    His scheme is the reason Roethlisberger took a beating for years and why the overrated one in Indy took a beating this past year.

  3. Not trying to be derogatory, but why the delay? This organization needs to hit the ground running. The NFC West is too damn tough to wait around.

  4. Everyone is so high on Arians it makes me laugh!

    Sure, he did great last year in Indianapolis, but he had Andrew Luck.

    Yeah, he did great in Pittsburgh as well, but they have Ben Roethlisberger.

    How did Arians do before that? His record as an OC prior to Pittsburgh:

    Cleveland Browns (2001-2003) 21-27
    Alabama (1997) 4-7
    Mississippi St. (1993-1995) 14-18-2

    Good luck Cardinals fans. You let TWO better coaches leave.

  5. nickster31:
    I respectfully disagree. Arians DID NOT “do great in Pittsburgh.” Coaches who “do great” don’t get fired. Arians’ offenses in Pittsburgh were pathetic.
    The Steelers were carried by their top-five defenses during Arians’ five-year stint as OC. The team’s success was in spite of Uncle Bruce.

  6. “What does Arians know about protecting a quarterback.

    His scheme is the reason Roethlisberger took a beating for years and why the overrated one in Indy took a beating this past year.”

    As a Steelers fan, I gotta say that is just not true. If Ben Roethlisberger got rid of the ball in the same amount of time as the average QB, he would be one of the least sacked QBs. The line wasnt quite as bad as advertised, they sure held up on that last drive against the Cardinals when he got rid of it quick.

    Arians did a good job, he got railroaded because some in the front office thought he didnt have authority over Ben because they were friends and the majority of the fan base did not like his style. But he went 55-25 in his years as OC with a great defense every season. Haley so far is 8-8 with the #1 defense(on paper) and Ben does what he wants at crunch time, has no respect for Haley, Ben would audible into Arians’ plays at times this year, all the way into the last game. The first half of the year he used Arians hand signals too(and went 6-3) until the row about that. Arians was also on the staff with Whisenhunt. When Arians has a good talented QB(P. Manning, Ben, Andrew Luck), he wins, plain and simple. Not sure he has that in Arizona, maybe they make a move in the draft so he gets one but I got a bad feeling about this job. I’m surprised the Bears didnt hire him, I thought he would of fit in perfectly and got them into the playoffs immediately. I think this Arizona job may end up like his Cleveland job. He’ll do some good but not good enough. Unless they find him a QB. Kolb, Skelton, and the other guy arent gonna cut it.

    Beanie Wells might stay healthy with Arians.

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