Jones says Garrett “the right man putting this together”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ actions this offseason might suggest a lack of confidence in head coach Jason Garrett.

But Jones’ words say something different.

In a video posted at the team’s official website (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), Jones indicated the utmost confidence in Garrett.

“However he comes up with how he wants to design how the offense runs, coupled with the fact that we’ve made the changes defensively and with special teams, I’m going to be excited about it,” Jones said. “We’ve got the right man putting this together in Jason Garrett.”

Of course, Jones has also effectively stripped Garrett’s play-calling authority, and nudged his brother out the door, while changing defensive coordinators and special teams coaches, among others.

They’re still looking to fill two spots on the offensive staff (running backs and tight ends coaches), but Jones said Garrett has plenty of time.

“I want him to work through, from my perspective, work through his interviews, sit down with how his staff might meld together, think about some of the philosophy, which is a part of this as well, because certain coaches could bring a certain addition to the kind of thinking that goes on back there with game plans and play-calling,” Jones said. “So all of that leads me to say, ‘No, I don’t have a timeframe.’ ”

All of it leads us to say, Garrett needs to work carefully, because every appearance is that his footing is far from secure.