NFLPA still trying to challenge Goodell’s discipline power


Being in New Orleans has made the NFLPA a little salty about the power NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wields over player discipline, and union officials say they want to try to challenge Goodell’s authority.

The echoes of the Saints bounty scandal and subsequent punishments are quickly turning into a drumbeat from their camp.

We’ve already asked the league to revisit it, a number of times, to revisit neutral arbitration and commissioner discipline,” union president Domonique Foxworth told’s Albert Breer. “Our players are intent on making moves in that direction, and any avenue that it requires us to make that move, we’re willing to take because it’s not my responsibility to decide the direction of this organization. It’s my responsibility to hear that direction and lead in that direction. And that’s where they want to go.”

NFLPA officials suggested to Breer that negotiations over HGH testing were the open door that was needed to introduce the topic for conversation.

The league considers Goodell’s power to discipline players a closed case, but it’s obvious the union doesn’t believe that.

“The collective-bargaining process never ends,” executive director DeMaurice Smith said. “For example, in the old 2006 deal there were 50 side-letter agreements. So this idea that somehow the process ends when we signed the deal in July, that somehow you stopped negotiating the issues is false. That’s No. 1. No. 2, commissioner discipline remains an important issue with our players.”

Anything they might potentially get back will hinge on giving something, which makes negotiations over HGH testing worth monitoring.

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  1. Again, if you didn’t want the commish to have that much power, you should have never signed that CBA. Not Roger’s fault you guys in the NFLPA were that stupid to sign it with that provision.

  2. This whole issue is ridiculous. The players agreed to giving dictator Goddell absolute power and are now using it as a scapegoat for HGH testing.

  3. So…D had the players sign a bad deal and now wants the league to bail him out for his poor leadership?

  4. It probably would have been better to do that during the union contract negotiation. A little late players.

  5. If you dont like something, DONT SIGN A CONTRACT ALLOWING IT!!

    Thats what you get for voting for a scumbag like De Smith as president, instead of someone like Troy Vincent, who actually knew the real issues.

    I guarantee if Troy Vincent was elected, the lockout would have been much shorter, or not happened, and there would be much less issue with all this discipline stuff.

  6. The question is: how large of a consession can the NFLPA make to the NFL in order for an independant arbitration disclipline system? I don’t think HGH is going to be big enough by itself, I think the NFLPA will have to give up more.

  7. The list of options Roger Goodell considers as possible punishment for players who cross “the line” (whatever Roger considers the line to be on that particular day):

    A) Fine the player $7,996.25 (just pick a number)
    B) Pay the player his game check in pennies.
    C) Try to deport him (yes, even if he is a citizen)
    D) Invite him to the NFL offices in New York. Just to punish him by making him hang out with me while I tell him stories about “how I used to play the game.”

  8. Its not the Commish’s position itself they need to worry about. As a Saints fan, I’m still ok with a Commish giving fines, suspensions, etc. It Roger Goodell the man, I have a problem with. An honest and fair commish is one thing… Guys like Goodell are something else.

  9. For the zillionth time, the players NEVER agreed on giving goodell ultimate power to be judge, jury and executioner without allowing the players a FAIR opportunity to dispute the allegations at a hearing. What’s so hard to understand???

  10. The NFL screwed some players and teams out of money. I love the fact they are getting screwed. Of course I hope the commishioner gets his contract voided like some players in the league do. he has been detrimental to the league for years.

  11. the steelers players were the only team to vote against the CBA because of goodells power. the other 31 teams laughed at them and said getting paid and playing was more important. bet those teams wish they could go back in time and change their vote.

  12. In the CBA, the players said they would agree to implement HGH testing. They also agreed to let Goodell have the power he currently has. Trying to trade one for the other now is just stupid, because they were both agreed to when the owners and players voted on the CBA.

    Pretty sure those “side-letter agreements” are reserved for issues that come up that are not already included in the CBA- not issues that one side decides theyre not happy with.

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