Chargers doctor under review, per rules of the CBA


The NFLPA’s request that the Chargers’ team doctor be removed is currently in the middle of a review mechanism put in place under the rules of the CBA.

Commissioner Roger Goodell cited Article 50 of the collective bargaining agreement, which calls for the establishment of a Joint Committee on Player Safety and Welfare, which is made up of three representatives each from labor and management.

“Article 50 states that if there’s an issue with any medical decision or the medical professionals of a club,” Goodell said. “There could be a resolution by meeting with independent doctors, I believe, three different doctors including an NFLPA attorney, and they will review the matter.

“As I understand it, that’s exactly what’s going on in San Diego, so we’ll allow the process to unfold. But I’m comfortable our doctors make the best possible decisions for the players. We’ll stand behind that, we’ll engage in the process, and we’ll let it unfold.”

While the NFLPA said the Chargers “deserve better” than Chao, who has been sued for malpractice and has been investigated by the DEA over record-keeping issues.

But Chargers center Nick Hardwick, who is also the team’s union representative, told Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego he “completely” trusts Chao.

Quarterback Philip Rivers echoed those sentiments Friday, saying: “I can only speak of my personal experiences: a successful ACL reconstruction and a meniscus repair, along with other ailments which he provided great care. I have no complaints of the care Dr. Chao has provided me.”

According to the CBA, the NFLPA has a right to request an investigation by the Joint Committee “if the NFLPA believes that the medical care of a team is not adequately taking care of player safety.”

That’s where we are at the moment, with the process playing out as spelled out in a document both sides agreed to.

12 responses to “Chargers doctor under review, per rules of the CBA

  1. Can someone please explain the “read between the lines” version of this? I am not versed in anything union, anytime I hear of some ‘dispute’ it confuses me completely.

  2. I don’t get this – the San Diego Union rep says he likes the doctor, the star QB says he likes the doctor … who decided Chao should be investigated?

    So much for the players controlling the union. De needs to go.

  3. Rivers’ surgery aside, Chao is a criminal and a crook, a drunk, and a fraud.

    This is one of the most rare of circumstance, where fans agree with the NFLPA.

  4. I have had 3 surgeries and my wife 1 from Dr. Chao, all successful. The media and people slamming him for the successful malpractice lawsuits need to do their due diligence and research the lawsuits. He and his staff are very professional and have not done me and my family wrong and I know a least a dozen others personally that would say the same thing!

  5. I don’t trust a person or doctor that has 2 DUI’s, as if 1 was not enough to learn a lesson about responsibility. A person that will write illegal prescriptions to support either his, or his player’s addictions. Philip Rivers had a successful ACL reconstruction, so what? That is a common procedure, & Rivers runs like bambi. I have a different idea of what a good doctor is.

  6. This is probably over painkillers… Hes probably a good doctor… Lots of charger haters and virgins here…

  7. Can’t any doctor be sued for malpractice? I know nothing about the charges against him and whether or not they have merit. However, to be sued for malpractice, all that is required is to have a patient in need of money who knows a lawyer in need of work.

  8. This is about balance.

    If a player gets a DUI and isn’t a star… he can be cut. He is free to get a new job.

    If a doctor gets sued and investigated by the DEA… he also could be cut. He is free to get a new job.

  9. “…….Chargers center Nick Hardwick, who is also the team’s union representative…..”
    I’ve always been curious, just what amount of extra work does being a union rep add for a player?

  10. It’s easy to do the research, and once you do, you have to wonder if this guy knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

    My sister has been an orthopedic operating room nurse for thirty years, and joint replacements run in the family. Nobody touches us without her say-so, because she knows, and we’ve learned, that these Gods of Medicine are very often Jerks of the First Order. Especially orthopedic surgeons, in her opinion. But there is a quality person/surgeon for every screwed-up narcissist. Just get one.

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