The Redskins are raising ticket and parking prices


The Eagles aren’t the only NFC East team looking to boost their revenue in 2013.

The Redskins announced Thursday that they will be raising the prices for both their tickets and parking next season. In a press release, the Redskins said that the price of general admission seats will increase by “no more than 10 percent” while trumpeting several upgrades to FedEx Field as the rationale for the first price hike in seven years. The team also announced that the cost for parking will rise to $40 a game for the 2013 season.

Raging against the ever-rising cost of going to NFL games is a bit like trying to bail out a flooded basement with a Dixie cup, so we won’t do that here. We will point out that whoever writes the press releases for the Redskins should stop couching the rise in prices by saying that Redskins tickets are “among the most affordable” in the NFC East.

There are four teams in the NFC East and the Redskins’ ticket prices are higher than the Eagles. So, yes, they are in the bottom half of the division. Redskins fans aren’t buying tickets to the other three teams, though, and it’s hard to figure why the team thinks that the fact that Cowboys and Giants fans pay more somehow justifies the price of seats at FedEx Field.

If you’re going to raise the prices, just do it and forget about trying to make it seem like you’re doing someone a favor because they aren’t even more expensive.

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  1. Parking at FedEx Field (also known as the ACL Arena) has been horrible since Danny bought the team. They even charge you to park at what used to be Landover Mall, which is a mile-long walk from the stadium. It’s a rip-off. Just take the Metro.

  2. It’s the nature of the beast in the DC area. They got a playoff season and that’s all the excuse they needed. I understand that’s just how things work, but the parking price increase is just stupid.

    The stadium is nice and the team is getting better, but the parking is absolutely awful. Getting in and out of that place is pure torture. I can’t see how that experience is worth paying more for.

  3. I couldn’t agree more and posted a similar comment at the Washington Post article. Bottom line, comparing yourself with teams that have new staduims is just stupid. Just raise the cost and don’t try to justify it, we all know it about supply and demand.

  4. I live in Skins Country and I know a lot of people that aren’t going to be happy about this at all. They’ve already been complaining that prices are too high to attend a game.

    In the near future, the NFL is going to have a big problem if they don’t reverse this trend. There will be a lot of empty seats in those large stadiums. Any team building a new stadium would be smart to build one with a lower capacity of seating. The days of 60 and 70,000 in attendance will soon be a thing of the past no matter who you are. The NFL needs to realize that one of the rarest things in the U.S. right now, are jobs that pay a living wage. This also means less disposable income for events such as these.

  5. I’m sorry the home experience is just better all around. I don’t have to pay for a crappy seat with an obstructed view, I have good beer less than 10 feet a way that’s not ridiculously over priced and I can see whats going on the whole game. The nfl has got to make the stadium experience better.

  6. I used to be good for at least 1 Skins game a year, but I quit that 3 years ago because the absurd refreshment prices, and Jim Zorn. Now $40 to park? I can get a case of beer, pack of Dogs, Buns, Chips, Dip, Chains and a whip for under $40. And that doesn’t even include tickets.

    Instead I will continue to be in my warm house, watching my fabulous HD TV and never have to wait in line for the pisser.

  7. Considering this is the first price hike in 7 or so years, no big deal…but as one poster stated earlier the NFL needs to wake up as the only thing growing monetarily is the income of the sport(s) and it’s players…the fans a great majority have had to make sacrifices i.e. no raises pay freezes etc., fans might sacrifice and make it to one or two games but to try and puchase season tickets is going to be tough…

  8. Well, as long as teams are continuing to sell out games, then the prices will continue to rise as greedy owners look to bleed the public as much as possible. It’s pathetic, though, when these billionaire owners of billion dollar teams in a league worth hundreds of billions cry poor and threaten to leave when the cities don’t build their lavish palaces.

  9. Ive gone to every skins game for the past 7 seasons and watch the mess they put on the field. Now one decent season and you want to raise prices? Thanks Redskins for showing your loyal fans some loyalty. Unbelievable! !

  10. This is comedy. The NFL knows their operating costs are going to plunge in about 5 or 10 years. Squeeze us now while they can!

    Just think. They now pay half of what they used to for rookies, and once the Brees’s, Manning’s and Brady’s of the NFL are gone, I don’t think they’ll ever shell out more than an $80 million contract again.

  11. You know I don’t know why people complain about the traffic before and after the game. If you look at the number of vehicles trying to exit all at the same time it’s to be expected, me and the wife went to the Redskins vs Vikings game and actually it wasn’t that bad leaving the usual backup in the immediate stadium area but once out on 495/95 it was actually pretty good. Now for those who like to take their time and arrive at the very last moment you get what you deserve in that case…proper planning will eliminate most of the traffic headache…

  12. The economy is in the crapper, the value of our dollar is at an all-time low, and prices for NFL tickets have pretty much doubled in the past decade. No wonder blackouts are increasing. Pretty soon, the NFL will be a game only the rich can follow.

  13. It’s a fine line, if they lose games tickets don’t really go up and fans lose interest, but if they win some games the cost will shoot up and fans that want to go to the games have to pay more. Either way I think it’s stupid to get that pumped as a fan base, to lose in the first round of the playoffs just like either two previous attempts.

  14. $40 to park a car for 4 hours is totally obscene just to watch the Redskins lose. If l lived in that town you can count me out. The NFL has gone bonkers!!!

  15. People in the comment section are funny- oh my god concession prices and parking are so expensive!! Tell me what NFL stadium you can get cheap concessions. And OMG parking went up a whopping $5 per game!!!!!!!!

    this article also fails to mention that this is the first time in 7 years that the ticket and parking prices have gone up.

  16. bat42boy says:
    Feb 1, 2013 11:51 AM
    $40 to park a car for 4 hours is totally obscene just to watch the Redskins lose. If l lived in that town you can count me out. The NFL has gone bonkers!!!

    NFC east champs.

  17. Simply put: if you’re willing to pay $40 to park for the “privilege” of paying already ridiculous prices to watch an NFL game………you’re an idiot.

  18. Well at one time the Patriots and Redskins were 1-2 in ticket pricing but as of 2012….

    Team Ticket price
    Jets $117.94
    Patriots $117.84
    Giants $111.69
    Bears $110.91
    Cowboys $110.70

    The Pats have dropped to #2 the Skins don’t even make the top 5, of course that could change now with the ticket price increase the Skins might move up…

  19. Going to the game is awesome for me!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Sure its expensive, sure concessions are expensive (we drink a few beers b4 going in and rarely buy anything inside), cheerleaders are better in person, this year i finally got over how crappy the parking is there – its all the price of admission. Sure watching a redskins game is awesome on my hd tv and i do it for every away game.

    You cant compare the two experiences though. Watching live on tv vs live in person – anything, just different animals and for.those who choose to pay for the adrenaline rush that being at the game can bring, more power to them

    HTTR with or without robert griffin…

  20. ravenator says:
    Feb 1, 2013 11:01 AM
    Another reason why the Baltimore Ravens is Maryland’s team


    Another example of how obnoxious ravens fans can be. How is paying those sweet PSL’s M and T Bank has?

  21. I personally would like to thank all of those who do buy tickets to go to NFL games so I can watch them on TV. Unless you have great seats, I don’t get the frustration and the experience.

  22. @ ravenator. hey fool remember the Redskins have been around since 1937 in the D.C. area. 3 CHAMPIONSHIP later. what has your one year wonders done lately oyea just CHOKED YEAR AFTER YEAR.Also remember your sorry franchise is originally from Cleveland and that’s not saying much LOSER.!!!!!!!! CHOKE ravens.

  23. If the waiting list for season tickets continues to be a mile long, Dan Snyder will continue to raise prices. I think every Redskins fan could agree, long miss the years of Jack Kent Cooke. HTTR

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