Eagles will raise ticket prices in 2013

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The 2012 Eagles season was not a good one.

They struggled all year, firing assistant coaches on defense and turning the ball over too often on offense on their way to a 4-12 season. That led to the firing of coach Andy Reid after 14 seasons and plenty of fan discontent with the state of the franchise.

If those fans want to come out to Lincoln Financial Field to see how new coach Chip Kelly fares in 2013, it will cost them more money. The Eagles announced that they will be raising ticket prices for the first time since 2009. Tickets ranged from $70 to $95 in the 2012 season and will go up to $75-$105 next season.

“We have made some dramatic changes this offseason, including the hiring of Coach Chip Kelly. But one thing that hasn’t changed – and Coach Kelly appreciates this – is that the passion [the fans] display and the support [the fans] provide with [their] loyalty to [the] Eagles makes this a special place to play football,” Eagles president Don Smolenski wrote in a statement from the team “We are also embarking on a two-year stadium improvement plan at Lincoln Financial Field focused on enhancing the game day experience.”

The average ticket price will be around $93, which leaves the Eagles with the 11th highest average ticket price in the NFL and the lowest average ticket price in the NFC East.

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  1. Man…I gave up my Eagles season tickets at the start of last season because I just couldnt justify the $1410 a year. Preseason games are a wash. You cant sell them for half of cost.

    Instead, I spent that money on a beautiful 55″ LED TV. I watched every game, and enjoyed cheap beers, instead of spending $7.50 on a 16oz cup of Bud. I parked in my driveway for free, instead of spending $25 parking half a mile from the Linc.

    I didnt go to a single game last season for the first time since I was 6. And honestly, it didnt bother me much.

    Im speaking with my wallet. The Eagles are done getting my money until they can improve the product on the field. Getting rid of Reid was a good start, but all of these college hires are not the right direction to go in.

    It certainly looks like were heading for another 90s…a few seasons of 3-13 or 4-12 before it gets better.

  2. I can just picture Roger Goodell and the other bean counters in the lavish NFL headquarters, sipping on XO cognac, eating Beluga caviar, and lighting Cuban cigars with $100 bills trying to figure out why fans are staying at home instead of taking loans out just to attend games.

  3. This is just another way for the Eagles to insult the intelligence of their fan base… They love to mention that they have the lowest “average” ticket price in the NFC East, but those numbers include corporate suites. Of course they’re going to be less on average because the other three teams have bigger, newer stadiums with more premium seating. The Eagles have no legitimate basis of justifying increased prices to their fan base.

  4. phillytj,

    Those prices don’t include suites. I’d like to see you try and get a suite in Philadelphia for $105. The numbers there are for the general seating, not including suites.

    But all in all I agree with everybody, I’d rather watch the game on my TV anyways.

  5. gallaghedj311 says: Feb 1, 2013 11:31 AM

    Good. Most Eagles fans wanted Andy gone and I’m glad to see that tickets are increasing. Maybe that will teach them to appreciate what they had….

    You mean we should just shut up and accept the last two seasons, which were utter disasters? I thought it would take the Chiefs to go on a two-game winning streak before people started with this type of talk. Can’t believe it is already starting and people are acting like we Eagles’ fans made it all up.

  6. Well thats about as good as a press release saying they are keeping Vick without having to say they are keeping him.

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