Witten understands losing John Garrett part of business

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Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said it saddened him to see his position coach (who happens to be his head coach’s brother) go, but chalked it up to “a bottom line business”

Witten actually invited John Garrett to be with him at the Super Bowl, before he heads back to his new job as wide receivers coach in Tampa Bay.

John Garrett was one of many changes to head coach Jason Garrett’s staff, which still isn’t complete and included Garrett giving up play-calling.

It was a tough stretch [of coaching changes],” Witten said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Obviously, I hate to see John Garrett go. What a run we had for the last six years. It’ll be hard pressed to see a tight ends coach be able to accomplish what we did. I just respect him as a man.

“I know we’ve got to build something. The foundation is being laid. Ultimately, we know it’s a bottom line business, and the results have to come. I know Jason [Garrett] is doing everything he can to put this in place to give us a chance to do that. I know Mr. [Jerry] Jones and their crew is doing everything he can. But we as players know the results have got to come. That is what we’re working to do. It’s got to happen. You can’t just talk about it.”

The Cowboys aren’t just talking, they’ve sufficiently shaken things up. But if they continue to underperform, the changes are going to have to be more significant.

7 responses to “Witten understands losing John Garrett part of business

  1. Didn’t Whitten just have one of the best years of any tight end ever? And Jones fires the position coach!? He’s starting to make Al Davis look like a good decision maker.

  2. Umm, Witten was elite before Garrett. Garrett gets zero credit for Witten’s development. Garrett was likely axed because of Marty B. and other backup TE’s. Marty B. leaves for NY and has a decent year, but under John Garrett’s tutelage he was a nobody.

  3. “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” – John Garrett overheard saying after having to take a fall which allowed his bro to remain as head coach.

  4. I might approach it another way. Garret put in YEARS of work coaching Bennett to be the player he is today. But he cant throw it to him, and he didnt cut him.

    AND, the Giants TE coach, whoever he may be, probably didnt do anything to cause him to have a good year – They just LET HIM PLAY.

    Bennetts success with the Giants is a product of Garretts coach to at some extent.

  5. I blame Marty B….
    He the mopey type who probably never thought he’d eclipse Witten so he just made YouTube videos instead.
    Suddenly he goes to a NY team that has a no-nonsense coach and a non-meddling owner/GM, on top of that there isn’t exactly a Witten in his way.
    It was just a lazy-talented guy being thrown into the right place at the right time.

  6. Witten will be lights out regardless of who coaches him. It is Hanna who I am really looking for to develop as a dual receiving threat. He has the tools to be very good. I am confident whomever is hired to coach TE’s will be very able.

    Tony will have his weapons next year, and if the O-line and running game can actually contribute, this team will be very competitive next year. Washington will struggle, as will the Eagles under the new regime and QB. NY and Dallas will battle it out for the NFC East…..

    queue the haters…

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