Ed Reed rips media, says he’s unlikely to land in New England


Ravens safety Ed Reed is aware of the stories linking him to the Patriots, and he’s not happy about them.

Reed said his quotes about being able to see himself in a Patriots uniform have been taken out of context by reporters who are looking to create stories during Super Bowl week.

“The bad part about this is that you all ask the question, but don’t write down everything that someone says,” Reed told reporters on Thursday. “People only get a part of what the comment was. I don’t have to say much about that. My heart is in Baltimore. The question is, ‘Would I play for Bill Belicheck?’ Yes. What football player wouldn’t play for Coach Belicheck? Will I be in New England? Most likely not. It’s just terrible that people get half of the story.”

Reed will become a free agent in March, and the Patriots may be among several teams that will offer him a contract. But Reed thinks talk of his landing in New England is just talk.

50 responses to “Ed Reed rips media, says he’s unlikely to land in New England

  1. Why don’t you stay on down in New Orleans, we need a good safety for our new DC/scheme..

  2. Hey Ed…how long u been in the NFL???

    Seriously and u are just now figuring this out???

  3. Reed is a great player and I hope he goes to the Patriots so he can have the chance to win the Superbowl next year, we all know he is not going to win it this year! Hugs and Kisses!

  4. “The bad part about this is that you all ask the question, but don’t write down everything that someone says,” Reed told reporters on Thursday.


  5. Welcome to Super Bowl week Ed, where every news source tries its best to come up with the juiciest story.

    Of course they are going to leave out the part where you say “If it was up to me, I would be right in Baltimore.” because that is a boring story.

  6. Every now and then you side with the player on these type of quotes…this is one of those times.

  7. Read this as “yeah, I said it, but I didn’t mean it/I didn’t realize how much it would tick people off/didn’t think anybody was paying attention/didn’t think anybody would believe me, so I’ll blame the media. Dude, it’s tired.

  8. Reed’s anger is understandable.

    He was asked a question during Super Bowl week and he answered honestly.

    All of a sudden some make it seem like he’s looking for a new job before he even plays in the Super Bowl. that’s insulting to him and his entire team.

    If anyone thinks Reed is focused on anything other than Sunday’s game, they don’t know Ed Reed.

  9. I think Reed is just speaking up about this now to make sure that he still has interest from teams come next season when he hits Free Agency. He is getting up there in age and will probably only receive one more decent 2-3yr contract. I can see him playing until he is 40, but NFL teams will probably only go with him until 37-38 years old. I am sure if the Ravens don’t give him the chance to retire in Baltimore, someone will. I can see him in New York, New England, Miami, Denver or New Orleans. He still has enough in him to draw some good attention.

  10. Preach. I wish this Super Bowl was about future HOFer Reed getting his first championship, but instead it’s all about Ray Ray. Love Reed, even as a Gator.

  11. Ed Reed is a HOF’er. This is a non-story, kind of a dumb decision to take the bait on that comment, but he is in a position to say just about anything he wants. On a side note, I love seeing players with grey hair play at a high level, when Joey Galloway was with the Bucs he had grey hair and was around the same age and jogging by people. Super entertaining.

  12. I wish he’d stay with the Ravens, but business is business. Even if he plays a couple years elsewhere I’m sure he’ll still get the one day contract offer to retire as a Raven when he’s ready to hang it up, and it won’t cheapen it one bit.

  13. Reed will end up one of three places next year.. I’ll put odds on it.

    Retired 50%
    Colts 15%

    Nobody is linking him to a Colts team that needs a safety and is coached by his long time friend… former DC… and the coach who recruited him to play at Miami?

    He is hanging it up (He talks about that every year) playing for the Ravens or playing for the Colts.

  14. He has a Better chance of playin back home in Nola than in New England. We need a safety and they already have a FS.

  15. You all know that he was on TV when he was asked this question the other day and what was reported is what he said on TV. He came across as salavating at the opportunity to play for BB and the Patriots. Stephen A. Smith was flabbergasted at his comments.

  16. What he’s doing here is backtracking because his agent told him that teams won’t bid him up if they think he’s going to New England. If he doesn’t stay in Baltimore, he’ll go to whoever pays him the most.

    And as a longtime Ravens fan, I hope Ed Reed gets a lot of money next year… but not for the Ravens. He’s been a phenomenal player and still has enough smarts to put fear into opposing QBs, but with the salary cap you can’t afford to overpay because of sentiment. It sucks, but it’s reality. Overpaying on Reed would mean that we’d probably be unable to sign other impact players (like Kruger) or be forced to cut bigger salaries (Boldin/J. Jones).

  17. Interesting thing is Reed doesnt use an agent. I think i heard one of just 2 guys in NFL. He will try to fit in Balto if he can

    Trust in Ozzie

    If there just isnt cap room (and i would take Kruger and Ellerbe in exchange for him) then i wonder how Smith would do there?

  18. Someone in the Ravens organization obviously had an adult conversation with Ed about his focus.

    How can “I can definitely see playing for Pats” be misinterpreted?

  19. I think Chuck Pagano and his Colts will be the dark horse in the free agency of Ed Reed, no one seems to remember that Pagano is the one who helped recruit Reed to the U, those two have a long history and friendship. I’m a Ravens fan and I hope the Ravens can work out a deal with Reed but it looks pretty doubtful at this moment.

  20. The media is relentlessly attacking Baltimore. It’s a joke. Baltimore loves our players especially Ray Ray and that’s all that matters. All you haters and media scum bags do not.

  21. The Patriots and Ed Reed would be an amazing pairing. Ed Reed is one of the best safeties in the NFL, if not the best. The Patriots secondary was subpar at best. Ed Reed like Tom Brady is a game changer. As a Pats fan, I would love to see Ed Reed in a Patriots uniform next season!

  22. Isn’t this site a prime example on someone who misreported his words? I believe two days ago there was a headline Ed Reed could “definitely” see himself as a Patriot

  23. Dlk47823, were going to pay Harper 7 mill this year. I would gladly give Reed that to come here and play. And Loomis is a genius with the cap. He’ll give Brees a 10 mill signing bonus to free up cap room.

  24. Smart move by Reed to not give the media more ammo for a story before the game is played. Regardless of if he ends up resigning in Baltimore or not, he’s already subscribing to the same “business first” attitude that Belichick and the Patriots epitomize so I definitely can see how they may be a fit.

    Would love to see him in a Pats uniform, but won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

  25. Translation: My Ravens teammates gave me a hard time about the comments so now I’m backpedaling.

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