Hall of Fame selections sure to generate controversy

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If you’re like most NFL fans I’ve heard from in the last few weeks, you probably think Michael Strahan deserves to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame tomorrow. And same with Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp, Jerome Bettis, Cris Carter and, depending on your preferences, a few more players and maybe a coach and an owner.

But they can’t all get into the Hall of Fame.

We won’t find out until Saturday afternoon who will be included in the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013, but we can already say with absolute certainty that the selection committee’s decision will be controversial, that some fans will be angry, some feelings will be hurt, and few people will endorse all the selections. That’s because the Hall of Fame’s rules mandate that 10 of the 15 modern-era finalists have to be excluded: A maximum of five modern-era candidates can make it.

So if you want to say who you’d include, you first have to name 10 of these 15 men whom you would exclude: Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Andre Reed, Will Shields, Charles Haley, Kevin Greene, Aeneas Williams, Bill Parcells, Eddie DeBartolo Jr. and Art Modell.

Personally, if I could only choose five of those men to make it into the Hall of Fame, I’d probably go with Strahan, Allen, Ogden, Shields and Parcells. That means I’d exclude Sapp, Bettis, Brown, Carter, Reed, Haley, Greene, Williams, DeBartolo and Modell.

That does not mean I don’t think any of those 10 deserve to make it. It simply means that under the Hall of Fame’s rules, which mandate that at least 10 of the 15 finalists are kept out every year, those are the 10 finalists I’d keep out. (The two senior nominees, Curley Culp and Dave Robinson, are considered separately.)

I think there are problems with the Hall of Fame selection process: I’d like to see more transparency and a more diverse array of voices in the discussion than we currently get with the 46-member selection committee meeting behind closed doors every year on the day before the Super Bowl. But I don’t blame the selection committee for the controversy that’s sure to break out on Saturday evening. That controversy is a guaranteed result of a simple fact: Only five men can be chosen from a list of finalists that includes more than five worthy Hall of Famers.

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  1. I say it every year, but the fact that Kent Hull isn’t even being considered is just a travesty of complete ignorance on the part of the Football Hall of Fame.

  2. Why only allow 5 guys to make the HOF? All of these guys are HOFers and some will be kept out because of a ridiculous rule that only 5 can get in at a time, based on subjective votes from a committee. Absolutely ridiculous.

  3. It really sucks that Aeneas Williams doesn’t get more attention from the media. He was one of the top three or four DBs of his era but never got much attention because he played on some horrible Cardinals teams. He should be in.

  4. The NFL hall of fame is a joke and will continue to be until the media stops holding grudges against players as a reason for keeping them out. The fact a top 3-5 receiver ever isn’t in is a sham.

    Also why is there a limit on the number allowed to be inducted, especially a limit of 5?

    Makes no sense

  5. “That does not mean I don’t think any of those 10 deserve to make it. It simply means that under the Hall of Fame’s rules, which mandate that at least 10 of the 15 finalists are kept out every year, those are the 10 finalists I’d keep out. ”

    So you think some of the 10 you excluded deserve to make it based on your own imaginary invented rules? 5 make it. 10 don’t make it. 5 deserve it. 10 don’t deserve it.

  6. Most of the complaints come from people who only follow one team, or from writers with either a bone to pick or a need to cause a ruckus.

    IMO all of these nominees are worthy, with the exception of that low-life Modell and the nut-case Brown. There are some I consider overrated, some whose fame is largely a media creation, some I flat out don’t like, but in the overall context of a HOF 13 of the 15 are worthy of induction.

    Even if he was a Cowboy, I think Allen may be the most deserving of the group. I hope Strahan and Parcells aren’t chosen, and that Bettis and/or Reed are picked, but that’s just me.

  7. Still laughing at Strahan over Modell and Eddie D. I can’t even believe Strahan is a finalist, let alone more worthy than two of the greatest owners in NFL history.

  8. I really hope that, when the selection committee considers positions that don’t have easy meaningful stats to use as a crutch, they do their homework….talk to coaches from that particular era, etc, where possible. I think a lot of non-skill positions are overlooked, because none of these voters is qualified to evaluate them.

  9. No way Art Modell should be under consideration. Moved an iconic franchise. That wipes out all of his other NFL broadcast contributions.

  10. 2 things need to change with the current system:

    – You are either a hall of famer or you are not. Get rid of the maximum requirement. The numbers aren’t changing after they retire. Now if a player who wasn’t good enough to get in turns into a great, coach maybe they are reconsidered down the road.

    – Change the selection committee. It should be made up of former players and coaches. This system where the writers hold grudges with a player is insane and shouldn’t be part of the consideration.

  11. Carter and Brown should both go in. Both have the numbers. That said, they need to get in before Harrison, TO and Moss are eligable or they could wait a while longer.

  12. I am a die hard Vikings fan and it is amazing that Cris Carter is not in the hall yet. That being said he is not the greatest injustice in this sham called HOF voting. There is only on man in NFL history to start for 5 super bowl winning teams, and that is Charles Haley. Like him or not, which the media does not hence his struggle to get in, you cannot tell the history of NFL without mention Charles Haley and hope the votes finally get over themselves and put him in the hall this year!!!!!!!!

  13. There should be a separate selection process for coaches and executives. They shouldn’t be lumped in with the players. How can you compare the accomplishments of a player with a non-player.

  14. Sapp, Larry Allen, Ogden, Parcells, and Chris Carter.

    Im sorry but Tim Brown and Chris Carter are Hall of Famers— on each given day they played they were the players that needed to be accounted for. I’d put them both in but the others are more deserving so I chose one. The other should get in next year.

    Warren Sapp was a more impactful than Strahan from beginning to end. Not to say Strahan doesnt deserve it, just not 1st ballot. Sapp’s arrival in Tampa helped turn a franchise around. It made Tampa relevant.

    Why is Strahan considered a first ballot, but kevin greene is not? It took Richard Dent several years to get in.

    Ogden and Larry Allen deserve 1st ballot consideration. They were the best and I’m not sure there are nfl players in the league right now that could match up to them.

    Parcells—well i guess if you have to put a coach/owner in–in place of a player–he’d be the one, but I dont agree with the idea that a non-player takes the place of a player in hall of fame ceremonies.

  15. I have never liked the idea that guys who played the game who get pushed back for an owner or coach. Change the rules and allow up to one contributor per class, but not put in a coach or owner, while you continue to back log the guys who actually played the game.

  16. Have to leave out Parcells until the bottleneck eases up. He’s a coach and nobody is sure he’s actually done.

  17. I’m not a huge Strahan fan, but you can’t deny he’s a HOF’er. I mean 7 Pro Bowls, 4 time 1st Team ALL Pro, Defensive POY 2001, Super Bowl Champ, and 5th all time on the sack list (141). Sounds and looks good to me.

    Sapp should be in with out a doubt. Arguably the best DT ever. Bob Lilly is right there if not better.

  18. I am a HUGE Giants fan — I can’t stand Strahan…met him a few times…an he is a total muppet.

    However, the guy does deserve to be a first ballot HOF’er…..


  19. They’ll all get in eventually. Patience. Players better than these guys have had to wait longer to get in. For example, Willie Wood got in on something like his 13th year of eligibity and Paul Krause, the NFL’s all-time interception leader, got in during his 14th year. Not everyone has to be a first balloter.

  20. Charles Haley should be in this year. He is the only player who played on 5 Super Bowl winning teams. When the Cowboys picked him up, they started winning Super Bowls. He was a true difference maker and sack master. It was also cool when he came out of retirement after 2 years to help the Niners in the playoffs, then joined them for the year after. I know he didn’t get along with the writers all the time and some of his antics were a bit off, but he definitely deserves to get in the HOF this year.

  21. JackAcid says:
    Feb 1, 2013 12:19 PM
    Still laughing at Strahan over Modell and Eddie D. I can’t even believe Strahan is a finalist, let alone more worthy than two of the greatest owners in NFL history.


    Art Modell is not even close to a great owner and will never get into the HOF. He was a terrible business owner who took a team with a HOF coach and the greatest RB ever and blew it up. He moved a team, which he personally made a great deal of money off the move, and had to sell it because the man was a joke!

  22. radrntn says:Feb 1, 2013 12:18 PM

    well we are all grateful you don’t get to vote.

    The problem is that he thinks like a majority of the voters. They are members of the media that only cover the game and most never played. They, like you and me have biases based on who they’ve covered through the years.

    MDS is right that the process is flawed. As a matter of fact, the process is such a joke that the Hall of Fame is becoming a joke. The process needs to be overhauled and you need to either get rid of the writers or give them term limits. You also need to get rid of the ridiculous cap on the number of enshrinees each year. I’m sure there are other things that should be done.

  23. Ogden, Bettis, Chris Carter, Modell, and Haley should get in. Sapp doesn’t deserve to even be a finalist, what a joke. He’s one of the most overrated players in the history of the league.

  24. Bob Kuechenberg was not elected to the hall of fame, even tho he made it to the final cut more than once…have any of the players eligible ever played with a steel rod inserted into their arm during the season so that they could keep on playing…don’t think so…..they may deserve to be in…but not before him.

  25. Strahan and Allen are locks. Odgen should get in as well (basically revolutionized the LT position). Last 2 I think will be Carter and DeBartolo.

  26. So some of these guys have to wait a few years, so what? With all due respect, the guys left out of the HOF on Saturday are not going to be the worst examples of those excluded unjustly from inclusion in the HOF when they should have.

    Paul Krause retired as the NFL’s all-time interception leader and still holds that record today, more than 30 years after his retirement. He had to wait until his 14th year of eligibility before being inducted.

    Jerry Kramer still isn’t in the HOF after all these years, despite his importance to the Packer’s championship teams of the ’60s. Kramer is likely a victim of the fact that there are already so many Packers from those teams in the HOF.

    Fran Tarkenton retired with every major passing record on the books and held those records longer than anyone before or since, and had to wait until his third year of eligibility to get in.

    Yes, some people will be unjustly left out on Saturday, but most, if not all, will eventually get in.

  27. Boo hoo hoo. Cleveland fans still crying about something that happened almost 15 years ago. Baltimore has had so much success that the new generation of fans forget that indy stole our team and franchise. Cleveland fans only wish they had the ravens franchise and the consistent product. So canton aka Cleveland haha, get ready for Ogden and Modell( RIP Art). Do i even need to get started on why the HOF committee is a joke for making Arts wife of son making his acceptance speech instead of Art himself years ago? Anyone? Anybody?

  28. The hall of fame is a joke. Floyd Little in and Tim Brown not? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense…not.

  29. sonofsamiam- Its splitting hairs. Carter was the better possession receiver and Brown better Deep threat. Neither one is head and shoulder above the other that it would be a crime if the other got in first.

  30. Why should Strahan be in already? He hasn’t even been retired that long…some of those guys have been on the list for years. Let them in. Personally I’d like to see the trio of WR’s selected… Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and Andre Reed.

  31. Personally, I believe that Hall of Fame selections always present some problems.

    First, the fact of the matter is that there are no firm, clearly expressed criteria for who merits inclusion in the HoF, even if we’re limiting our discussion to players. Some people believe that the criteria should be solely based on productivity on the field, while others think that the notoriety and importance of a player in the evolution of the game are important factors as well. Joe Namath is a good example: his stats don’t look pretty overall today, but he was an important link between the pre-modern and modern passing games (first pro QB to throw for 4000+ yards in a season!).

    Then, there is the issue of comparing different positions to each other. How are you supposed to compare, for example, a d-lineman to a wide receiver, or a corner to a joker tight end? When you get to the top talents at each of these different positions, it’s apples and oranges. And that doesn’t even factor in how we are supposed to compare players to coaches, managers, and owners.

    Finally, there’s the issue of comparing players from different eras to each other. Compared to Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, the stats of Joe Namath or Terry Bradshaw may not look to spectacular, but you have to consider the era they played in as well. The NFL used to be a run first league, and the throws QBs were expected to make were generally very high-risk/high-reward (look at footage of a game from the late 60’s through the mid-70’s, and you’ll rarely see quarterbacks attempting passes of less than 20 yards). Similarly, it doesn’t seem sensible to compare a wide receiver from the deadball era like John Stallworth or Ahmad Rashad to Randy Moss or Terrell Owens.

    Still, despite all of these (and more) difficulties, people tend to have a strong intuitive sense of who belongs in the HoF.

  32. Maybe too many more worthy guys out there this year but Cris Carter should get in before Tim Brown.

    Cris Carter: 16 yrs, 1101 rec, 13,899 yds, 130 TDs, 2 consecutive seasons with 122 receptions.

    Tim Brown: 17 yrs, 1094 rec, 14,934 yds, 100 TDs, 104 reception season once.

  33. The Hall of Fame process is such a joke. The committee that votes on this is made up completely of media members. Players like Charles Haley and Cris Carter had bad relationships with the media and it is held against them.

  34. get over yourself andl. cleveland got a team back. dont forget art modell is why monday night football exists and art modell is why football first came to be on tv andart modell is why there is revenue sharing. tell the whole story or you look like a joke. go ravens!!

  35. I think Aeneas Williams should get in, but he often gets overlooked I feel. The guy was one of the best of his era and you never wanted to throw his way. 8 Pro Bowls, 5 All-Pro selections, 90s All-Decade Team, ’99 Bart Starr Man of the Year Award…all he’s missing is a ring.

  36. This is so hard to do becaus there really aren’t any “bad” candidates under consideration, but here’s my list:

    1) Cris Carter: Amazing productivity with inconsistent QB play for 80% of his career. Also a great story of a man who turned his life around. Also, get him in to break the logjam at wide receiver!

    2) Warren Sapp: The prototypical 4-3 defensive tackle. Say what you will about his personality and character, but there is a reason every team dreams of drafting a “baby Sapp”

    3) Larry Allen: One of the greatest guards of all time, very productive throughout his career.

    4) Bill Parcels: Multiple superbowls as a coach and a huge influence as a GM and through his coaching tree.

    5) Eddie DeBartolo: The NFL networks biography of DeBartolo suggests (with good reason) that his management of the 49ers turned them from an irrelevant franchise into the gold standard of NFL football. Despite his improper behavior off the field, his accomplishments in building the greatest football dynasty of all time.

  37. scoobie05……actually you’re wrong. Roone Arledge was the driving force behind MNF. Modell was a rubber stamp.

    Revenue sharing? even WITH revenue sharing Modell went broke not just with the Browns, but had to sell to Bisciotti because he STILL couldnt make it.

    get your facts straight.

  38. Will Shields belongs in the HOF. End of Discussion. As a rookie, he starts the second game and starts the rest of his career and makes All Pro, NFL Man of the Year, all in the trenches in the NFL as one of the best OL Man to ever play the game. Not to mention no off field problems, good family man. Very humble and appreciative man. Did his job quietly and let his on field performance speak for him. We don’t get many more like him these days. We all should be appreciative we had the opportunity to see him play.
    Jerry Kramer, another OL Man who belongs in the HOF. The man who was the best/first true pulling guards in football. Two World Championships and playing for Lombardi. Another true Iron Man in the early years of football. C’om On Man!!!

  39. markmae122: I agree. What is a Hall of Fame for if not for someone like this?

    * NFL rookie-season record for most combined yards gained, with 2,317 (1988).
    * NFL record 10 consecutive seasons with at least 75 receptions
    * Shares NFL record for consecutive seasons with at least 5 touchdowns scored (11)
    * NFL record for most consecutive games with more than one reception (147 games, 1993–2002)
    * NFL record for being the oldest player with 12+ receptions in a single game – (36 years, 97 days): 10/27/02 @ KC Chiefs, 13 receptions, 144 receiving yards
    * NFL record for consecutive starts by a wide receiver: 176
    * #2 for receiving yards, ALL TIME
    * 3rd in receptions, ALL TIME
    * 3rd in Touchdowns, ALL TIME
    * 5th in total yards, ALL TIME
    * No super bowls, but plenty of clutch receptions.

    And remember, MOST of Brown’s career was spent not with Rich Gannon but with the likes of Jay Schroeder, Don Hollas and Billy Joe Hobert. The competent Jeff Hostetler was the best of the rest.

    lllll Alaska Jack

  40. The fact that players like Larry Allen, Will Shields, and Warren Sapp might get in before a player like Joe Jacoby, who played every position on the O-line accept center and started on 4 SB teams with the Skins, is a joke. But that what the NFL HOF is turning into. A popularity contest joke.

  41. thetooloftools says:
    Feb 1, 2013 12:27 PM
    Ray Guy not being in the Hall of Fame makes the whole process illegitimate.

    10 3
    This … and 3 people voted thumbs down???
    Are you kidding me?
    Opposing players like HOF Bradshaw said it on national TV … they would watch him juring warmups and were simply amazed how high he could kick … that’s how great he was.

  42. scoobies05 says:
    Feb 1, 2013 12:55 PM
    andart modell is why there is revenue sharing. tell the whole story or you look like a joke. go ravens!!
    Yes, because revenue sharing was to the benefit of Modell (a small market owner). So tell me Scoob, you ready to vote in Irsay Sr to the HOF? I didn’t think so.

  43. Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden, Cris Carter, Charles Haley, Bill Parcells.

    I’m not opposed to some of the other nominees getting in later, but this is the top 5 of this year’s nominees.

  44. Scoobie05, your facts are wrong. Art had two basically sell his team twice because of miss management. He wanted MNF so he could have the most people at a NFL football game ever. And he did it, but still with that fan support this great owner failed to be profitable. He isn;t a HOF owner, or even a good business man. Just because he brought football back to Balt doesn’t make him a HOF.

  45. That the media is allowed to pick the players is what makes the whole process a joke. Media reports the facts of who got in the HOF, not chooses who gets in the HOF. Joke.

  46. It’s a joke that Tim Brown is not already in.

    Brown has more career receiving yards, receptions AND TDs than any WR already in the HOF who’s not named Jerry Rice!


  47. If the Hall of Fame wants to include a player who has the ability to blindside another player who is nowhere near the play going on across the playing field, almost kill him, and not feel the need to apologize at anytime man to man, then Sapp is your man. The man has shown he has no class or dignity and does not deserve the right to represent retired football players either in front of a television camera or in the Hall of Fame. It’s about time that the Hall of Fame represents not only first class athletes, but also first class human beings.

  48. Modell hahaha!! Line his résumé up against any of the other owners that are in the HOF and he doesn’t even scratch the surface. Sure he did a lot for TV deals in the NFL and won one Super Bowl , but come on he fired Paul Brown, forced Jim Brown to retire early, didn’t retain Marty Schottenheimer ,fired Belichick (over the phone), lost money while owning Browns and then still had to sell the team when it became the Ravens(poor business practices). Sorry he just hasn’t done enough, just because he died and the Ravens are in the Super Bowl doesn’t mean he should be in the HOF.

  49. I still ask the question, “Is this the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the NFL HOF?” Let’s hear it for Doug Flutie! Jim Kelly’s USFL stats are listed as additional stats on his HOF page. Why, because they didn’t occur in the NFL?

  50. would have been nice if the city of cleveland helped out. modell admitted he needed help. they built the jake the hoops arena and the r and r hof while letting art twist in the wind. all that aside based on overwhelming contributions to the game art should be in. moving a team doesnt dq you. after all al davis is in

  51. No to Bettis………Yes to Carter…No to Sapp……Yes to Brown…..If you want Bettis in take out Lynn Swann and his under 500 receptions…….If you want Sapp in get him removed from NFLN immediately…..

  52. I am sure I will be torched, but I don’t think Bettis deserves to be a Hall of Famer. He was pretty good, and hung around a long time, but I would leave him short of the other finalists. Biggest season was 1,665 yards, only two other seasons over 1,400 yards. Only two seasons with double digit TDs (one of those as the non-starting short yardage back in Pitt). 3.9 yards per carry. Good, maybe very good, and seemingly a good guy, not Hall of Fame in my opinion.

  53. I’m a 40 cowboy fan who now hides my face in shame when i admit it….how any cowboy fan who remembers what that team was cannot do the same is beyond me….just look at my screen name

    with that being said I must say Larry Allen might be better than any linemen playing now or currently enshrined.

    I said might….but gotta be a the biggest no brainier of the bunch

    and no Reed or Carter….it a joke

  54. Ray Guy will not be eligible for consideration. A lot of people don’t know that punting is out-sourced position. They are technically Non-NFL employees. True, they are allowed to wear similar uniforms and resemble NFL players thus perpetuating the myth.

  55. Maybe if Modell gets in the curse on Cleveland will disappear and they’ll turn their losing ways around.

  56. Have they announced what teams will play in the Preseason Hall of Fame Game? At least one of the team that plays in that game will have a Hall of Famer so that would give one away.

  57. autumnwind999 says:
    Feb 1, 2013 1:22 PM
    It’s a joke that Tim Brown is not already in.

    Brown has more career receiving yards, receptions AND TDs than any WR already in the HOF who’s not named Jerry Rice!


    By your arguments, Cris Carter should go in before Brown, as Carter beats Brown in all three of those categories. And, with the change to more passing, it isn’t surprising that older WRs can’t match the overall numbers of more recent WRs. It is comparing apples and oranges to compare WR stats in the last 20 years to WR stats 50 years ago when they passed the ball much less frequently.

  58. how is joe klecko not a finalist? Had 20 sacks a DE, only person to make the probowl at 3 different positions (DE, DT, NT), part of the New York Sack Exchange, extraordinary talent and overall a good guy both then and now

  59. While the author’s list is a completely plausible one, I’ll be surprised if one of Bettis, Carter, Brown, or Reed doesn’t make it in this year because there won’t be any sizzle to an all-linemen class. I’m not saying that’s right – – whoever deserves to be in should be in – – but this is also a show, and the average fan won’t be too excited about big uglies having all the spots.

  60. I’d go Sapp, Strahan, Allen, Parcells, DeBartolo.

    Btw, Bettis isn’t a HOF’er in my book. If Bettis gets in, Corey Dillon better go before him. Dillon was a more dominant back.

    Dillon: 4.3 per carry, 74.9 yards/game, 0.6 TD’s/game, has a ring.

    Bettis: 3.9 per carry, 71.2 yards/game, 0.5 TD’s/game, has a ring.

    Plus Dillon did most of his damage facing 8-9 man fronts back when the Bengals had guys like Akili Smith at QB.

  61. It’s a joke that Ray Guy is not in, it’s a bigger joke the Cris Carter is not in. Only eligible player with 130+ TDs not in the Hall. Not to mention he was the FIRST receiver to break the magic 100 receptions in a season barrier. Strahan was great but not first ballot worthy. Modell might get in since he died, poor reason but that could happen.

  62. After failing financially in Cleveland, Modell had an overall LOSING record in Baltimore, where he also lost money and had to sell the team. He does not deserve to go in as an owner, he was a terrible owner. Maybe, based on the TV stuff, as a Contributor like Sabol, but that’s still a big reach.

  63. All of you Baltimore nuts need a serious history lesson on the 1995 move and Art Modell in general.

    How about a truce on the issue: When Robert Irsay gets your support to enter the Hall, you can have Cleveland’s support for Modell.

    Sound fair?

    It will be a sad realization that football has truly been rendered without a memory if Art Modell is enshrined in Canton.

    I hold out hope that those 46 writers can understand and embrace history and facts, and not emotion and black circular patches on uniforms.

  64. Brown-Allen-Ogden-Parcells-Haley

    That’s a formidable 5 right there. To me, you can’t argue against any of those guys. You may argue for someone else, and some others on the list should and will go in next year, but those are the 5.

  65. Eddie D should definitely be in there.
    But with the screwed up current system, its hard to exclude some of those names.

    If you knew how bad the Niners franchise was before DeBartolo, and what he did to not only build great teams but a great FRANCHISE there would be no question. He changed the game with things like 3 seats to a man on flights, your own rooms on road trips – treating players with class rather than as sides of beef.

    Give the man his due. But with this class you might have to fix the stupid 5 man limit to make it this year.

  66. The only player who I think is a %100 lock is Jon Ogden. Other than Walter Jones, there wasn’t a left tackle anywhere near Ogden’s level. Add in a ring, and the fact that he was the first ever pick by the Ravens and you have a guaranteed HOF player.

    No Bettis either. The guy was never considered one of the top players while he played, so I don’t care about his career stats.

  67. On this ballot, I would go with I’d probably go with Allen, Ogden, Shields and DeBartolo.

    I don’t have a problem with Strahan and Parcells getting in at some point but they can wait. Parcels has some chinks in his armor, having chased ideal opportunities instead of staying in place and building long-term success (and his Dallas period was anything but HOF material).

    Modell, never.

  68. albertmn says:Feb 1, 2013 1:49 PM

    autumnwind999 says:
    Feb 1, 2013 1:22 PM
    It’s a joke that Tim Brown is not already in.

    Brown has more career receiving yards, receptions AND TDs than any WR already in the HOF who’s not named Jerry Rice!


    By your arguments, Cris Carter should go in before Brown, as Carter beats Brown in all three of those categories. And, with the change to more passing, it isn’t surprising that older WRs can’t match the overall numbers of more recent WRs. It is comparing apples and oranges to compare WR stats in the last 20 years to WR stats 50 years ago when they passed the ball much less frequently.


    Carter should also go in the HOF soon. I’m frankly more surprised that he’s been held out this long. Brown I’m not as surprised because of the anti-Raider bias, but Brown-Carter and Reed are all deserving.

    Brown has more than 1,000 more receiving yards than CC. Carter does have 7 more career catches and more TDs though.

    Everyone knows it’s more of a passing league now. But Brown and Carter have 2X as many numbers as guys who played a decade earlier and are in. Heck, Brown has about 3X as many career receiving yards as HOFer Lynn Swann. At what point can these writers let go of the fact that there’s more and more passing and award guys who were elite amongst their peers for a decade +. Isn’t that the mark of a HOFer, stats aside. Brown and Carter both qualify.

  69. Are we voting for them for what they did on field or are we voting for thrm for what the off field. On the field: Tim Brown, Warren Sap. , Ogden, Halle0y, and Allen

    Off the field ; Parcells, Debertolo., mdodell

  70. Eventually the rules will have to change. If Carter and Brown are Hall of Famers (most will say yes, just not better than whatever 5 will get in every year), then there going to keep getting pushed back a year. Eventually there’s going to be a major problem when Marvin Harrison, T.O., Moss, and Chad Johnson (Ok, I’m only kidding about that one) are eligible because they are players from a different era with much better stats.

    It’s not the idiot writers’ fault (stop talking about grudges), it’s the rule that says only 5 get in. Change it to let 7 in, move coaches and executives to another ballot. The backlog of worthy players will clear itself up in 3 years if that happens.

  71. if Art Modell ruined a team in Cleveland then what is the excuse now, ownership still?

    Tagliabue told Baltimore that they should build libraries instead of going after a new football team as if the town could not support the franchise. Jacksonville was a great choice idiot.

    We thank Art for the Ravens and are glad Cleveland still kept a team. RIP Art

  72. Sorry, Jerome. You were good, not great. You are the same caliber as Donald Driver for the Packers. You made a strong impact for a lot of years, but you never reached that elite plateau. Team ring of honor is more up your alley.

  73. tharoostah says: Feb 1, 2013 1:17 PM

    Strahan, Parcels, DeBartello, Model, Sapp. Mark that down.


    What I assume you meant is to down-vote that comment, so that is what I did.

  74. @wethog66

    Uh dude, Larry Allen should get in before Joe Jacoby. Not only did Allen play four different positions on the OL, he was first team All-Pro at three of them. He almost tripled the number of Pro Bowls that Jacoby had (11 to 4) and did triple the number of All Pro teams (6 to 2). Jacoby was really good. He was also no where near the player Larry Allen was.

  75. Modell belongs in the Hall of Fame, his legacy related to the broadcast rights reverberated into the NFL being what it is today. Everything is predicated off of the revenue and popularity generated by the work he assisted on. What happenned to Cleveland will always cause him to lose votes, though they got another team, but the rest of the Nation’s writers should be voting for him. I would also include Ogden, Strahan, Carter, and Sapp. Just my humble opinion.

  76. It will, but it wouldn’t if the voters were not too intellectually incapable of voting.

    No joke. The more often you hear voters argue over players on TV or radio as if they were in the voting room the more you would realize that they make no sense or crush others’ fates for irrelevant reasons.

  77. Yes, to:

    Allen – THE BEST OL
    Parcells – Second best coach ever to Gibbs
    Haley – FIVE SB RINGS!!!
    Ogden – What a monster!
    Aeneas Williams – Great, and consistent. Wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t make it this year.

    No, to:
    Sapp = over-rated
    Strahan = deserves it but not first ballot
    Bettis – why?
    Greene = why?
    Shields = deserves it but not first ballot
    Tim Brown = don’t see it
    Cris Carter = don’t see it
    Andre Reed = deserves it but not first ballot
    Eddie DeBartolo Jr. = Never. Criminal, cheated to win
    Art Modell = Didn’t he abandon his fan base? Still, probably deserves it.

  78. Tim Brown get’s in just because what he did was more impressive with the $hit QB’s he had to play with in Oakland and without a legit #2 receiver.
    Next, Charles Haley. Just the fact that he’s not in yet is reason enough to scrap the current voting process and start over.
    The rest should be Modell, Allen, Carter.

  79. if people are arguing art doesnt deserve his spot because he moved a team then please either explain al davis or throw him out. and to compare modell to irsay is a joke. modell did so much to lay the foundation for the behemoth that is the nfl as it exists now that to compare him to bob irsay insults the league

  80. Bettis is hardly above average. I will only be upset if he gets in, because then the HOF is a sham. I’d go with Allen, Ogden, Strahan, Williams and Carter.

  81. one more thing. sure is nice that all the legendary brown players that are in the hof are recognized as cleveland brown. classic colts like johnny u and berry and moore and etc are said to be with indy. thanks to art cleveland kept its football legacy as it should

  82. Brown is a very good receiver, no doubt. But the HoF should be the “OMG!”, “Best of the best”, not the Hall of the Very Good.

    Didn’t Brown have Rice for a season or two? Didn’t his production drop as soon as he had a legitimate WR on the other side?

    Of course, Lynn Swann is in so that right there tells you that the HoF voting is a joke.

  83. If Art gets in for being a crappy owner that ripped away an iconic franchise only to win in a new city, then look out for the Robert Irsay HoF movement. As for his tv “contributions,” they pale in comparison to Al Davis’ contributions to the game; not to mention Pete Rozelle. As for MNF, Art only volunteered the Brownies, and besides CBS had a few Monday night games in the 60s, so even that idea was not an original. KEEP ART MODELL OUT!!!!

  84. Having a cap is good. It helps keep the best of best bar at the highest of levels. If the nuber of the cap is adjusted down, the bar will be lowered.

    We will all argue who should or shouldn’t have gotten selected and that will remain as long as there is a cap. Lose the cap and the arguement is lost.

  85. I think of Bettos doesn’t make it in this year he will next year. as for kevin greene, he is totally deserving as well. andre reed deserves to be in yet he isnt in because the medoa doesnt like him. the same goes for carter. and debartolo is deserving because before he took over the niners were bottomfeeders and then they started their dynasty. 5 super bowls. how many current owners can say that? none

  86. Kent Hull? c’mon….
    10 year career, 3 Pro Bowls, and 2x All-Pro first team, ain’t gonna cut it.
    Not to mention the fact he decided to play in the USFL first.

    Ray Guy? should be in there, 13 year career, 7 Pro Bowls, 6x All Pro first team, 3x SB champion.
    That guy (no pun intended) changed the field position and momentum in more games than you could even imagine.

  87. Model fired both HOF coach Paul Brown and coaching genius Bill Belichek.
    Model is the only owner in the history of the NFL who was so close to bankruptcy that it seemed a certainty, only to be postponed by a $50 million Baltimore bailout until the creditors came calling again and he was forced to sell the team.
    TV contracts? The real genius here is Steve Sabol who convinced the NFL to put cameras down on the field. Slo mo and super slo mo turned football into the most popular televised game ever.
    If an owner gets in, it should be Eddie D. He turned around an irrelevant franchise and made it into a multiple Super Bowl winner.

  88. BringBackTheFlex says:Feb 1, 2013 3:05 PM

    Yes, to:
    Allen – THE BEST OL
    Parcells – Second best coach ever to Gibbs

    Ok, I stopped reading here. Gibbs couldn’t hold SHULA’S jock. Period.

  89. Problem is the Hall of fame votes in baseball and football have become a stage for political statements by idiot media…instead of just voting in players based on their playing performance.

    Voting based on how nice they were to press, or being outspoken or not – is irrelevant….this is a fans game – and votes should be strictly on performance

  90. People are bent out of shape because Art Modell moved a team, but say nothing about another owner up for consideration who is a convicted felon? smh How about NO owners get in.

  91. When Tim Brown was young he was a heck of a punt returner also. I think he tore up his knee early in his career on a punt return and Al backed of using him there but he still had a few thousand yards on returns.

  92. hehateme2 says: Feb 1, 2013 3:45 PM

    Ok, I stopped reading here. Gibbs couldn’t hold SHULA’S jock. Period.
    Gibbs Postseason Record: 17-7 .708
    Shula Postseason Record: 19-17 .528
    Maybe you should START reading.

  93. Cris Carter can wait. Just because he has a podium to get up there with his ESPN buddies and whine every year doesnt make him that much better than Tim Brown or Andre Reed.

    When Carter had the team to win the big game he didnt get the job done.

  94. My Hall of Famers.

    Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp,
    Bill Parcells, Art Modell.

    I love Eddie D, but it might not be far enough removed from his shenanigans. The other players are all good, but can wait. Strahan isnt even as good as Justin Tuck. Cris Carter isnt as good as Randy Moss. Andre Reed and Charles Haley played with first ballot HOFers as well. They have no right to be outraged about having to wait.

    Tim Brown? I am not sure about him. He may have an argument about being excluded.

  95. I was a Browns season ticket holder for 22 years wnen Art STOLE are team! He knew for 3 Maybe 4 seasons he was moving to Baltimore. That means he took my money under false pretenses,I would not have given him my money all those years for him to rip our hearts out. He voted for Jacksonville to get a Expansion team knowing what a sweet deal he had coming. EVERYBODY knew Baltimore should have recieved that team. He made a backroom deal and betrayed the people who made him wealthy!

  96. Ogden, Strahan, Larry Allen, Tuna and Art should go in out of the eligible men.

    If you have to widdle down the players those three deserve it morE than any of the other guys.

    Tuna put his stamp on the game for multiple franchises, you can’t pass him over again.He was a great mind for the game.

    Art , people want to keep him out of the HOF because of the move, but look what the move produced, he restored football back in Baltimore(it should should have never left) and the Ravens are a model franchise in the league. He was huge in giving black players in the league an opportunity, he was a major part of TV deals. Art is a Hall of Famer of the league and should forever be remembered as a major reason in the growth and success of the NFL.

  97. @1bigtex

    Ok, dude. Joe Jacoby was an undrafted rookie free agent, founding member of The Hogs (arguably the best O-line in NFL history), lead blocker on John Riggins 4th and 1 winning TD in SB 17, part of O-lines that set SB rushing records of 276 (SB 17) and 280 (SB 22) yards, and was part of an O-line that allowed an NFL record low 9 sacks for the entire 1991 season.

    You can blow smoke about Larry Allen and his all-pro’s, but Joe Jacoby has history on his side, and more SB titles.

    Larry Allen is a fine offensive lineman, and deserves a bid to the HOF, but Jacoby has more than earned that honor and should be in before Allen and any other O-line that came after Jacoby.

  98. MDS – I like how you propose the question. “Who would you leave out?” Great perspective. I think the voters will vote safe. Parcells, Strahan, Sheilds etc. I have found the HOF be less and less relevant each year… My interest continues to fall off with each years of inductees, the people who are left out and the whole process is a turn off. The main criteria seems to be: did they win a Super Bowl? and did they get along with the media? That criteria blows. I long for the days of knowledgeable writers like Dr Z. He has to be the only writer with enough balls to say that the process is a joke and then retired from voting. Too bad it had no impact.

  99. randallflagg52 | Feb 1, 2013, 2:04 PM EST
    The only player who I think is a %100 lock is Jon Ogden. Other than Walter Jones, there wasn’t a left tackle anywhere near Ogden’s level. Add in a ring, and the fact that he was the first ever pick by the Ravens and you have a guaranteed HOF player.

    No Bettis either. The guy was never considered one of the top players while he played, so I don’t care about his career stats.

    Not much of a Raven bias as usual eh? Did you say this with a straight face or are you just a blind fan boy. Ogden deserves to go in as does the Bus…your hatred of the Steelers is only exceeded by ravenators …if you ever want to be taken seriously the bias needs to go ..the hall is not full of just Ravens

  100. tomtravis your right! Baltimore should not have lost their team! But to take someone elses franchise who led or was second in attendence every year,thats even more criminal If your heart was rip out like ours,how could you root for that team. We had to sue that jerk to keep our colors and name!!! I’ll never forget or forgive him for calling that team the “BALTIMORE BROWNS” what a joke.

  101. scoobies05 | Feb 1, 2013, 3:12 PM EST
    if people are arguing art doesnt deserve his spot because he moved a team then please either explain al davis or throw him out. and to compare modell to irsay is a joke. modell did so much to lay the foundation for the behemoth that is the nfl as it exists now that to compare him to bob irsay insults the league

    Man are you taking a beating on facts and logic today. Glad to see others call you out for the Raven Fan Boy logic..great to love your team but you’re not following too many people outside of Charm City.

  102. Look Baltimore honks, you’ve been giv en facts repatedly. For one, Modell was NOT the driving force behind TV revenue, he sat on a committee. That’s about as far as that goes.

    Second, Modell did not want to be a part of the new stadium/ballpark/arena project known as Gateway. he gambled and bought land on his own, in Strongsville, outside of the city, and he lost. Voters(who were responsible for the approval of the financing) wanted them to stay downtown. Once he opted out of Gateway and Gateway was approved, it was only THEN that he wanted back in. He came crying to Baltimore, played on your jilted heartstrings that Irsay left behind, and you’re still being played like a cheap fiddle.

    Once you people learn the ACTUAL facts, instead of the revisionist crap that you hear from idiots like Peter Schmuck, might have a clue.

    Of course, they always leave out Modell’s association with gamblers and mobsters as well.

  103. Modell was a below average owner, and a horrible business man. People that think he should be in the Hall are either overreacting to his recent passing or Baltimore fans. Everyone else has paid enough attention to know that he’s not a serious candidate for HOF consideration.

  104. Seeing lots of whining about Sapp being “overrated”, but no argument or analysis to back up the assessment.

    Says all you need to know. Sapp’s a HOFer, if not in 2013, then soon. Sorry ’bout it.

  105. Strahan can not get in before Charles Haley.This guy has a blessed life.Says nothing on Fox Nfl Sunday and says equally nothing on that dumb talk show he is on.

  106. Note sure how you put Strahan in before Haley. Haley was the dominate defensive player. He was a force on FIVE SB winners. Strahan won one SB and was not always considered the best DL on his own team.

  107. I’m not convinced Bettis and Reed are hall of famers. At best they are borderline.

    The other players on the list all should get in at some point.

    Modell, Debartolo, Parcells were not players and its a shame that they take up a coveted spot of the 5 players allowed each year.

    Junior Seau and Steve Atwater are also deserving, but not on the list.

  108. Art Modell was a mediocre owner at best, even if you don’t consider The Move.

    The credit for TV contracts is way overstated. What? It took Art Modell to figure out that games should be on TV? Please. As it is, Modell was ready to give money back to the networks in the early 90s. It took Jerry Jones to orchestrate the NFC deal with FOX to show how wrong Modell was — and Modell was off the TV committee after that.

    As for success on the field, the Browns had one championship under his ownership, in 1964, the SECOND YEAR of his ownership — and this was after he fired Paul Brown. Blanton Collier, Brown’s former assistant, coached Brown’s players to win the NFL Championship that year. After Collier left the team, Modell’s Browns had an overall losing record for the rest of Modell’s ownership (1970-1995).

    Once in Baltimore, even with the Super Bowl win, Modell’s Ravens had an overall losing record as well.

    Modell was mediocre. He flew by the seat of his pants. He made some money, yes, but lost a whole lot more, and had to sell the team because he couldn’t afford to keep it. This is not Hall of Fame material.

    NOW add The Move on top of that, and it is a joke. Especially when there are 14 other men on this list who have so much better cases for induction.

    Let’s bury Modell, and not praise him. And for goodness sake, let’s not put him in Canton of all places.

  109. Will Shields is the second best interior lineman to ever play the game. (John Hannah)

    As far as Sapp being the best DT ever, that honor would go to John Randle, who FINALLY got in.

    Carter goes in before Brown, and rightfully so.

    Modell doesn’t “deserve” anything, in this life or the next.

  110. Another writer looking to be liked. “This is who Iwould vote in… like me on Facebook”

    Hall of Fame should be ashamed of itself for the continued snub of Ray Guy

    Not sure you can put Strahan in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for replacing Regis Philbin and gap teeth! As a football he couldn’t carry Charles Haley’s jock strap around.

    Sapp might even be better than Strahan.

  111. Really !!!!!!

    #3 all time in recieving TDs
    #3 all time in receptions ( 1 behind Marvin Harrison for second
    #9 all time in recieving yards

    All that and the guy had by far the best hands ever in the NFL. He invented walking a tight rope on the sidelines.

    By stats alone he belongs there before Andre Reed or Tim Brown

    How you find it easy to leave Carter out is beyond me.

  112. Sapp might even be better than Strahan.

    But by your thinking the world must be flat…Sapp is was. And will always be a big fat putz..if his brain was stuffed in an ants behind it would be like bb rolling around an empty freight car…

  113. If Ogden and Allen dont make it, then there is an issue with the process or the standadrds or whatever. It’s not my declaration that they are the best ever at their positions, but they are both in the argument. Not all of the other candidates have that quality about them.

  114. Guess I must weigh in.

    Until Tommy Nobis and Kenny Anderson get in the selection process is a joke.
    Look up the careers before you squak.

    Modell Is also a joke. Fired Brown, moved the team and crippled one of the most loyal football cities for a little cash. he was not good for football.

    Aneius Williams? How about Ken Riley? The Rattler? More interceptions, tackles, INT”S for TD’s, all pro’s, games, than the Woodson?

    They should name it the Pro Bowl football hall of Fame to frame the credibility these days

  115. slickster35 says: “As far as Sapp being the best DT ever, that honor would go to John Randle, who FINALLY got in.”

    I wish guys would just *try* to think outside of the 15 or 20 years you might have watched football before you say “best ever”. Randle was darn good but he wasn’t even the best DT in Vikings history. There was a guy named Alan Page – the first (and only?) defensive player to be named MVP. Also, Randy White, Bob Lilly, Merlin Olson, Joe Greene (although he was a roid monster). These are guys that dominated for a decade or more at the DT position.

  116. If Timmy Brown makes it over Chris Carter I will never have respect for the HOF voting process again. Tim Brown is a above average WR. He is not a good teammate, he bitched about Jerry Rice being ahead of him on the debt chart, and then just as he’s fading out of the spot light he makes comments about Marc Trestman not being head coaching material, and then how Callahan let TB win the SuperBowl. Tim Brown is a joke, he is a poor mans Jimmy Smith, he is just like your typical Raider fan……PATHETIC!

  117. Eddie D
    Bill Parcels
    Chris Carter
    Michael Strahan
    Art Model

    Those will be the 5 that make it. If I am wrong then the Ravens win the SupeBowl too because everything will be ALL SCREWED UP.

  118. I thought that the main criteria for induction into the PFHOF was the answer to the following question. Would the game of football be the same today if the candidate had not been involved? In other words would they be missed?And why are owners, coaches and other “officials” not in a catagory of their own?
    Then they could pick 5 people who actually played the game!

  119. IMO, None of the new guys should go in this year until these guys that have been waiting for years to get in are given their just due.
    My five, Haley, Greene, Carter, Modell, Parcells and Culp for the seniors class.
    Unfortunately, one of the most deserving didn’t make the finalist list and that is Don Coryell.

  120. @BringBackTheFlex: Ahmen! Those are some of the guys I watched growing up. Nice to read there are some out there besides me that didn’t forget also. Keeping spreading the word. #NFL Films

  121. I think the selection commitee will pick who they “LIKE” and who they had access to the most! Now with that being said who get’s in? That depends whom you ask! I belive that players that have the most impact on the game it self should warrant consideration! I have read some (Not all) posts here and most think Haley should get in because he has played in 5 SuperBowls I’m not saying he wasn’t great! But he did’nt win those five SuperBowls by himself!! He had help, Alot of help! I think each player that get’s nominated should be judged on his own merits and whether he had a major impact on the field and off it as well!! And defined thier position. Fans always want their players to make it in!! Good luck to all the nominees!!

  122. JackAcid says:
    Feb 1, 2013 12:19 PM
    Still laughing at Strahan over Modell and Eddie D. I can’t even believe Strahan is a finalist, let alone more worthy than two of the greatest owners in NFL history.


    Thats easy. Eddie D. cheated with the cap, and they had to change league rules, he was also involved in a gambling sting in New Orleans. Modell took one of the greatest and most loyal fan bases and flushed it down the toilet.

    Eddie D. just signed the checks, and quite frankly Al Davis was the one who advised him, and suggested Bill Walsh as a head coach – the rest is history. Eddie D never got a stadium built, but he did take care of his players.

  123. Hey browns “fans”, GET OVER IT. You did not have “an iconic institution”, never have never will. Modell moved 30 players and left you CRYBABY WHINERS YOUR TEAM YOUR NAME AND YOUR RECORDS. He did what he was forced to do by your lame-duck local politicians, much like Irsay did. Only irsay didn’t have the class to leave what was never his in the first place where it belongs. Modell was instrumental in the merger and put football on tv which alone made it what it is today. If you want to hold onto a vendetta hold it against your local govt and the new owners of the factory of sadness, not one of the most influential owners/figures in NFL history. Without his vision the nfl would’ve either fell off 30 yrs ago or would be crediting the next guy who came up the idea 10yrs further down the line. Theres no room for a crap-towns personal problems when discussing who is influential and great. Its a fact, he was iconic in the history of the nfl.

  124. Baltimore fans will gladly vote irsay in as soon as we get our refunds for the season tickets we bought in advance the year of the mayflower. We went 20+yrs without a team and our “iconic institution’s” championship banners and records say Indianapolis on them. I have zero sympathy for you, at least you got lubed before he stuck it in ya.

  125. @wethog66

    So Joe Jacoby should get in because he blocked for John Riggins. That seems to be a part of your argument. Riggins had a fine career and ranks 16th all time on the rushing list. BTW, where does Emmitt rank? I can’t recall anyone ever saying that Joe Jacoby was the best ever at his position. However, Larry Allen is pretty much the consensus GOAT Offensive Guard with John Hannah earning some consideration as well. That’s not smoke. That’s a raging forest fire.

    Just an aside, should you believe that Jacoby is being slighted given his contributions on some championship teams, you must surely be livid about Charles Haley being excluded with his five rings, right?

  126. Strahan, Parcells, Reed, Carter and Brown.

    Andre Reed has to get in before Carter and Brown. He broke Monks and Largent’s “Then” records. Monk and Largent are both in. I billieve that Carter and Brown should also eventually get in. Neither of the three are going to get in until Reed gets in, therefore, put them all in together. Strahan is the only 1st ballot guy out of this group. A 1st ballot guy is a Peyton Manning, Montana, Rice…Strahan is a stretch and the others aren’t. If they don’t put Parcell’s in then Art Modell, although he moved the Browns.

  127. Mike;

    “Hall of Fame selections sure to generate controversy.”

    So far 181 responses and that’s before the selections are announced.

    When they are announced – you’re off and running and you can even say “I told you so.”

    Good move

  128. To those who say let the players vote – you’d have the sorry likes of Irvin who would select only those from one of the following 1) went to the “U”, 2) former Cowboys & 3) WRs. No doubt that writers have biased opinions including how they were treated by the candidates but players even more so. Just look at the NFL Films top 100 players & the foolishness on that list – Tebow/McNabb? And having even HOF CBs evaluate OGs or WRs choosing DTs? The fans who wouldn’t know or care about the merits of line play wouldn’t do much worse.

    What they should do is eliminate this whole private selection process & make it public plus have more than the current limited number of selectors so individual personal biases are not that critical & so that the behind closed door horse-trading is curtailed. Having a dozen or so insightful ex-players & a similar number of ex-coaches/GMs also voting would enhance the process.

    For what it’s worth, I see Ogden, Allen & Shields as deserving & sure things. Haley belongs but is the victim of some writer payback. Strahan & Sapp will get in soon if not this year as have big reputations. The 3 WRs are all close with each having pros/cons & may again split the vote. The others including Parcells, DeBartolo & Modell are candidates who wouldn’t be the worst HOFers but who all have some significant flaws.

    Finally the Veterans selection should be abolished. If we were talking about obscure players from the 40s and 50s, then I could understand but we are now talking about those from the 60s and 70s. Culp and especially Robinson were very good players who I saw but were correctly bypassed. 25 or so years later they are now no more worthy & shouldn’t now be going in ahead of those missing out today who I believe are all more deserving.

  129. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says:Feb 1, 2013 12:30 PM

    I don’t care much about the HOF but I do hope Brady and manning retire at the same time so we can see Brady crying when Manning goes in on a first time ballot and he is left out. (Has the asterisks you know).


    Even with all the Patriots haters out there I have never seen someone so delusional to write that Brady would not be a first ballot hall of famer. You are truly one of a kind. I don’t think those are asterisks you are seeing.. you better get that checked out.

  130. “I would leave Tim Brown off this year just based of his recent asinine remarks alone.”

    Stupid decision that shows no responsibility.

  131. I think the selections they made were excellent. Strahan may have been the odd man out, but he’s a lock for next year.

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