The Super Bowl XLVII injury report has plenty of probables


The final injury report of the season has been released and we aren’t going to be spending much time Sunday wondering if an injured player is able to make it onto the field.

Neither the Ravens nor the 49ers have a player listed as anything but probable heading into Super Bowl XLVII. While there are surely players on both sides dealing with injuries keeping them from being at full speed, it’s nice to know that the deciding game of the season won’t be missing any of the expected parts.

For the Ravens, 14 players are listed as probable and all of them were full participants in Friday’s practice. Plenty of the expected names — Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata — pop up on that list, but they will all be in uniform come Sunday.

49ers linebackers Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith were both limited in practice on Friday thanks to shoulder injuries. Both players are limited all week, but there was never even a slight indication that either player was at risk of missing the game and that didn’t change with the release of the injury report. Eleven other Niners are probable and it seems safe to say that you can shift any player of value to definite.

11 responses to “The Super Bowl XLVII injury report has plenty of probables

  1. Elbow into the brain, I might have to tape it up, but I won’t miss more than a play. Studs only apply.

  2. “Probable” does not exist in the super bowl.

    The injury report is strictly limited to

    “It’s broken”
    “It’s about to fall off me.”

  3. Everybody wanna talk about the game and who’s in and who’s out, but nobody wanna talk about this kid who thank he above the law. Culliver need ta be fired soon or I’ll be elbow in a cow

  4. Packmaneffsanfran should get off the crack pipe and go to school. What does “thank he above the law” mean? Anyways that must be a reference to ray ray all though he is not a kid. Also why would culliver get fired for what he said? Pull your pants up above you butt where there suppose to be since that’s the main reason to wear pants and like I said get some schooling and that’s not a reference to basketball. go Niners!

  5. Oh, wait, ..what? There is a Superbowl still to be played? I could have sworn the Seahawks won it when they beat the Niners earlier this season. Oh well, guess that’s what i get for listening to the local fans and media.

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