Bucs hire Dave Wannstedt as special teams coach


Dave Wannstedt has landed a new job in a surprising place: Tampa Bay, as special teams coach.

Wannstedt, the former head coach of the Bears and Dolphins, was added to Greg Schiano’s staff today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

It’s surprising that Wannstedt has taken a job coaching special teams, rather than defense, where most of his coaching experience has been. Wannstedt was defensive coordinator of the Bills last year and has previously served as defensive coordinator of the Dolphins and Cowboys.

But Wannstedt did take a hands-on role in running the special teams during his time as head coach at the University of Pittsburgh from 2005 to 2010. Schiano was the head coach at Rutgers at that time and coached against Wannstedt every year, and he was apparently impressed enough with Pittsburgh’s special teams to give Wannstedt a job coaching the special teams in Tampa. Now Wannstedt, who was Schiano’s boss for three seasons in Chicago, is working for Schiano.

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  1. Schiano was the DBs coach under Wannstedt during his time with the Bears. For some odd reason I don’t believe ST coach will be the only role he’ll have with the team.

  2. If he builds the “Buffalo defense” of special teams in Tampa, then Carolina, Atlanta and New Orleans are in line to put up record setting return yardage numbers next year.

    Count on a majority of Buc drives starting inside the 10, also.

  3. Bill Sheridan is gonna be under a lot of pressure now. Dont know what happened in Buffalo but Wanny is a good defensive coach and it looks like if Sheridan’s defense doesnt do well next year, Schiano has his replacement.

  4. I doubt that Schiano was impressed with Wanstedt’s ST work when he was head coach at Pitt. It’s repayment for Wannstedt hiring him in Chicago,plain and simple.

    Hire the best? Right. Hire the guy with a connection to you who needds a job.

  5. well you can say goodbye to any hope of a bucs revival if wannstedt is involved. has there ever been a more overrated coach than him? aside from working with jimmy johnson this guy is a proven loser. after what he did to the bears he should never have gotten another chance but he did and lost every other place he went.

  6. He might as well try being a special teams coordinator. While he was in Buffalo, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s incompetent as a defensive coordinator.

  7. Wow, talk about a rise and fall. Wannstedt went from hot shot Defensive Coordinator winning Super Bowls with Jimmy Johnson, to Head Coach of storied franchises like the Bears and Dolphins, to now coaching Special Teams for his former employee. Next stop: Jacksonville. Any position.

  8. It took the Bears how long to get out of the hole Wanny dug ? The dolphins are finally creeping out of theirs. He’s a good coach in the right role. (coaching Charles Haley, Ken Norton, Deion Sanders, Darren Woodson,etc.)

  9. Luciano you don’t have a clue if you think anyone would want to hire him as a d-coord anywhere after what he did in Buffalo. If Gailey wasn’t as nice of a guy as he is Wannstat would have been fired after 4 weeks this year, when his defense kept giving up record numbers of points to other teams.
    The guy went downhill fast for some reason, from head coach to college coach to coordinators and now special teams coach.
    On a side note now I do see the problem minority coaches have. The only reason anyone would hire him as a special teams coach is the good ol’ boys network. This would have been a great job for a young coach on their way up, not a coach on his way out of the business.

  10. This guy was kinda sad at Pitt, but much better than the dude that followed him that skipped town after one year (not including the failed attempted coach hires like the guy convicted of domestic assault).

  11. Bears fans have a hard time forgiving Wanny. Trying to remember something positive to say about special teams for the Bears under Wanny, but coming up blank. Might have blocked a punt once in the Wanny era. Maybe. Someone look into this.

  12. I was excited hearing that he was going to run the Bills new D. After 4-5 weeks of seeing him struggle, I thought that there must be a good reason why. There is, he is expired as anything more than a position coach.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He’s doing special teams because nobody else will let him touch the defense or, God forbid, sit in the head coach’s chair. He ruined the Chicago Bears, the Dolphins, Pitt, and he did some fine work ruining the Bills. Look for Tampa’s defense to be playing a lot of short field defense this year. I predict most teams will start at Tampa’s 40. LOL!

  14. THE worst coach in any sport – for as long as I can remember.
    How this guy gets any coaching job at all is a total mystery!

  15. MDS, I think the surprise is that Wanny has a job. I think that Wanny is an example of a coach who:

    1. The game has passed him by. This is no longer pro-set, balance, non-cap league.

    2. He can succeed with extremely talented rosters, but doesn’t have what it makes to make players better and create a scheme that fits his players talents.

    3. He is not a good motivator and can’t relate to players. He takes a “sky is falling” / “we are a bad team” approach. He doesn’t demand discipline and perfection from his players.

    BTW The “sky is falling” quote is from a Bears defensive player, who played under him. They did not like that approach and did not rally around him. I don’t mean to be a hater, but his body of work speaks for itself.

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